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Dreaming Big


When a strange encounter turns bad, it's not always for the worst. Follow the story of Jane, a young girl who's life long dream is fulfilled after very unlucky times, while being accompanied by her idols throughout her long journey to success.




Them and their girlfriends too...



A guy Jane meets on a plane. Things lead to some strange discoveries about him



She's had it easy and is now facing new challenges. 5' 6" with greenish gray eyes and brown hair.



A canadien guy Jane bumps in while in Spain. When he learns what's going on with Jane, he hesitates to do anything about their status. Will he be wiling to go from aqcuaintance to friends, or more?


  1. Same old, same old

    When you think your life isn't going to get exiting, you might be right- or are you?

  2. Good bye!

    Can a ticket to heaven hide a one way trip to hell?

  3. Time to go

    Finally leaving! What does the trip have in store for our dear Jane?

  4. Free fear

    Fear can rule over freedom. How will Jane cope with this?

  5. Curiosity

    How strange what just had happened. Who is this girl who got fear stricken by jake Pitts?

  6. Awakening

    Will they ever get to the bottom of this?

  7. Relieved

    They know everything... What will they do?

  8. Interview

    Getting to know that complete stranger

  9. David

    Could the lunch be the calm before the storm?

  10. Decisions

    What are they going to do now?

  11. Relations

    Everything's might just fall back into place

  12. Love

    Some girlfriends and some dreams. Love is everywhere

  13. News

    Things might be settling down...

  14. Hit the road

    Jane is leaving the hospital, well, she's leaving LONDON all together!

  15. Worries

    Janes health might be failing... What now?

  16. Hospital

    Janes back where she's spent most of her time in Europe...

  17. Decisions

    What will Jane do to face the new challenge

  18. After

    Now that she's done with the sickness, she has to take some important decisions

  19. The announcement

  20. Michael

    Another one?

  21. UPDATE

  22. Coffee and love

    Well that was weird!

  23. Breakfast

  24. LAST UPDATE!!!!!

  25. Beach

  26. the old fashioned way

  27. Goodbyes aren't forever

  28. Home sweet... Hell

  29. I'm back


This is rly good I love it update

Love it so far!!

taterbaby taterbaby
i love it XD
:) no problem. <3
ok great!