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Dreaming Big

Free fear

So I left the airport and called a cab. I had searched for a place to stay this summer. Didnt take long before I found a smal flat. The owner was leaving for Spain and was going to stay there all summer. She lent me her place for a really cheap cost, but if she came back and the place was a mess, I was to be paying extra. There's no worry, since I don't k ow anyone, and I'm a really organized person.

the owner of the flat was there, just about to leave when I arrived. She showed me around quickly. The entrance led to a small hallway that ended in a very open kitchen/living room/dining room. A door across the room opened to a last hallway with two bedroom and a bathroom .

-it's a really nice place! I said
- Thankyou! I am happy you appreciate it. Her British accent made every word sound amaizing.

i paid her and she left. This was going to be my place for the rest of the summer vacation. I placed my things in the master bedroom. It had a queen size bed with green walls. The furniture was all made of wood. Quite a dark one too. But I don't know from what kind of tree it came.
I must've fell asleep
I then decided to go for a walk. The flat was about a five minutes walk away from the main streets. I took my phone out and proceeded to write an email with my coordinates and an update on the situation that I sent to my parents. Then, I got to McDonald's. I was starving so I went and bought a wrap. I walk around a bit more and found a store in which the clothes looked amaizing. At home I didn't shop that much, but I was al all alone, far from home. I bought three new shirts, a skirt, two dresses and a pair of boots.

the sidewalks were packed. I had a hard time not running into people. A lot of people in suits were walking around, going back to work after their breaks. It was still early in the afternoon so I decided to go home and to unpack my things. The owner of the flat probably brought most of her stuff with her because the closet was almost empty, and so were her drawers. I took about an hour to unpack and place everything and the I turned the tv on and watched the news.

I must've had fell asleep for a while because when I looked out the window, the sun was setting. I could see people walking around, some kids going to parties and what not. I really felt comfortable.

Music came blasting from the tv. It was wretched and divine. There was an add for the bvb concert that was taking place in three days. I ran to my phone and typed in the URL o the website to buy some tickets. I uploaded the ticket to my phone and then walked to the kitchen. I don't know what the British people did at this time of the day, but back in Canada, I would be eating supper.

There was nothing in the cupboards or in the fridge. I would have to do the groceries tomorrow. I guess I'll go eat out.

The London streets were packed. Again, I struggled to keep clear from everyone. I found a small restaurant, not too busy, where I could eat a meal for not too expensive.

To my surprise, I found David and a lady sitting right beside me.

-Hey Jane! Funny to meet you here!
- I know! It's nice too.
-Yeah. Aunt Lydia, this is Jane. We were on the plane together.
- Nice meet you, Jane. Said the lady. She seemed nice.

I ate slowly, enjoying being on my own. At home, my parents were always on my back. And since I didn't want to disappoint them, I didn't say anything. I knew I could do anything here, and I could always lie to my parents about what I was doing. It wasn't nice, but I had to love at one point or another. I barely saw my friends away from school because I knew my parents might not like their personalities.

Once I got back home, I got ready to go to bed. The jet lagging was tough on me and I wanted to be able to gully enjoy my trip, without being too tired. I fell asleep pretty quickly. I couldn't wait to see what tomorrow had in store for me.

I woke up from a strange dream. I was in a hospital waiting room. Just like the one where I waited when James was born. There was a trail of blood on the floor. I had blood on my shirt, and my pants were all ripped up. Then someone caught my arm from behind me. I turned around and saw no other than Jake Pitts, from black veil brides. Then I saw someone, I think it's David, the memory is quite blurry, and something he was holding in his had caught the light. A knife.

I turned around I my bed at the thought. I squeezed my back against the mattress. I crossed my arms across my chest. I was scared. I looked outside. I must've slept about twelve hours because the sun was already up high in the sky. I got up and took a shower. The warm water calmed me down, but I still hurried up to Finnish so I could leave the flat and be surrounded by people. At least there, someone would seer if David was to stab me.

I took a deep breath. I was going paranoid over a dream. I told myself to relax and then went back to the room. I took out my red pencil skirt, a white blouse, and a black jacket. I got dressed, applied a bit of foundation and lipstick to my face and held my hair back from my face with a bobby pin.

I took a last look at myself in the mirror and left the house. I was still bare feet but my boots were in my hands. I walk a bit on the grass, then I put my boots on and walk towards a small coffee shop I had seen yesterday. Around me were a lot of people, from young teens to elders and even some grand parents with their young grandchildren. I made sure to look at everyone surrounding me, to make sure David wasn't there, then, I took a seat and ordered myself breakfast. How was I to live in constant fear of a guy I met twice and probably would never see again?

"Oh come on!" I thought to myself. I instantly relaxed and let out a small chuckle, realizing how stupid it was for me to be so scared of him.

I walked around all day. I did some groceries, went home to unpack it, and went back to town. I walked by the site where the 2012 Olympics took place, and I saw Big Ben. Actually, I saw a lot of things!

I went to see where the venue for the bvb concert was, just so I wouldn't get lost two days from now when I would go see them. As I walked around a bit more, I saw something extraordinary. The bvb tour bus! I couldn't believe it!

I approached it a bit and the doors opened. I saw andy, jinxx, Ashley, CC and finally jake. The memory of the dream hit me like a wave and I tripped a bit. Jake saw me and walked closer.

-Are you alright? He asked.

Quick! I had to get back to my sense! I took a deep breath and looked at him. I froze. I couldn't. I was terrified. I lost it. Tears started flowing down my face and I backed up. That's when I saw him. David, beside Lydia, in a car parked a bit further. That's when it happened. I screamed and fainted.


Another one done! I've got so many ideas! I'm writing the next chapter already... I don't know when I'll put it up but I don't think it'll be today... Got to keep some so I can extend the story!

anyways, suggestions would be highly appreciated, feedback and If you want me to write something else, or collaborate on a story with me, message me. I'm actually looking for another challenge and I think that would be the perfect one!!!


This is rly good I love it update

Love it so far!!

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i love it XD
:) no problem. <3
ok great!