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Dreaming Big


Jakes POV

well, now that I know what's going on, I'm really relieved. I hope she'll be alright though...

Once Jane fell asleep, we left. As we got on the bus, Ashley asked us to listen to him.

- you know, Jane seems really helpless. I think we should help her.
- I was thinking about the same thing, I said.
-yeah same, CC said
- looks like your brain recharged! Ashley said, laughing his head off. Actually, everyone started laughing so much, we stopped thinking about Jane. When we woke up, four hours later, I went to see Ashley.

- hey, wanna go and check on Jane before heading for the interview? Maybe well be able to get her out? She could follow us around a bit while we figure out what we want to do to help her!
- hopefully your brain won't need to recharge because that's a good idea, and we might need more today!
-haha, yeah that's right!
- well I say we get ready for the interview so we don't have to hurry up after.
- that's good. When you're ready, call a cab. I'll tell muscles where we're off to.
-ok then. I'll hurry up.
- does that mean you're not going to take an hour just to straighten your hair?
- oh shut up!
- go!

Ashley leaves, laughing. I go to Andy's room and see jinxx, Andy and CC. I tell them where Ashley and I are off to.

- go ahead. We'll wait for you. CC said.

I went back to mine and Ashley's room and to my surprise, he was almost ready. I made sure my war paint was alright, and I went to the lobby. Ashley got there almost right after me. We were at the hospital within fifteen minutes.

When we enter, the lady at the reception looks at us in a weird way... Well, we're all dressed for the interview, we do stand out.
We simply ignored her and walked to Janes room. She was already awake. The doctor was there too.

When she saw us, her focused frown turned into a wide grin.

- the doctor said I could leave!
- well that's great! How about we follow you to wherever you things are. Then, you can follow us around a bit today... Well if you want!

Janes POV

Did I really hear that! Jake invited me to spend the day with black veil brides!

- well if that doesn't bother you... Well what do you want! I hate getting pitty, and I absolutely hate for people to bother themselves for me. I can't ask anyone anything!
- we'd love to! Said Ashley.
- ok then. I won't take long.
- we still have an hour. Do you have enough time? We can always get someone to come and pick you up later!
- no it's ok. I already know what I'm wearing. Sadly, I can't wash my hair because of the stitches and the bandage, but I'll wear a hat. And I don't think the flat is far from here.
- you're staying in an apartment?
- yep. I'm here for the whole summer so I rented one. Turns out, it's cheaper than staying in a hotel and dining out every night. At least I can cook.
- that makes total sense. Said Ashley.

Ashley's POV

We helped Jane all the way to the cab. She was still light headed. At least she could stand. We got to the flat and helped her in. She invited us to sit down on the couch. She also told us to eat or grab something to drink if we wanted to. But we shouldn't drink water from the tap because it was disgusting. Then, she left and disappeared behind a door. It seemed to lead to another hallway.

Janes POV

When I got to the room, I went straight for the closet. I took out my black leggings, my white tank top that had some sort of elastic band at my mid calf, black leather boots, with no heels, because I wouldn't be able to walk in them, and my leather jacket I had bought behind my parents back. I brushed my hair back and pinned my bangs at the back of my head. Then, I put a red beret on my head, and, it thankfully covered the bandage that wrapped around the top of my head.

I applied foundation, a bit of eye liner under my eye, mascara to my top eyelashes, and a little bit of burgundy lipgloss. A quick glance at myself in the mirror satisfied me. Even if I was a bit overweight, I had alway been able to dress in a way where people didnt notice. My full head of think hair and slight acne problems didnt help me, but through the years, I perfected my technique so the acne would hide behind just a small amount of makeup and my hair would stay nice and give me a better look.

I looked at the clock. I barely took ten minutes to get ready. I walked back to the living room where the two guys were drinking water (From water bottles).

-I'm ready! I said.

I sat down beside the boys to rest a bit. The blow to my head was giving me a hard time but sitting helped a bit.

We left for the interview soon after. I was a bit anxious. What would the other guys think of all this?


What do you guys think of this? I hope you like it... In the next chapters, a bit more is going to happen so just wait :)


This is rly good I love it update

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