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Dreaming Big

Same old, same old

I was woken up by the sound of playful laughter and shouting coming from outside my room. I knew it was my brother playing with my dog, a gold lab husky mix. I loved my brother, but waking me up at 7:00 on a Saturday morning was crossing the limits.

-James! Go play with Ella in the basement! I shout across the door.

suddey, the lighter stops and my door slowly opens. There stands my little brother James. He's ten years you get than me, making him six. He's quite short, with brown hair cut short and hazel eyes. They were just starting to go from brown to hazel, but the color was so nice! I wish my eyes were that color...

James walked up to my bed and sat on it. He stared at me for a bit while I stared back.

-What is it bud? I said to break the silence.
-I'm sorry for waking you up Jane. He apologized
- it's ok I guess. Lets go and get breakfast. Today we're going to visit aunt Mary! I said to cheer him up.

My aunt Mary is a very sweet lady. She has a little daughter, Anna. Anna is the cutest little thing I've ever seen. She's only two years old but she is such a cheerful little girl! James is very fond of her. We were off to visit them before James' hockey game. My parents would be there while I would carry around Anna to babysit her so aunt Mary can do a little shopping.

As i got out of bed, James started running down the stairs leading to the kitchen. I quickly got dressed in some jeans and my favourite blue shirt, tied my hair in a loose pony tail and ran down after the little monster.

when I got there I asassessed the situation in a quick glance. James was overly exited and my parents stopped talking, staring at me quite impatiently. They were hiding something from me. I walked to the fridge and opened the door. I poured myself a glass of apple juice, my favourite, and chugged it down. As I opened the door of the dishwasher to put my glass in it, I see a envelope pinned to the glass rack. I look up to my parents curiously.

-Open it. Said my mom.


Hope you liked this first chapter. It's really late and I wanted to get the story started... Sorry if its not that good, I have a bad sentence structure, English being my second language after French. Anyways, it's a bit boring but try and guess what's in the envelope!!! I'll update possibly tomorrow or Monday :)


This is rly good I love it update

Love it so far!!

taterbaby taterbaby
i love it XD
:) no problem. <3
ok great!