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Dreaming Big


We went to the beach soon after. Before we could get to a nice secluded spot- or as secluded as it
could possibly be on a hot summer day- I pulled Andy away.
- I need to talk to you. That was all I said before we walked away.
- we'll go check if there's a spot over there! He yelled to the guys.
Once we were sure to be out of earshot, he asked me what was going on.
- I just realized, you're cheating on Juliette with me!
- you didn't know? She broke up with me about a week ago!
- oh! I'm sorry...
- she broke up with me because I seemed to have lost interest in her... Because I liked you. Only Ashley knew at the time. Juliette kinda guessed that there was someone else so she broke up with me. A couple of days after that, I told the rest of them.
- I'm sorry...
- don't be! Lets go find the others.
- okay.
We walked back to the group.
- no spots over there? Jinxx asked
- nope. I answered
- Over here! We heard CC yell
We joined him to a sorta secluded spot. I sat with Andy, Sammi with Jinxx and Ella, who had arrived for a surprise visit, was sitting with jake. CC was sitting between jake and I. We had lost Ashley to some hot girls lounging on the beach. Surprise surprise.
I tried to convince Andy to come in the water with me. I hadn't been swimming in forever and I just couldn't resist the call from the water. He wouldn't come. Actually, no one would. So, I got up and went in the water alone.
I spent a good fifteen minutes in the water before getting bored and walking back to the others. Ashley was back. I sat beside Andy and have him a big hug. He tried to escape since I was still wet from swimming, but I didn't let go. Ashley started laughing so I tackled him to the ground, giving him a cold, wet, hug.
The sky darkened quickly, but that wasn't because of the nightfall. Soon, we heard a loud crack of thunder.
- let's go back to the bus. Sammi said.
We all agreed and packed everything up. As we ran back to the bus, rain started pouring from the sky. I tripped on a log in the parking lot and fell. I tried to grab onto Andy to regain my balance, but I surprised him and instead of saving myself, I pulled him down with me.
I laid there laughing while Andy got up with a worried look on his face that soon turned to confusion.
- why are you laughing? He asked
- b-because I, I tripped! And, I pulled you down! And you fell! I said, still laying down, almost hysteric.
I caught my breath and tried to get up. The others were probably already back onto the bus. I held Andy's hand and he pulled me back to my feet. He the picked me up and walked back to the bus with me in his arms.
- it's probably better like that, he said. You won't fall and make me wait longer in the rain.
- sorry, I said, snuggling into his chest.
When we walked back onto the bus, all the girls had changed into dry clothes and some of the guys too. CC walked out from the bunk area and Ashley from the bathroom. Jake was grabbing something to eat and jinxx was on the couch.
Andy simply walked to the back, put me down in one bunk, turned around to go to our suitcases, took clothes out of them, threw a pair one jeans and a black and pink tee at me, closed the curtain, and ordered me to change. I quickly put on the outfit and hopped out of bed. I threw my shoes on and went to sit on the couch. He walked out of the bathroom. We sat together on the couch and talked with the others waiting to get to the venue.


Okay so I think this story is getting back on track! What do you think of this? I might post the next chapter soon


This is rly good I love it update

Love it so far!!

taterbaby taterbaby
i love it XD
:) no problem. <3
ok great!