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Blood Stained Tears

Blood Stained Tears (Chap. 11)


I stood there, Leaning against the wall of the now abandoned hallways as I waited for Kurie to sneak away from her dorm, Surely those pathetic humans she was forced to share a room with, Was asleep by now...

It hadn't taken very long or that Matt guy to fall asleep...What an easy guy to provoke though...Something I made note of as I slipped a cigarette out of my pocket, placing it in my mouth before lifting one hand to the end of the cancer-stick (not like I had to worry though)

I simply snapped my pale fingers, Causing it to start a spark and a small flame following soon after, successfully lighting the said cancer stick.

I heard a set of foot steps approach me, As a soft -yet clearly full of sarcasm- cut through the silence that lingered this retched place. "Oh~ Smoking in the halls? What a naughty boy, Such a rebel~" Her silk like voice teased as my intense-green eyes locked with her red ones.

"Took you long enough" I mumbled as I leaned down, Placing my face in her crook of her neck, blowing out the smoke from my mouth "Plus, you know love It" I shot back, placing a light kiss on her porcelain skin.

"Well, Whatever. Let's go shall we?~" Kurie practically sung as she twirled out of grip and down the hallway.

"You and Tsukiko really are opposites...Aren't you?" I muttered under my breath and proceeded down the moon-lit hallway.

[Andy's POV]

After Ashley had finished explaining what he had 'read' I couldn't help but stay silent, More like all the breath inside of me was punched and forced out of my very body.

My gaze fell down to my sleeping blue-hair maiden and her loyal wolves -even if she had no memory of them- that stayed by her unconscious body. Tsukiko was absolutely breath-taking, even in the most intense of situations, She calmed my frayed nervs.

Though the expression on her sleeping face pained my heart, There was a deep frown plastered on her pale face, and her brows scrunched together as though she was in pain- A pain that I could not heal physically.

My fingers ran through her blue strands of hair aimlessly, Thoughts crashing together like an angry ocean. Everything was nothing but a blur.

"ahem" I heard a voice nervously cough out, As though interrupting my thoughts would lead them to their quick death- Couldn't blame them though, I wasn't good to be around when upset.

My piercing-blue eyes hesitated, Not wanting to leave the gaze of my beloved.After a moment I forced myself to meet the gaze of which the nervous 'ahem' had come from, It was Jinxx, He was calm but you could tell in those icy-blue eyes of his,

He was unsettled.

"What is it Jinxx?" I asked the older male, Not wanting to beat around the bush. He rubbed the back of his neck as Sammi wrapped her thin arms around his waist, Urging him to continue.

"Well man, It's just...We know how Cam is, and we know he's here because Tsukiko is back..." He trailed off for a moment, His unsettled eyes glanced towards his younger unconscious cousin before meeting my gaze again

"If what Ash said is true-"

"What do you mean if it's true! Why the fuck would I lie!" Ashley hissed from the corner, As CC held him back, repeating "We should fight amongst ourselves."

I sent a warning glare towards the honey-brown eyed male, Out of all my 'brothers' I was closest to Ashley, But even I had a limit to my patience with him at times.

Ash saw this gesture and quickly calmed his ass down, Muttering a quick "Sorry" under his breath.

Jinxx slowly nodded as he continued "I'm not saying Ash is lying, We just don't know if this is some trick Cam is playing, or that- ...'he' might be playing...Uh...Anyway...Like I was saying, It would be troublesome if Cam comes looking for us- which I know he will- and finds out were we hideout in the building, he can use it against us."

The icy-blue eyed boy paused, upon seeing my eyes darken a bit at the very that of that man he spoke of, none-the-less I nodded, motioning him to continue.

"I was thinking, Maybe we should find him first- Not to start a fight or anything-" Jinxx never did like conflict

"But, So that the humans of the school won't get hurt, and he won't find Tsukiko right away...Someone can stay here with her, while the rest scout the school...or something" He added quietly towards the end.

My gaze dropped to the floor as I processed all of the current information I had just be given from him, I hated to admit it, But he was right.

Though, I didn't want to leave Tsukiko, Not while she was in this state. But I knew if we did scout for Cam and-...That girl, If I wasn't there, A problem could arise.

"Also..." I was pulled out of my thoughts once again, This time by a female's voice- Sammi Doll.

"Jinxxy is right, But we also need to think about when the sun rises, Tsukiko will have her classes, But it obviously looks like she won't be waking up anytime soon, and with her roommates and teachers, it might cause a problem.." The red and black-haired girl paused for a moment.

