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Dreaming Big


Andy's POV
I woke up with Jane in my arms. She was sleeping soundly and I didn't want to wake her up. I laid there until she woke up.

- Good morning beautiful!
- Hey Andy.
- tired?
- Of course, I just woke up! She said, laughing.
- come on. We'll get some breakfast. Then, we can go out before our show.
- that sounds nice!

When we got up, CC was standing beside my bunk.

- When the fuck did you two become a couple?
- this morning. Or last night. Didn't really check the time.
- Good for you! Now you'll never be alone! Still wouldn't of been just now you're gonna be sure about it!
- NO NEED TO FUCKING YELL! Jake said, walking up behind us.
-SHUT UP! We heard from Jinxx's bunk.
We all laughed, then we walked out to get breakfast. Ashley was there, and Sammi walked in, carrying two bags containing food for our breakfast.

- JINXX! FOOD! She called. Soon, we were all sitting in the living area, eating.

Jane's POV
- what's the plan for today? Ashley asked
- nothing. I was thinking we could... Go out? Andy said, looking at me.
- I don't care. When's your next show? I said. Jinxx answered my question
- we have to be at the venue for four thirty.
- Let's go to the beach! CC suggested.
- I love the beach! I said
- to the beach it is... But before, I have something to tell you guys... Andy looked at me. I knew what this was about, and I nodded.
- Ok. So some of you know, some of you knew how I felt, but now I'm going out with Jane.
- about time! Said Sammi. Jane, it was obvious Andy liked you... Kinda. Although he's pretty good at hiding his feelings around you... Anyway, I'm happy for you.
- thanks Sammi.
- so that means you have to be the baby's dad?
- no, ash. He's my boyfriend. Plus, my parents want me to get an abortion.
- hey Andy! Said jinxx. Remember. She's only sixteen-
- seventeen in two weeks! I said
- anyhow, you're still a child. So don't go doing things that are gonna throw Andy in jail!
- I won't daddy! I said in a little baby voice.

Off to the beach we go.


Another filler, i know, and im verry sorry. Ive been out of ideas.i think ill just take a step back, read the story, and establish a plan. The chapters are getting worst every time. I promise it will change.

check out my other story: our time has come, and please leave your feedback, its pretty obvious that i need it.
~ Gabe


This is rly good I love it update

Love it so far!!

taterbaby taterbaby
i love it XD
:) no problem. <3
ok great!