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Dreaming Big

Home sweet... Hell

I was home... Probably not for long... When my mom picked me up at the airport, she didn't even look at me. I went inside and before I could do anything, my dad told me to sit down in the living room. James wasn't there, probably still at summer camp. My parents sat facing me. I really didn't want to have this conversation...

-phone. My dad said, and I handed him my phone.
- So... Who's the father? Asked my mom.
- I beleive his name is David. He was on the plane with me. When we got to London he would follow me around but I didn't think much of it... I met some friends and we went for lunch together and when I went to the bathroom he kidnapped me. He raped me and the guys I met saved me.
- so you didn't sleep around? See, I told you she wasn't that kind of girl!
- your story still doesn't make much sens. My dad said
- you can see for yourself. Call the prison in London! They'll tell you I'm saying the truth! He broke my ribs!
- CALM DOWN! My dad yelled.
- tomorrow you're going to the abortion clinic.
-Dad! No!
-if you don't want to them you have five minutes to get out of my house!
-honey, I think you're crossing some limits! We've talked about this, we are not kicking her out of the house! My mom said.
- I will NOT be the one raising the child!
-maybe we can give it up for adoption but I'm not getting an abrotion! I told them. They had to understand that it was out of the questions and maybe by the time the baby is born the right decision will be made.
- I think that's a better idea, don't you? It will give us time to discuss of the issue.
- alright then, but I'm keeping your phone and you're not leaving the house without me or your mother.

I agreed and started walking to my room. I stopped halfway, turned around and said:
- By the way, I have a boyfriend.

And I walked to my room, closed the door, and cried. I cried until I fell asleep, still sitting against the wall.

i was woken up by hushed voices. I listened.
-just give her her things back, it's not her fault, look at her.
- I know, it's just, she's my baby girl and she's growing up too fast... I don't want to see her hurt, and I don't want her struggling to raise her child.
-do you think her boyfriend knew about her being pregnant before asking her out? If he did, he might stand as a father figure for him or her...
- cant we discuss this later?
-I beleive we can. I'm going to go check on James.

my mom left my room. I stood up and hugged my dad.
- i love you daddy.
-I love you too, my dear Jane.

i slept we'll that night, and in the morning I texted the guys saying that everything was ok, and that I wasn't getting an abortion.

they answered me a little later, and I texted Andy as much as I could. I told him about everything that had happened. He told me he'd come to see me and meet my parents in a couple of weeks. I couldn't wait!

i told my parents, showed them pictures and made them listen to the boys. They seemed unsure but as I told them about what they did and about Sammi, they looked like they could accept them being in my life. James woke up and engulfed me in a hug.
-hey little buddy!
- hey janey!

it was a happier day, but I missed Andy so much. I spent the day listening to music. To him to be more specific. I was relaxing when my mom came into my room.
-you really like him don't you?
- I'm happy for you.
-Thankyou mom
-I love you very much.
-I love you too.

She hugged me and left...

yeah, it's getting much better.


Ok, it's not the best... Sorry. I have writers block so any help, like ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Wether it's a chapter title to work around or a turn of event, comment or message me. Again, anything is greatly appreciated! And I promise to give you credit on the chapter/s. What do you think of the last one?

Ill update when I get an idea.

gabe :P


This is rly good I love it update

Love it so far!!

taterbaby taterbaby
i love it XD
:) no problem. <3
ok great!