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Dreaming Big


-when is sammi going to be here? I can't wait to meet her!
-wow, haha, well she'll be here tomorrow I think.
-where do you want to eat tonight? Asked Andy.
- anywhere. I'm just glad to be with you guys.
- ok then... Too bad you're only sixteen. We could go to a bar!
- she still wouldn't be able to drink, dumbfuck! Laughed Ashley.
- but we would!
- well, I don't drink anyways. But we can still go somewhere with a bar. A bit like a Casey's or a Boston pizza.
- ill get the driver to find that for us.
-thanks andy.
-no problem.

We were now back in the bus. We were getting ready to go to the venue for the concert. While the guys would be on stage, I would be allowed to wait backstage. I was still a bit weak, but the meds made me feel better in no time.

I got dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, a grey shirt, and black boots. I wore my denim sleeveless jacket on top. I tied my hair in a neat bun and applied a bit of makeup to my face. We got to the venue in no time and I left the bus with the guys. I brought with me a bottle of water and some meds, just in case. But I hadn't been sick in a couple of hours, and I was able to eat.

I waited in a small room while the guys were changing. Then, I joined them. The smell of hairspray was almost unbearable. I had to leave for a second but when I came back, I was alright. I noticed that Andy was gone.

-smoking. Said Ashley, as if he'd read my mind.
-I should've known. I said, laughing.

We talked until John came through the door.

- on in five. Get ready.

The guys started exiting the room, followed by me. I sat down by the stage, but where no one would see me.

The guys played a couple of songs. Then Andy said something.

- we've met a great girl, that's been through so much since we've met her. She's been hurt in so many ways. We've known her for only a couple of weeks, but we've gotten attached to her as if we've know her all her life. For this next song, wich is her favorite, I want to hear y'all mutherfuckers sing along!

Cheers erupted from the crowd. Then, they started singing

"In the end,
As you fade into the night,
(Oh oh oh oh)
Who will tell,
The story of your life!"

I sang along with them, and so did the crowd, along with cheers. And fangirling.

When the show came to an end, I stayed there and waited for the guys to be ready to go. Jinxx came to get me about half an hour later. We walked to a nearby restaurant. They sat us in a small room. We ordered drinks and our food. I was getting a club sandwich with a Caesar salad. Yum.

-now, lets get to the serious stuff. Said Andy.
-are you sure you want to keep the baby?
- abortion isn't even an option for me, and don't try to change my mind. I don't know if I'm going to raise the child, but I am carrying this pregnancy to term.
- alright. No need to freak out, chuckled CC.
- sorry.
- Don't worry kid. Said jinxx
- how are you going to tell your parents?
- I know they are going to have to know one day... But they don't even know I'm with you guys. They would freak out if they knew I spent my summer on a bus with five men.
- it's not like we're pedofiles! Laughed Ashley. Everyone laughed.
- I know, but still. They wouldn't like that and they would force me to go back home. Then, they would kill me.
- not literally, I hope. Said Jake.
- no but still. I don't even know if I'll have a home once my parents know.
- you'll have one with us, said jinxx.
- yeah! You're like family to us! Said jake.
- thanks a lot guys. Well I was thinking that I could Skype with them. I could lie a bit about the last couple of days, bit I would tell them I'm with you and I would tell them about David. But I won't go home.
- alright. Now, school.
- my due date is going to be around April... I will have to go back to school, but in April, I could take the month off and do the work at home. Then, I would only have a month and a half until exams, and summer. Then, I will be graduated and I can do whatever I want.
- if you kept the baby, would you still go to university? Asked jake.
- I don't know. Maybe I would take a year off. I don't know.
- I think that sound like a plan. You still have a month and a half until you have to go back home.
- when are you going back to the US?
- End of August. Well have a short break, until October.
- nice.
- you can still come with us. We were thinking we could get all together with our girlfriends and rent a cottage or something. Said CC
- I wouldn't want it bother you. Plus, I have to go back to school in September.
- we'll still talk!
- yeah. I don't want to lose you guys.
- if you need me, just text me. Ok?
- thanks jinxx.
- sometimes later this summer you could go shopping with sammi. You'll need new clothes!
- ugh.
- what?
- don't talk about it. I said laughing a bit.
- oh come on. Now, lets finish eating and then well go back to the bus. Said jinxx.


alright. I just couldn't sleep before writing this. And I finished quicker. Now, there is something I would like to do, and I need your help.
first, I want to get as many subscribers to my story as possible. It would be very appreciated if you could suggest my story to your readers. Message me or leave a link to your story if you want me to do the same for you :D I would be very happy to do so :)

next, sometimes, I have a writers block. So I don't work on this story. So I'm looking for some other projects I can work on at the same time as this one. Either short fanfics or one-shots featuring the readers of this story. If you want one leave a comment or message me. My other idea, is to write another story, but I don't know the subject. So if you guys have an idea, message me. I'll give you until the fifth of may. Give me a story line via message. If I have questions, I'll message you back. On the sixth, I'll send a preview of the new story to the person who have me the idea. Of that person wants to, we can co-write that story. What do you think of that?


This is rly good I love it update

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