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Dreaming Big

Coffee and love

Jane's POV
I went to get coffee with Michael. We sat in an awkward silence one the terrace of a little cafe. I was watching him as the minutes went by. He constantly checked his phone. I started to wonder what Jinxx had told him.

- Everything ok? I asked
- Yeah! Why?
- You just seem... Distant? Annoyed by something?
- It's nothing you should worry about.
- Good.
- Do you like your coffee?
-Yeah. It's not strong but it's normal since its decaf.
- why did you take decaf?
- Well I can't have caffeine. It's not good for the baby.
- So, who is the father? I was slightly shocked.
- Um, an asshole that raped me.
- And are you in a relationship?
- No.

Just then, his phone started ringing.

-Sorry. I have to take it. It's my mom.
- go ahead. Ill pay. It was nice meeting you.

Before leaving, he slid a piece of paper across the table, along with some change.

-Here's my number, and that's for the coffee. It's on me.
-See ya.

he left and I started walking back to the bus. I felt a tear or two running down my cheeks. Sammi spotted me as soon as I got onto the bus.

-What's wrong hun?
-I don't want to deal with people. Right now, I don't show much. But soon, people are going to look at me, kids at school are going to think that I am a slut, and my parents hate me!
- oh hun, they don't hate you! They still want you home. And they were probably just upset because you're their daughter and you weren't as safe as they thought you would be.
- But I don't want to go home. I can't raise the baby, but I don't want an abortion... And if I keep it, I can't finish school. My parents are going to kick me out of the house when I tell them that I am not getting an abortion!
- oh Jane. You know you can call us and we'll make arrangements!
-You will? I said, looking up.
- of course.
-Thankyou Sammi.

we walked beck to the front of the front of the bus. No one asked questions. We decided to watch a movie.

we ended up watching five movies. Then, we went to bed. I stayed awake, staring up. Wondering what was next for me. Will I still have a house, one week from now, will I still be pregnant, one week from now? Are the guys and Sammi going to forget about me? Will I ever find swine who's gonna love me even with what had happened? Will I ever see my friends again?

all those questions kept me up. I was tired, but I couldn't find sleep. So I got up, and went to sit on the couch. I heard footsteps soon after, coming from the bunks. So I laid down and acted like I was sleeping

i heard faint whispers across from me. I opened my eyes just enough to see Andy and Ashley talking.

- You know, she would probably go out with you. Well, she's almost 17. As long as you wait before doing it with her, you're good.
- Well, you know ash, I like her. And I'm sad to see her go. But I really don't think she likes me back. But I think I'll let her know before she leaves. Maybe well be able to stay in contact with her. And when she turns eighteen, she could come live with me. Kid or no kid. I like her since she first woke up in hospital. And she doesn't know.
-You're confusing
-I know...

That's when I decided to do something
-oh! Jane! He seemed surprised
-anything wrong?
-I'll leave you two alone. Ashley said

Once he left, Andy turned to me. I sat up and he sat with me.

- You heard didn't you?
-Yeah, but you're confusing
- Ok. So ill explain. When I met you, I thought you were great. I soon fell in love. Your smile, you're eyes, your innocence. I want to protect you. After what happened to you and with what is going to happen, I'm scared that ill never see you again. I tried to repress the feelings. Give me your phone. Ill put my number in. If you're kicked out of your house, or if your parents give you a hard time, or even if you want to come live with me when your eighteen- he shut up when I kissed him
- I think I'm starting to like you. Actually I liked you... But I didn't know.
- now you're the confusing one. He said, laughing
- I'm tired.
- Jane, will you be my girlfriend?
- yes!
-Now, I'll stay with you. Seems like you haven't slept well in a long time.
- you'll sleep with me tonight?
- of course.

and so I was able to fall asleep, cuddled up in Andy's side.


That was unexpected, even for me. I wrote as it came to my mind... One word at the time.
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This is rly good I love it update

Love it so far!!

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i love it XD
:) no problem. <3
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