"I could make a potion- One of you could temporarily take on her form, It could also draw Cam and that other girl towards her, and make it easier to find them." The older woman suggested.

I chewed on my lip-ring as I thought over her proposal A few minutes of tense silence had filled the room before I had made my decision.

With great reluctance, I started to loosen my grip around Tsukiko's body, Carefully placing her back down on the bed, Pulling the covers over up to her shoulders, Then leaning down placed a simple and gentle kiss of her pale forehead.

"Alright...Here's what we're going to do" I muttered as I got to be feet, facing the other four fallen-vampires and the half-breed vampire slash scorcher...(what a group we had, eh?)

"We're going to split up intro groups, Sammi is going to make the potion she was talking about earlier, and Jake will be the one to take Tsukiko's form when she's done with that potion, got it? You will be in the wing were she attends her classes and Sammi you scout from the shadows, Keep an eye on him though in case anything happens" I stated, no leaving any room for arguments.

"Aye, Captain" Sammi replied, giving me a mock salute, I rolled my eyes, not in the mood for her attempt of a comic relief, Jake just nodded "Won't let you done dude."

I continued as my gaze locked on Jinxx and CC "You two will search the outside grounds of the school, Just incase Cam didn't just come with that girl..." I trailed off for a moment, Before turning my attention towards Ashley, Who avoided my gaze.

"Ashley...." I muttered, noticing his visible flinch since I had used his full name "You'll stay here, and watch of Tsukiko...Alright?"

The fact that I couldn't stay with her myself killed me, But I knew it was to protect her, and I knew Ashley would be the best capable of protecting her while I was away, and the two mismatched-eye wolves of course.

Ashley's eyes held mixed emotions- He was very good at hiding his true thoughts and feelings from me- But he simply nodded.

"With that, I'll be here in the south wing, Since they know it's off limits- and why- It won't be surprising if they come here first. If anyone does encounter them, don't attack them unless they attack you and wait for ME to get there, Understood?" I asked, My deep-voice held a dead-serious tone to it.

The group simply nodded, Before They started to break off into their groups.

Before Sammi dragged Jake off to make the potion -god knows where- She ran over to Jinxx, Locking her lips with the icy-blue eyed boy for a brief moment before disappearing with Jake.

Jinxx visibly worried for not only his wife but his little cousin sent me an attempt of 'it's gonna be ok look' before himself and the taller brown-eyed male disappeared as well in thick black mist, leaving only me and Ashley.

"Ash, I know how you feel about the situation- About yours and Tsukiko situation as well-" The older teen had sent me a glare, but I simply raised my eyebrow as if saying "Am I wrong?' Which I knew I wasn't, so he just sighed, defeated.

"Just, deal with it for now, It's not her fault" I shot back, Knowing he knew that in his head, though he was still hurt that she had 'forgotten' Him, as well as everyone and thing else. Though it wasn't her fault.

I sighed "I'll be back, If Cam does get here somehow though, Don't be stupid, Don't do anything to endanger yourself or-"

"I know Andy, I'm not an idiot, Just go already, We can't waste time" He cut me off, since he had already read my thoughts I assumed. Not wanting to start I fight I let that go and simply nodded, Before disappearing into the thick black mist, and starting the search for that traitor Cam.

[Ashley POV]

I let out a deep long awaited sigh as soon as Andy had left, Finally I had been left alone, No one here to get on my fucking nervs.

Yeah, I know I was being a bit on the defensive side, But who could blame me?

I kept my spot by the window, Though found myself staring at the unconscious form of my best friend, I felt a pang of pain in my heart, Seeing how miserable she looked in her sleep.

Part of me hoped she wouldn't wake up anytime soon, I didn't want my emotions to get the best of me and snap at her again, But another part of me wanted her to wake up- to somehow remember everything again.

Ha, as If it were that easy!

Letting another sigh roll from my mouth, I grabbed the half-drunken bottle of Jack, as I swung it back , swallowing a huge gulp and letting the liquid burn the back of my throat as I did so.

God, Emotions were such a pain. It would be better if I could rip it out and just kill it myself...



Alright, So these are all the chapters I have up to date so far. I'm going to try to update a chapter sometime this week though...Anyway hope you enjoy, and I post again soon :x



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Thank you so much for the comment...it has been a while..but I am actually planning on returning to this story, i will be posting new chapters soon! :)