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Juliet has implored Andy to blast a guy on camera for years. He has indulged her in all manner of kinky whims, but he's just never gone there. I mean, he just wasn't into dudes, wasn't into touching penis.

But this year, he was out of ideas, and had recently made a few, err, mistakes. So... Time to call (Y/N), dammit. How the mechanics of this were going to work, he wasn't sure, but it most definitely had to start with plenty of alcohol... (Y/N) had laughed over the phone, so now was a good time to get a head start on the Seagrams...

All my fanfiction is exactly that: fiction. Any real people are heavily fictionalized and not intended to be representative of any actual real-life goings-on/events, etc. All original characters, and the story line, are copyrighted to me. © 2016

Please note: Adult subject matter, graphic, etc!

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A very long time friend of Andy's

Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack

The frontman for BVB, and long-time partner of Juliet Simms


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    Andy's POV

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    Andy's POV

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    Andy's POV (smutty)

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    Andy's POV (smutty)

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    Andy's POV (smutty)

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    Andy's POV (smutty)

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    Andy's POV (smutty)

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    Andy's POV (smutty)



Hahaha, glad you dug on it. It was one of the first I wrote, so it's a little rough, but I love it just the same. ;3

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah

That was sexy, sweet, awesome, and weirdly gender upsetting all at the same time... translation I LOVED IT NEED MORE *is secretly vibrating in laughter*


;3. You're awesome! *fistbump*

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah

@smutty pariah

Yes! Finally someone said it! I think its unethical too. And also very disrespectful. People should make up their own 'bad guy'. So, props to you :)

shadowsdied shadowsdied


Heh, glad you dug it. But for future reference, I will never write a story that is intentionally disrespectful of any of BVB or their loved ones. I think it's unethical.

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah