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Dreaming Big

Time to go

I had called all my friends to tell them the news. I had done some research on London and events going on there. I had studied hard, and, I just received my results. My mom insisted on me opening the envelope containing my rete in front of her. So I did.

I was a bit nervous. I usually had over 90% on everything, except phys. ed. But this time, my mind had been somewhere else. I couldn't wait to leave and to live. It might have affected my work, thus, affecting my grades.

-Wow! 98.5 average! You keep doing better every year my dear! Said my mom. I hadn't realized that in the midst of making myself panick over everything, I had removed the report card from the envelope and was now staring at it. So was my mom.
-I know! I'm so happy! I responded after getting back to my senses.
-Your trip will be well deserved! I can't believe you're leaving in just two days! Said my dad.
-Yeah neither can I, I responded with a bit of a chuckle. I was still quite shocked.

the two days passed by very slowly to me. I went shopping with my friend Katherine for a new wardrobe fitting my soon to be new environment. I had also babysat Anna once again. But I didn't have to do much since James took controls of the situation, well, most of the time.

On the morning of my departure, I got up very early and took a shower. I finished packing up my stuff in my big green suite case and the I got dressed. A pair of yoga pants, my favorite sweater, and my moccasins. I would travel more in cmfort than style, but I really didnt care at all. I put my hair up into a ponytail and proceeded to apply the bit of makeup I would wear every day: foundation, mascara and a neutral shade of lip gloss. I was ready.

my dad had woken up a bit later than me, but when I got to the kitchen, a plate filled with waffles covered in some pure maple sirup, straight from my uncles sugar bush, awaited for me.

- thanks dad, I said, planting a quick kiss on his cheek. I was leaving to go to the airport in fifteen minutes, so I gobbled down my breakfast, said my goodbyes to my family, and hopped in the car. My first flight was leaving for Toronto, and from there, I would take a plane to London, about three hours later.

The drive to the airport was very quiet. I was exited but I could feel the uneasiness coming from my father.

-are you alright, dad?
-Listen, Jane, I need to tell you a couple of things before you leave. First off, call us when you can, over Skype or something if you have to. Then, I want you to let us know the address of the hotels you stay at and give us updates on where you are as often as possible. You know, just in case something happens. Lastly, please don't do anything you could regret, like sleeping with-
- okay I've got the message. Stay safe and don't be a little slut. Got it! No but seriously dad, you can trust me! I'm still going to be the good gift I've always been, even across the world from you.

We finally arrived at the airport and before I got out of the car, I turned to my dad, kissed him on the cheek, then grabbed my suitcase and left. This was going to be the best summer of my entire life!

I got to security and easily went through. I had made sure that everything bound to set off the metal detector was together so all I had to do was take them out and show them. Plus everything they checked for- like liquids- we're together.

When came time to wait for the plane, I placed my bag on a seat and went on a search for a small coffee shop. It didnt take long before I found one and I was quickly back at my seat. I waited an hour before they started to board the plane. I was one of the last ones on, but there wasn't many people.

I walked to my seat. I was sitting by the aisle so I didn't have to go over someone to sit down. There were only two seats beside each other on each side of the aisle. Beside me, sat a young man, or boy, I couldn't tell. I plugged my earphones in, tied my seatbelt and fell asleep.

-Excuse me?

A male voice woke me up. It was the guy sitting beside me.

-Yes? I said, still really sleepy.
- Were almost in Toronto. I thought you'd like to know.
-did I seriously sleep the entire time?
-Well the trip is barely three hours so don't worry. He answered, grinning. He was quite the good looking type. Light hair, cut short, with gray eyes. He had a bit of a tan, but it was normal, being in July.

-oh I guess it is! I said. I'm Jane by the way.
-And I'm David. Nice to meet you! Where are you off to?
- I'm going to London. Taking the plane from Toronto. You?
- I'm going to visit some family over in Ireland. They moved there a month ago and I want to visit them. My aunt is in London for a conference of some sort so she'll be picking me up there.
- so I guess we're taking the same plane, again!
- sure looks like it!

Once I got on the plane to London, I lost sight of David. Too bad. He seemed nice. I was still very tired, so I went back to sleep. When i woke up, it was dark, and many were sleeping. I checked my watch. I still had three hours to go. I would change the time once I would arrive.

Since everyone was sleeping, I decided to get up and walk a bit. It was a pretty big plane and I wanted to see what kind of people I was flying with. There were multiple families with kids, a couple of elderly people, five or six kids about my age and a whole wack of people in suits. I wonder if they were on a business trip...

Since I could sleep anymore, I decided to listen to some music. I turned my phone on and went through my music. I created a new playlist of songs I felt like listening: some Bon jovi, Kiss, a lot of Mötley Crüe, asking Alexandria, some pop music and the best, BVB. I loved them. My parents weren't very aware of my musical tastes. All they knew was that I really liked to play the piano and to sing. But I can't sing rock, so they don't really know I listen to that kind of music.

When in the end came on, I put the song on repeat. I just couldn't help it, it's my favorite song. I listened to it about seven times, then skipped to the next song: dr feelgood.

The plane landed and shortly after, I was free. Free like I never had been before.

Time to enjoy my freedom!


Here we go! Another one done. Again it's pretty late... I'll double check tomorrow XD

in the meantime, yes, Toronto is the capital of Ontario, a Canadian province. Jane is Canadian.

other than this, I think it's the last chapte twit hour the physical presence of any BVB member, so the good stuff is not to far away!


This is rly good I love it update

Love it so far!!

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i love it XD
:) no problem. <3
ok great!