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Dreaming Big



oh my god! Jake was right! The dream she had told us about! The blood, David, the white room, everything went together, except she didn't have ripped pants, because she didnt have any at all. She looked terrified!

The poor thing had left the hospital that morning, because of the dream, and now, it was all coming true!

The police ran into the room. The two guys faces went blank. They knew they were in trouble! Before the police could do anything else, David took a knife out and placed it by Jane's neck. The police already had a hold onto the other guy. But what to do about David?

I turned to look at jake, but he wasn't there anymore. When I turned back towards the window, I saw him behind David. Somehow, he had found another entrance, and was sneezing in behind David. The other guys had his back to David, so no one could warn him. He then punched David. Even from where I was, I could hear the crack of the skull against the knuckles. David collapsed. The other officers went to get him. Paramedics put him on a stretcher... I hope jake doesn't get in trouble...

Once the guys were gone, Jake found a blanket folded on a chair and wrapped Jane in it. He sat beside her. She started crying. The rest of us walked onto the house. The smell of blood was unbearable!

Jane was in shock. We all hugged her. Another ambulance arrived and she was sent off to the hospital, again.

An officer asked us to follow him. We told him everything we knew about David. He also told us that favid would survive, he only had a concussion and a smal fracture to his skull. within three weeks, it would be healed. then, hed be off to jail. After that, he let us go. We walked back to janes flat she had rented. It was heart wrenching.

That's when Andy's phone rang

- what? His voice was harsh, inpatient.
- well, our friend was just sent to hospital after almost being stabbed and getting raped so fuck you and your fucking interview!

The phone went flying. We were late for an interview. I walked up to Andy.

- hey, maybe the interview will be good for us?
- yeah let's go! I'll call John. Agreed Ashley.

We left the flat and walked to the bus to get ready and to get driven to the venue, where the interview was going to take place.

Ashley's POV

No one was in the mood for an interview, but it kept us focused on something other than Jane. When we got out of there, we went straight for the hospital. Jane was there. She was either unconscious or sleeping, but she was in a state where she was calm and out of harms way. Thank god.

We had a concert the next day, the we had to leave. But, how could we simply leave, without looking back, without helping her, without her? We couldn't. Almost as if jinxx had read my mind, he turned to us and said:

- I'm not leaving her here. I don't care if she needs a therapist, I'll find one, somehow. We can't do that to her. She's more than just a fan now, she a friend.
- I know man, but we have to do a sacrifice and leave her. We can't take her everywhere, not in this state!
- shut up CC! Would you leave you friend like this?
- well I am going to have to, jake! What do you want us to do... Wait, forget that... How do you want us to so this? We can't!
- stop shouting, said a small feminine voice: Janes voice.

I turned to look at her.

- how are you feeling?
- safe, because David is gone, and I'm with you guys.
- well you're going to stay with us guys. I don't care what you have to do, we just can't leave you here.
- thanks.

And just before falling asleep again, she whispered:

- Thankyou, for saving my life.



ive got more coming your way, possibly later!
Feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Hope you enjoy the story :D

btw, I changed the rating to R because it would give me more freedom when writing... Like the language and events and what not...


This is rly good I love it update

Love it so far!!

taterbaby taterbaby
i love it XD
:) no problem. <3
ok great!