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Dreaming Big


Jake's POV

As I walked out of the bus I though "finally off the road. Three days, but still, I won't be stuck on the bus for three days" then, I saw a girl. About 15 or 16 years old. I looked at her and when her gaze meets mine, she trips. "Fan girl" I thought. Not that there's anything wrong with them. I love them! It's just that it can be hard to deal with. But she was alone. It was safe to go over.

- you ok?

She looks at me. She looks terribly confused. Then, she starts looking scared, and tears start falling down her cheeks. She looks behind me and screams. A look of pure terror appears on her face. She faints.

-Oh my god! GUYS! I scream at the guys. Ashley appears first, followed by jinxx. A couple of seconds later, Andy and CC follow.

-What's wro... Is she ok?!? CC asks
- I really don't know. She looked terrified! It can't be because of me!

I see andy pulling his cell out of his pocket. I could seriously smack myself right now. Why didn't I think about calling for help? Just as I turn back to the girl, muscles, our body guard, ( that's not his real name but that's what we call him) arrives.

-What's going on here? He asks
- that girl just fainted. Andy called for an ambulance I think. Answered Jinxx.
- who is she?
- I don't know, I said. Here, lets check if she has I.d. on her.

I see her wallet sticking out of her bag so I take it out. Along with it, her passport falls from the bag. It's a Canadian passport. I check for her name.

-Jane Phillips. She's about sixteen, and she's a tourist from Canada, well, I think.
-that's good. We'll be able to do with that info. Jake, take the bag. We'll give it to the paramedics.

Just as muscles stops giving instructions, we hear the sirens coming closer.

Jane is strapped in and carried away. I hand the bag to the other paramedic.

-Where are you guys taking her? Asks Andy.
- to St Thomas' hospital.
-alright. We might go check on her later, sais Andy, turning towards us.

The ambulance storms off and we go back to the venue. We'll be setting up some things, then we're off to the hotel. Tomorrow we have a couple of interview. But we also have sound check and what not. After that, we've got some time for ourselves.

But I can't focus. What did I do?

-hey man, how about we go and check of the girls ok?
- yeah sure, Andy. We can always set up our stuff on some other time. Thankfully, they sent us here early enough so we can allow us to do this.

When we get there, they direct us to Janes room. She's hooked up to an I.v. I guess it's either to calm her down or for the pain. She seemed to have hit her head hard. She has a bandage on it... Probably explains it. Then, I remember seeing blood on the ground where her head was. The pieces fall together. I hear a faint moan coming from her. She's waking up.


Hey guys! I couldn't stop myself from writing more. So here it is. I already have two other chapters written. But I think I'll wait till tomorrow to put them up. Here comes BVB!!! Now, how do you think all of this will unveil? What do you think will happen to Jane? David? Leave your comments, positive or negative, I don't care, I need both to get better! I'm somewhat tired of only getting complimented (not that i dont appreciate it! i love them!) so if you don't like setting or have suggestions feel free to comment or message me!
see ya!


This is rly good I love it update

Love it so far!!

taterbaby taterbaby
i love it XD
:) no problem. <3
ok great!