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Dreaming Big


-you are pregnant.

This couldn't be happening! No! How! No! My parents are going to kill me! My classmates are going to think I'm a slut! No! What? No! Argh! No! Ugh! How! No! David.

At that point, I burst out into tears. Jinxx hold my hand tighter.

-Your body is just having a hard time coping with it. I can prescribe you something that's going to help your for the first few months, that is, if you decide to carry the pregnancy to full term.

Aborting? I don't want to, but it's the one option that would save my life... I just couldn't... I... Oh god... Why?

Then, it got clear. The only one dying here would be David. I would personally take care of it... Just watch.

-Jane? My face was distorted with anger, pain and shock. Jinxx's face was distorted in a worried expression. I got a hold of myself.
- I'm alright... I-I'm not getting an abortion. I just can't. I'll take it as it comes.
- alright then, if one of you boys want to follow me, I'll get a prescription.

Jake got up and followed the doctor.

-it's David's isn't it? Asked Andy. I nodded.
- I'm gonna fucking kill him! Shouted jinxx.
- and I'll be right by your side. I replied... Sweet, sweet vengeance.
- haha keep it down kid! Laughed CC
-you know, I'm relieved that its not an illness that could kill you. Said jinxx.
- yeah same... But I'm still scared... How am I going to tell my parents? And cope with school! Impossible. Oh god...
-relax, Jane. Lets get back to the bus. You can rest. After our show tonight, we'll go out for dinner. I'll make sure we're in a private room. I now I'll help you! Said jinxx
- so are we. Replied Andy.
- I'm so happy you're there with me!
-no problem, kid. Said jinxx


This is rly good I love it update

Love it so far!!

taterbaby taterbaby
i love it XD
:) no problem. <3
ok great!