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Dreaming Big

the old fashioned way

We pulled up in the Parking lot behind the building and went backstage. The guys did a quick sound heck before getting ready.
Right before he had to get on stage, Andy walked up to me.
- how about you get into a nice little outfit tonight and then I bring you out on a date. Just you and me. After the show.
- sounds great I said.
- after the show-
I walked back to the bus with Ella and Sammi. When her phone rang, she excused herself, leaving Ella and I alone. I was happy that we were able to get to know each other today. I told her about the date. She told me she would help me get ready.
As soon as we got to the bus, she looked through my suitcase and took out a light pink dress with black and white patterns on it, a white denim jacket and black flats. Then, she went through her things and took out black rose earrings and a matching necklace. She went back to my suitcase and took out my black thong and matching bra
- just in case.
I knew I didn't really want it to go that far. I mean, I'm something like a month pregnant! But oh well.
We walked to the living area, and Ella did my makeup. Just as she finished, we heard a knock on the door. Ella went to answer.
- Jane! It's for you!
I walked to the front of the bus to see Andy, holding some flowers. He handed them to my saying:
- I thought we could do this the old fashioned way.
Right then, Jinxx walked by us.
- don't do anything you'll regret!
- we won't!
- goodnight father, I said, once again, sarcastically.
We left the bus. We went to the front of the building and I saw a cab waiting for us. The ride was short and we soon arrived to a small restaurant by the water.
We sat outside. The view was beautiful, the food amazing, but the best, was my date. Andy Biersack. My boyfriend.
- how are your ribs?
- a little bruised. But they don't hurt anymore.
- thats great. And how are you feeling?
- couldn't feel better!
- awesome!
We sat in a comfortable silence until it was time to leave. Andy brought me to a little dock nearby. There, a small boat was awaiting us. We sat down, and Andy started rowing until we got far enough. Then, he held my hands in his and looked at me in the eyes.
- when we found you, it wasn't in the best circumstances. But I quickly fell for you, your beauty, your smile, your eyes. I fell I love with who you are. I even fell in love with you capacity of putting yourself in trouble. Just remember this. I am here. Jinxx is there, Ashley, CC, Jake, they're all here for you. You are not alone. I love you. If anything happens, you come to us. And we'll be there. I love you. More than anything... More than I could ever scream.
Then, he leaned in and kissed me. Softly, then, it got more and more passionate. When he pulled away, I looked at him and said:
- I love you. So much. I love you.
We went back to shore, and he picked me up bridal style. He walked to a small inn. We got to a room and I was surprised to see a bag with all of the stuff I would need in it.
- Well be staying here tonight. Spend as much time as possible before you leave.
I went to change into my pyjamas. When I walked out of the little bathroom, Andy had already changed and he was in bed watching a movie. I lasted down and cuddled with him watching tv until I fell asleep.
Sammis POV
When my phone rang, I excused myself.
- hey
- hey! I'm calling for Andy. Can you do him a favor?
- sure!
- when Jane isn't there, can you pack a bag with pjs medicine and other stuff? They'll be staying at a little inn tonight and ill go and drop off their stuff later.
- sure.
- thanks!
- love ya!
- love you too!
Andy caught up to me and I told him I'd wait outside for them to leave.
When I was sure that they were gone, I packed a bag and then told Ella about what was going on.
Jinxx was already there so he left as soon as we finished eating the pizza jake had ordered.
I hope nothing goes wrong.


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