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Blood Stained Tears


Everyone has done something their not proud of, Whether it's something as simple as telling a little white lie, Or stealing from a store you like.

Then there are things that aren't even your fault, And yet no one will believe you...So you get sent 'away' for your own good? Sucks right?...

But...What if something even deeper was going on...Something that you didn't even know...Or remember had been going on for more then a century?

With people who knew everything about you,Thing you've told no one in your life, Yet you knew- oh remembered nothing of them, But still made your heart ache?

What if you found out...You weren't even really 'human'?

Compared to that...Being blamed for some huge fight or robbery wouldn't be so bad right?

Sadly for this teen, She doesn't have any idea what's about to happen at this boarding school...Or the blood sealed fate she's always had with it...But make this clear

- You can't escape your fate
- Time wait's for no one
- Nothing is ever what it seems
-Everything happens for a reason...Even if you don't like it

For Tsukiko, Her whole world is about to be torn apart,Will she be able to handle to truth? Or will it end up being the death of her?

Or will all the pain be worth it for that boy? those people? That love?

Guess you'll have to find out...



@Mrs. CumSheets
2020 gang reup

LMAO 2019 gang

Mrs. CumSheets Mrs. CumSheets

But will you still get notifications if I write to you from 6 years in the future?



Thank you so much for the comment...it has been a while..but I am actually planning on returning to this story, i will be posting new chapters soon! :)