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Dreaming Big


Jinxx's POV

After that, we left the hospital. We went back to the hotel and slept a bit. When we woke up, I checked my phone: 2 new messages. I check who it was. I have one from John and one from... Sammi. My beautiful wife. I love her so much!

I check what they say. John reminds us about the sound check at three. Then I checked Sammi's message. She's asking how everything's going. So I tell her everything that happened since we left the sates.

- that poor girl! ~ sammi
- yeah I know. We've spent a lot of time with her in the last two days. She's really nice and friendly. We might get permission to take her on the bus with us. We can't really leave her like that. ~ jinxx
- I guess... Want me to join you? I could very well take care of her while you're out!~ sammi
- you know you don't need a reason to join us my love ;) ~ jinxx
- ill be there next week when you are in France~ sammi
- see you there~ jinxx

I couldn't wait to see her! I walked to jakes room and found all of the guys. I told then sammi was going to join us in a week. CC started teasing me.

- great! Now were gonna be stuck listening to your lovey dovey stuff and you two doing it all the time! Just great.
- oh it's not like we don't have to do the same when your girlfriend shows up! Said jake.
- really it's the same for all of you! Replied Ashley. Yeah, he's one to talk! Obviously, I wasn't the only one thinking that.
- well as if you're one to tell us to have less sex with our GIRLFRIENDS the few times we see them! Said Andy, laughing. Everyone else laughed, even Ashley.

When we left for the sounds check, our mood was better. We had gotten a full night of sleep, we had a performance that night, and Jane was soon going out of the hospital and following us!

Afterwards we decided to go to the hospital. Just to see how Jane was doing... And to be with her. She's very nice and smart. When she isn't running towards death, she a really fun person. We've only met her two days ago, but it doesn't matter. Sometimes, it enough to know some people!

When we got to her room, she was eating. "That's a good thing" I thought. She saw us and smiled. I'm happy she's happy, and safe. I feel like I should be protecting her. Like a big brother to his baby sister... That's what jake showed anyways when he went for David. Without the police around, it would've ended bad... I don't know for who, but I guarantee David wouldn't of had left without getting a couple more severe injuries...

-Jinxx? Are you alright? Janes voice drew me back to reality
- earth calls Jeremy ferguson! Answer jinxx!
- yeah I'm here!
- did your head follow you body? Because it didnt come with it!
- very funny! I was thinking.
- about what? This time, it was Andy who had spoken.
- I was thinking about how we're always gonna know that you're alright, kid. you know, we care about you.I said to Jane.
- I'm happy I won't be alone.
- well, im happy youre happy, jane, i said

Jane smiled. I think she's happy about coming with us... After all, she's a fan. I do consider her more like a long lost sister or something. I hope she's going to get comfortable enough with us. I bet well have a lot of fun.

Ashley's POV

-didnt you say you liked to sing? I asked.
- yeah. I love to sing, and to play the piano.
- are we going to hear you sing one day?
- maybe
- if like to hear that! I smiled at her.

Janes POV
Oh, my, god! Ashley told me he wanted to hear me sing! I would've if I wasn't in this situation... But again... If I hadn't been in this situation, they would've lost interest in me and left me alone to my boring life after a day. I hate feeling like I'm taking advantage of them... But I'm getting attached to them... I hope they see me as more than just a fan... I see them as more than just idols, I see them as friends, as... "Brothers" I thought. The way they have been there for me is just like the way one of my friends big brother was there for her. He's been through a lot and his experience and the feeling of having to protect her makes him the perfect person for her to go to. Maybe one day, one of them will be like that to me...

I should stop thinking like that because I know I am going to be extremely disappointed when I have to face reality. Right now feels so much like a dream that I'm a bit deceived. I mean, if its really just a dream, who knows if I'm even in England right now?

- hey earth calls Jane! Answer Jane!
- good one Ashley... Did you know, depending on how far away the space ship
Is from earth, it can take different times for the message to be sent, like it could take twenty minutes for me to hear your message and then twenty minutes after that you would get mine.
- yeah but you answered immediately. So I win. He turned towards me, and we stared at each other for a while. Andy stood beside him.
- what the f-
Ashley blinked, somewhat startled by Andy's sudden appearance.
- you blinked. I win! I said. At school, I would have a lot of spontaneous staring contests with one of my best friends. I would always win. I can go for a while without blinking.

Ashley's POV

When we were staring at each other, I looked at the color of her eyes. Green, but it's more like a dark, forest green, with brownish spots. And then, it had been mixed with gray. That's the only way I could describe it. But it's pretty.

When Andy asked what was going on, he startled me a bit

- you blinked. I won!

"Wait... We were having a staring contest!?!"

- Alrigh... You win. I winked at her. And she laughed. A nice little laugh. I swear I'm going to protect her.

Andy's POV

I think we all care about her. Everything is so overwhelming, but it's so good to see her smile. I hope we'll see that smile often. I get a text from Juliet:

Hey Andy :)
Hey babe
What's up??

I tell her everything.

Aww that's too bad. How are you liking London?
So far so good
I'll see you when we're both home :)
Love you
Me too <3

I love her. We all miss our girlfriends...

Jane laughed at a joke and I turned back to them. CC was being his usual comic self, jake was sitting down laughing at them, and talking to Ashley, and jinxx was sitting by janes side. It was his idea to take care of her... I think it was a good idea... Hasn't he mentioned sammi was joining us later? At least the girls can hang out together while we're "working"


And that my... Eleventh chapter? Never thought I would write that much for this story... There is still so much more I have to write.... I still haven't really hot to the point where the title makes much sense. Of course, dreams are a big part of this story... But there's a whole lot more :) ~Gabe


This is rly good I love it update

Love it so far!!

taterbaby taterbaby
i love it XD
:) no problem. <3
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