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Dreaming Big


Jinxx's POV
We had a show in about an hour so we had to go. But before we did, the doctor came to check on Jane. I told the guys to go. I wanted to talk to the doctor. Jake stayed with me.

When he was done, I asked him how she was doing

- very well, actually. Weak, but I think he hasn't harmed her that much. She has a sprained ankle, more stitches on her head, and a couple of broken ribs, I guess from trying to fight back. I think the damage is mostly psychological.
- when will she be able to leave? Asked Andy
- I think she will be alright very soon. If she's able to work somewhat independently, I'll let her go. But she's still going to have to come back so I can check how she healing.

Great. Now we might have to leave her here for a bit. Just great.

- when would you want to see her again?
- it depends, but I'm thinking that if she can come back when her ribs are healed... So I'd say in three weeks. For her ankle, when she can walk on it without being in pain, you can remove the bandage.
- Thankyou doctor, said Andy. Then, we left

- three weeks! I say to Andy
- by then, we'll be on our way out of France... Maybe well be done with Spain... I can't really remember when we're where.
-I hope she's better by tomorrow... Or else she'll be here on her own for a couple of days.
- she has survived on her own before.
- yeah but look where she is because of that!

I didn't like having her away from everyone in that state. But if I had to do it for the fans, the I would make sure she's back with us as soon as possible.

We got to the venue and explained the situation to the guys while we were getting ready. I started by getting dressed, the i did my hair and applied my war paint. I went to wait for the guys. Ashley took quite a bit of time to get ready, and Andy, well he's got to go out for a smoke every five minutes. Obviously, they were the last to be ready.

When we got on stage the crowd was incredible. The rush of adrenaline, or whatever it is, well, it was there, and it was awesome.

Andy's POV

We started singing in the end, then, wretched an didvine, and so on. We had an amaizing show. It was truly great. Then , we had a singing. Afterwards, we left for the bar.

When we got back to the hotel, we were all somewhat drunk.it was probably pretty late, but who cares about the time. We collapsed on our beds and slept. I woke up with the sound of John banging on my door.

- Get up! We're leaving in three hours. If you want to go get the kid, it's now or never!

"Wow, cruel" I still got up. I speeded and got dressed. I made sure my stuff was packed. Then I met up with the others and we had breakfast. Jinxx and CC were off to see Jane. Ashley was going to get something at some store, I don't remember. Jake was going to call Ella. I decided to go out and to walk around a bit. I was wondering, how we're we ever going to live with a sixteen year old girl on our bus? I guess we'll make it work, one way or another.


we went to the hospital, and we met Jane, walking back to her room.

- the doctor said that if I was blue to walk around, with my crutches, and that I was able to get dressed by myself, he would let me out today, before you guys left. I still have to get my things....
- well that's nice! Don't worry about getting your things, we'll get them for you. Is the key still under the flower pot?
- yes. I can't wait to get out of here! I don't like hospitals.
- it's alright. You'll be out by the end of the day. We'll go back to your flat, get you some clothes. Then well bring it to you. If they let you out, we'll pick you up at one.
- Do you have any specific demands on what we're bringing back for you to get dressed in? Asked jinxx.
- jeans. That's all I want.

We left for the flat. We got in and walked to the bedroom. I went and grabbed everything from the bathroom, and threw it in a bag. It was easy, she had two smaller bags with makeup and other things in it. Some things were still on the counter, so I checked to see what she didnt have in her bags. I put back what belonged there.

When I walked into the room, there was a pair of dark skinny jeans, a pink and whit striped t-shirt, a pair of black leather boots, a black beret, and a jean sleeveless jacket.

- I think that's good. I've got undergarments in this back. Can you pass me the clothes that are on the bed, they're for today. I already emptied the drawers into her suitcase. Most of the clothes in the closet are packed.

We finished packing in no time and went back to the hospital. We placed her suitcase by her room door and gave her the bag. She went to the bathroom and came out all dressed. She asked jinxx to take her makeup bag out of the suitcase and to give it to her. In five minutes, she was ready to go.

The doctor came back. We asked him if she would be able to leave, and he said yes.


This is rly good I love it update

Love it so far!!

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i love it XD
:) no problem. <3
ok great!