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Dreaming Big


As soon as we arrived to the radio station, we met up with Andy. He was smoking outside. I felt a bit of exasperation. I didn't like it when people smoked. I got scared for then because I didn't want the to get sick, mostly when I cared about them. But I never said anything, as usual. I simply turned my thoughts away from this and followed the three boys in. Already inside we're jinxx and CC. I sat down at the reception while the guys were directed to the studio.

I nervously looked around. What was there for me to do? Oh I know! I took out my phone and told my parents I had gone shopping, I saw Big Ben, and the London eye. I told them I had met some very nice people who were also visiting England. I said Ashley was very nice. Like that, they wouldn't suspect anything about my whereabouts. They could easily think Ashley's a girl. I'll think about a concert u could've gone to. I'll have some research to do!

I listened to some music for a bit. Then, I got up and walked up to the receptionist.

-how may I help you?
- hi, umm I was wondering what time is the black veil brides interview would end. Just to give me an idea of the time I have to run a couple of errands.
- the allowed time is ten minutes of talking with ten minutes of music, so they are about to come out. I doubt you'll have time to do anything. Unless you would like me to tell them where you're at?
- no that's ok. Thankyou.
- you're very welcome my dear.

I went back to my seat and waited. Only about five minutes. I had time for one last song. I put sweet child o mine on and imagined myself playing it on my parents grand piano.

The piano is the one thing I missed the most about home. I loved going to the basement and sitting down at the piano. I could spend hours there non stop, leaving it just long enough to grab a drink of water. I would play and sing along the songs where I could do both without messing up. My parents never heard me sing, so if I started messing up because I couldn't focus on both playing and singing, they would want me to sing for them. The thing is, on the piano, you can play anything and it sounds amazing. While when you sing things, the lyrics would offend my parents and the style of music would catch them off guard. Oh well I thought. One day, I'd find a way to get myself known and start a career as a singer, or, a pianist.

I jumped when CC sat beside me. He grinned at me at took one of my earbuds out of my ear.

- let's go to the bus!

I felt somewhat uneasy. I felt like it was all pitty. I didn't really know what to think of all that.

The bus was nice. The usual living area with a kitchen, small bathroom and a bunch of bunks.

We got in and sat down where there was space. Ashley was the first to talk.

- so you're Canadian?
- you don't say eh all the time...?
- nope! Some people do that but not where I'm from.
- do you like hockey?
- I love it! But I can't play. And don't go thinking everyone likes hockey. I have a friend who thinks its ridiculous. Some people just don't understand how the competition works!
- I like hockey. Said Andy
- do you live in...
- yeah
- nope! That's not true at all. Yeah some parts have cold winters but southern Canada's temperatures resembles northern US. In summer, the temperature often goes over 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
- Really!

The conversation then switched towards what I liked. Piano, and singing were my favorite. I talked about my family and school. How I had just one year until I graduated and then i would go to university to become a doctor to please my parents. But I had time to think about it. I'm sixteen years old and I want to live from music. And I had had that dream since I was ten. I didn't want to be a doctor... But I would never go against my parents will, if there was a way they could know what was going on, of course!

- Do everything you can to follow your dreams Jane. Said Andy
- once I leave the house completely, I'll try to get signed. I write a bit of music here and there. I guess I could use that.
- wait, you would do that behind your parents back?
- let's just say that they have very high standards, they don't think being a professional musician is going to get me anywhere and that all my life I have lived to be up to their standards, being a good girl, good student, pretty much the cliche posh good girl.
- that's funny. You seem different than what you described. More like helpless a bit, but very nice and a bit of a rebel. Said jake.
- everyone is bound to want to brake the rules one day or another! Look at what I'm doing!
- true, laughed CC
-You guys wanna go out to have lunch? Asked Andy.
- yeah I'm starving! Said jinxx.

We left for a nice little restaurant close to where my flat was. It was great. I was really enjoying the guys presence... To bad that after tomorrow it would be all over. My heart ached over the thought.


And that makes two tonight... I'll write more but ill only update tomorrow or later. :)

see y'all! ;)



This is rly good I love it update

Love it so far!!

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i love it XD
:) no problem. <3
ok great!