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Dreaming Big


OH. MY. GOD. My head hurts SOOOO much. I open my eyes. I see the white walls. And that's when I see it. Jake is there, beside me. I'm in the hospital. NONONONONONO! This CAN'T be happening! I start freaking out. Jake comes closer to me and I start screaming. I see a doctor enter the room and I feel the tears pouring down my face. Something shines in the light, but I don't see what it is. Actually, I don't have time to. Because the darkness surround me and quickly, I fall back into unconsciousness. I guess it's better like that.

Andy's POV

Wtf is wrong with that girl? She took one look at jake when she woke up, and they had to give her some sort of thing to make her sleep. Weird. Hopefully next time she wakes up she'll be able to stay calm. Then we'll know what's going on. I hope. Because I don't think jake is gonna be able to play if he doesn't know what's so bad about him that a girl looks like he's going to murder her every time she sees him. Wow.

Jake's POV

Again!?! Really? What have I done wrong! There's got to be something from somewhere else, I have never even seen her before!

- Are you ok Jake? That's CC talking.
- Yeah it's just... Weird. I don't know what I did to her. It's really starting to bug me.
- here. How about, if we're still here when she starts waking up, you walk out and one of us can take care of things. Ya know, ask her why she's scared of you and stuff.
- that's a good idea. Thanks CC.
- No problem jake! That good ol' mind just has to have a use!
- yeah but let's just say it doesn't happen very often!
- what do you want. It's like those energy bars in video games. He's got to recharge them every time he uses some of his few brain cells! Shouts Ashley from across the room. Everyone starts laughing. Yeah, that's a good one! Even our dear CC is laughing, even though Ashley just call him a retard. Gotta love the guy!

When Jane started to wake up again, I quickly walked out of the room, leaving my sanity in the guy's hands.

Jane's POV

when I woke up, again, it was dark outside. How long I've been like that, I don't know. It was already late when I saw jake and... David... Oh shut up Jane! I just hope I can still go see the show!

- hey! I'm CC, you're Jane, just in case you forgot. You know, you hit your head pretty ha-
- shut up CC!
- what do you want, his intelligence bar didn't recharge yet!
- all of you shut up! Let me do the talking.

All along, I had looked at the guys. First CC, then Ashley told him to shut up and Jinxx said some joke that sounded like an inside joke... By the way they reacted, it probably was. But Andy shoved CC aside and sat on the bed beside me.

-hey... My voice was so faint!
- how are you feeling?
- my head hurts... Where's jake?
- he left the room. You freaked out again when you saw him.

"Again... Oh yeah. I remember."

- I'm so sorry. How long have I been like this?
- well you were in hospital for about half an hour when you first woke up. Around nine. And now it's something like one in the morning. Would you like to tell someone why jake freaks the hell out of you? I heard a chuckle coming from CC and when I looked at him, he was bent down holding his stomach in pain from getting punched by Ashley. I laughed. Ashley smiled. I felt a small rush of fan girdling coming and I had to hold it back. It was easy, I had to do it all the time at home.
- well, if jake wants to hear the story, he can come on in. But it was a good idea to keep him out when I woke up.
- my idea! Said CC
- surprising... I said just to make the guys laugh. It worked. Boy I love that sound!

Jinxx left the room and came back with jake almost instantly. I got a bit scared and gaped. Andy put his hand over mine. I instantly relaxed. I was thankfull I wasn't alone. I probably would be even more freaked out. I can still see David staring at me, both from the dream and from his car. I'm sure it was him, and it scares me so goddamn much!

-hey, it's ok Jane. Just tell us what's wrong. We might be able to help. Said Ashley, walking closer to my bed. My god. My five idols talking to me like they've always known me... Pitty. That's what it's got to be. Shit. I hate that! I take a breath. And I start my story.
- I'm on a trip. I'll be here for about two months. I took the plane with this guy. His name is David. He seems really nice. But I had a dream, and in it, I was in hospital, I had blood all over me and Jake grabbed my hand. I turned around and I saw David holding a knife. It was so scary... I've never been more terrified. I'm all alone at anyone's mercy! When I saw jake, the dream came back to me. Then I saw David's aunt, along with David himself, in a car. David was staring at me and... I trailed off, tears sliding down my cheeks.

Jake sat down, as far from me as possible, for my own good probably. Ashley gave my shoulder a gentle, yet reassuring, squeeze. I smiled at him.

- what were you doing by the venue? Jake had asked the question. I was thankful for this. I needed him to understand I wasn't so scared of him anymore.
- I was making sure I wouldn't get lost going to the venue when I would got to the concert. What are you guys doing here so early before you show. Isn't it in two days?
- well, technically, it's tomorrow...
-smartass, said CC towards Ashley.
- whatever. Well, we had our last show in America for the tour yesterday, but instead of leaving us a day to relax, we were shipped of here and given a bunch of interviews tomorrow. But Thursday, all we have to do is be there for the tech run, and the show.
- I hope they'll let me out of here so I can go see the show, but I feel so safe here. Because I know that if David gets to me, they'll have time to help me.

Ashley's POV

poor kid. She's so stressed out... I can't really stand to see her like that. It's like looking at a hurt puppy.... I know she won't ask for help. I'll talk to the guys later.

-well that really sucks. Jake was talking to her. I hope it helps.
- yeah. I don't think going to England and being so far from my family was the best decision. Talking about them... I don't want them to know what's going on.
- why not? Jinxx asked
- because, I don't want to have to explain myself... And... Her face showed a bit of shame. They wouldn't like it if they heard that I liked your band, or anything, well, I don't know how to explain what they like me to listen to... I guess they have standards.
- yeah I get what you're trying to say. Don't be ashamed, Andy said, trying to reassure her. I guess it worked.
- are you guys going back to your hotel?
- maybe when you'll sleep... We've got a lot to do tomorrow. But if you want, we can come and pick you up when you leave this place. I said
- I wouldn't want to bother you guys... Those Canadians, typical answer, very polite. I hope I get to ask her questions about where she comes from... Wait... She hasn't said eh even once! Yeah, there's a lot of clearing up to do!
-don't worry. It's all right. Thank god andy was there, I kinda got lost in my train of thoughts.
-thanks guys... She looked tired. Jet lag. Yup it's a bitch. And emotions too I guess... Gosh I'm going stupid. That's what happens when you're surrounded by those four all the time!
- hey, listen, I think you should sleep. I'll stay here until you're sleeping, but don't freak out when you wake up and were gone! I said.
- it's ok. You can leave now if you want to.
- I've caused you enough trouble already, this is the least I can do, said jake.
- yeah but it wasn't your fault! Andy stepped in.
- wether you like it or not, we're staying until you're sleeping. Now, lets let her sleep.
-good night... Oh and guys?
-yeah? We all answered almost at the same time.

And that, my friend, made my day.


Hey ya guys! Another chapter! Yay! Well I have a lot coming your way later or tomorrow... Depends how much I write!

you know the usual thing about feedback and what not so I won't repeat myself!!! I'm not your teacher! XD



This is rly good I love it update

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