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Dreaming Big


- you are coming back or I'm getting the police to bring you back!
- this is what's best for you darling. Said my mom.
- but these are my friends. And I'm
Happy now! It's been a couple of weeks, we're in France, and there's still a month until the end of the summer break. And I don't want an abortion! Ill give it up for adoption if you want me to but let me finish the summer with them! Ill never see them again after this!
- no.
- DAD!
- Jane! Don't you dare talk to your farther like this! You are coming home! One week that's it! No more than that. If you're not hole by then, I will personally go over there with the police and get you back.
-No buts. Good bye.
Then, the screen went blank.
I had to go home.
To be alone.
My friends would hate me
My parents would hate me
I would never see the boys, or Sammi ever again
All because of my good grades
All because of this trip
All because of my paranoia
All because of David.
I started crying. Jinxx came to sit beside me. Both him and Sammi were holding me in their arms.
-shhh... You'll be fine!
- they are going to kill me! I said, crying even harder.
- No they won't! You have my number, right? Call me if you need to.
- same goes for me! Said jinxx in response to Sammi.
-let's make the most out of this week! Said Andy
I didn't really want to go out. Just to cuddle up in a corner and sleep. But I decided to go anyways.

We had just left France and were now in Spain. It was beautiful! We went shopping, and ate delicious food at a local restorant. Honestly, everything was better than my "home" in Canada... I checked my phone to see I had gotten a text from my mom: -one week-
Fuck my life.
I wasn't paying attention to where I was going so i ended up running into someone.
-oh sorry!
I looked up to see a really- like REALLY- handsome guy standing in front of me.
- oh no it was my fault! I should've been looking!
- dont worry dear! My name is michael.
- Jane. I said
-And where do you come from?
- same! What a coïncidence! Who are you here with?
- my friends.you?
- on my own. My parents sent me here to get a break... Sort of. They're in a business trip and they are in Madrid. They gave me money and sent me off to explore!
-fun! My parents sent me to London but I met people, my friends, who are musicians and they're touring around this part of Europe. So I followed!
- where are they?
I looked around and saw jinxx and Sammi sitting at a cafe. Jinxx winked at me and mouthed " be careful". I laughed at but and pointed him to michael.
- nice! Wanna grab something to drink?
- sure! But I need to go to the bathroom... Meet me at the cafe where my friend is? We can decide where to go from there!
- ok!

Michaels POV
she's a pretty girl! And she seems so nice too! And she's Canadian too! I hope she doesn't have a boyfriend... Wait... She looks like she has a tiny baby bump. Probably a bit of stomach fat... Hope it isn't a baby bump! I wouldn't stand a chance with a pregnant girl. But she looks so young! Maybe I could go talk to her friend.

I walked up to him.
- hello, I'm michael. I just met your friend, Jane... Can I ask you a couple of questions?
- sure! Go ahead. Oh and I'm Jeremy, but calm me jinxx. And this is my wife, Sammi.
Sammi smiled at me. I turned back to jinxx.
- how old is she?
- sixteen.
- and is she in a relationship?

Jinxxs POV

I don't like where this was going. While listening to him ask his question, I texted Andy: cmon asap.
He answered: ok

- no. She isn't I'm a relationship. Why?
- because she's pretty. I also have one more question... But I don't want to be impolite...
- go ahead. I answered just as Andy walked up behind Sammi.
- hello, I'm Andy! What's going on?
- this is michael, a guy Jane just met. Sammi answered.
- what's your question bud? I urged him to continue.
I knew where he was going.
- is she... Pregnant?
- yes. She's been raped, and now she's about to go home to her family to take care of things.

Just as I finished answering, Jane joined us.

- hey! We all said almost at the same time.
- hey...?
Michael looked at his phone.
-uh... Still wanna go for coffee?
- is something wrong? Jane asked
- no I just got a text from my mom that's all.
- anything important?
- yeah she just said that she's meeting with me in a couple of hours. We have time!
- ok then! See ya guys! Bye Sammi!
- meet up at the bus as soon as you're done!
-yes father! She said while laughing. I preferred seeing her like that. The michael kid better not fuck up!


Ok. So I'm trying to put in one important element per chapter, less fillers. I'm not sure how much left I have with this story. I might just put up two or three more chapters and discontinue it. Sequel, no sequel? What's your opinnion? I'm thinking that I could end it when she gets home and start it from around there... A story about her decisions, and other bvb things.... We'll see.
Comment!!!! I like to see comments in my notifications
- Gabe


This is rly good I love it update

Love it so far!!

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i love it XD
:) no problem. <3
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