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Dreaming Big

Good bye!

I reach for the white envelope. Then I slowly opened it and grap a sheet of paper roughly folded in it. I unfold it, and my jaw must have dropped because I heard a gasp of relief coming from where my parents where sitting.

-No way!

On the paper, was a plane ticket to- wait for it- LONDON, ENGLAND!!! I was so exited! I had always wanted to go there! And there I was, standing, with a piece of paper clearly indicating that I was going there! Out of the blue, in June, nine months away from my next birthday, my parents were giving me the trip of my life! ...wait... Yeah, there's got to be a catch. My every thought must of been visible by my facial expression because my mom asked me if I was ok.

-so... I'm really happy and I love you guys so much for this, but... What's the catch?

my parents burst out laughing.

- There's nothing there, honey. You've been such a good girl and you're getting some really good grades so were sending you to the UK while we are in Washington for my business trip. You'll be leaving the week after the finals and well buy you your ticket to come back when you want to, as long as its at least two weeks before the beginning of classes.
-Thankyou sooooo much! I exclaimed, running towards my dad to give him a big hug
-I'm happy you like it, said my mom.
- But, how are you paying for this? I know it's really expensive and I also know we haven't been very lucky financially lately...
-Your father and I have been saving up for this for a very long time. We knew one day this money would be put to a good use. We are doing the same thing for your brother, but who knows what it'll be used for! Answered my mom, with a little chuckle for the last part.

Hugging my parents one last time, I run back up to my bedroom and throw myself across my bed reaching out for my phone. I have a couple of things to do...


Second chapter done! I know it's still going quite slowly, and it will be a bit the same in the next chapter, but once Jane is off to London, I promise things are going to get a little more movemented!
I hope you like it! Leave some feedback and ideas for the story, or another one you'd like me to write!! I'm going to focus on this story until I'm well into the action and then I'll try to do another one, probably unrelated to this one. :)


This is rly good I love it update

Love it so far!!

taterbaby taterbaby
i love it XD
:) no problem. <3
ok great!