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Smutty's One-shots


I'm going to collect any one-shots and other bizarre misfits that I write here, that need a home. I'm an AB writer, that's just the way I roll.

I've decided to mark this as completed as each story stands alone just fine, but I'll add more to it whenever the whim hits me.

Please note: Adult subject matter, graphic, etc!

All my fanfiction is exactly that: fiction. Any real people are heavily fictionalized and not intended to be representative of any actual real-life goings-on/events, etc. All original characters and story lines are copyrighted to me. © 2017

Like my stuff?
Here are links to other stories I have written:
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My terrible twins:
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And my collection of misfits, one-shots, bits, & pieces:
Smutty's One-shots

I am also co-authoring a short guide to writing RPF:
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  1. #1- Lizard Love

    (Y/N)'s POV (smutty)

  2. #2a- What Would You Give?

    (Y/N)'s POV

  3. #2b- What Would You Give?

    (Y/N)'s POV (smutty)

  4. #2c- What Would You Give?

    (Y/N)'s POV (smutty)

  5. #2d- What Would You Give?

    (Y/N)'s POV (smutty)

  6. #3- Happy Birthday

    (Y/N)'s POV

  7. #4a- Dream Trader

    Andy's POV (suggestive)

  8. #4b- Dream Trader

    Andy's POV (smutty)

  9. #5- The Attack of the Fangirls

    *third person WTF?!?*

  10. #6- Kitty

    Andy's POV

  11. #7- St. Andrew's Cross

    (Y/N)'s POV (bdsm; smutty)

  12. #8a- Rejuvenation

    (Y/N)'s POV

  13. #8b- Rejuvenation

    (Y/N)'s POV (smutty)

  14. #8c- Rejuvenation

    (Y/N)'s POV (smutty)

  15. #9- Pollination

    ~third person~

  16. #10- This is a piece I wrote for a prompt-based contest.

    (Y/N)'s POV

  17. #11- Another piece from a prompt-based contest.

    Andy's POV

  18. # 12a- Krampusnacht

    Another contest piece

  19. #12b- Krampusnacht

    Part 2/2


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