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Dreaming Big

The announcement

Janes POV
When I woke up the next morning, Sammi was sitting with jinxx and Andy at the front of the bus.

- good morning kid! Said Andy
- hey!
- slept well?
- not really...
- what's wrong? Asked jinxx
- I was thinking about telling my parents, and school, and what to do with the baby... I thought I had out ruled abortion, but I don't know anymore...
- aw, come here! Said jinxx, pulling me into a big hug.
- you'll be alright. Said Sammi. Oh, I'm Sammi.
- nice to meet you! I'm Jane, I said, wiping away a tear that had fallen.
-enough of this fucking crying! Lets have fun! Keep the serious stuff away! Think about that... LATER! Said Andy, which made me laugh. Sammi gave him the death stare, but relaxed when she saw me laugh.

- ok! What do we do? I asked.
- wanna go shopping? You know, girl stuff! Must've been a while since you haven't done that! Laughed Sammi
- gross. Shopping. Go ahead, but I'm not going there! Said Andy.
- ill drive you girls but that's it! Said jinxx with a chuckle.

Sammi kissed him and got up.

-wanna do that? She asked me.
- yeah! I'll go and get dressed.

I slipped on some jeans and a t-shirt, and pulled on my black leather boots.

When we got to the mall, we started looking at different things. We walked into a maternity clothing store, and I picked out a couple of outfits I could mix and match for when my bump would start to show,

I asked Sammi what she would do if she were in my position.

- I dont know. Honestly, I can't tell you, because I'm not sixteen, and I don't have your family, and I can't put myself in your shoes.
- it's ok. I guess it's different for everyone. I'm gonna have to tell my parents soon.... Maybe tomorrow...
- don't worry. Just tell them the truth.
- they'll hate me. My dad won't let me near the house anymore
- they'll surely understand
-I hope...

We kept shopping. Gradually, I forgot about my problems, and ended up enjoying my day.

When I got back to the bus that evening, I had plenty of new clothes. I remembered that I had to tell my parents. I sat beside jinxx.

- I'm scared...
- dont worry. Ill be here.
- can you help me?
- sure. Need the others?
- please.

Andy walked in, followed by CC, jake and Sammi.

- Where's Ashley?
- sleeping?
- go get him.
- cc went to get ash as I called my parents.

- hello dear!
- hey mom, hey dad!
- how are you?
- pretty good, I guess... Listen, I have something to tell you guys but you can't interrupt me until I'm done.
- go ahead hun. Said my mom, she looked worried
- So I told you how I was travelling Europe with friends I had met in London. Well when I met them, I suddenly had a weakness and passed out... Try brought me to the hospital but it was just heat. So we went out to eat, and when they left, I was attacked from behind and dragged out of the restaurant...
I heard my mom gasp and saw my dads face hardened.
- I was brought to a abandoned house nearby and... And...
By then, tears were running down my face. Sammi came to sit beside me and wrapped her arm around me. My mom had a questioning look on her faced, but they stayed silent just like I asked them.
- I was... Raped.
- WHAT? My dad screamed.
- dont worry dad, he got arrested and my new friends saved me... But... There's something else....
- you're pregnant, aren't you? Asked my mom.
I nodded, tears running down my cheeks. My dad looked at me.
- young ladie, you are coming home right away! You are getting an abortion! And then I'm locking you up
In the house until you're eighty!
- John! My mom said, outraged by his reaction. It's not her fault! Honey, can we meet your friends, to thank them?
- sure. Mom, dad, meet Sammi, Jeremy, or jinxx, her husband, Andy, jake, the one tat saved me, Christian, or CC and Ashley.
- boys? And much older ones too! Said my mom.
- one reason more to get her back here!
-Please don't do this to me.., I said, crying.


Ok. I know I haven't posted in FOREVER! But I didn't know how to finish the chapter... But I'll re read the story and get back to writing! Feedback, and give me ideas because that's what I need to keep going! :)


This is rly good I love it update

Love it so far!!

taterbaby taterbaby
i love it XD
:) no problem. <3
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