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Blood Stained Tears

Blood Stained Tears (Chap. 6)

Alright...Let's try to sort out what the hell just happened shall we?
1.Got drilled with a thousand questions from my roommates and Matt like all night. The headmaster- Mr.Winters looked like he would explode from the fact someone -cough, Me, Cough- broke into the south wing...

2. Ashley just appeared out of nowhere during my art class in order to keep an eye on me...Which by the way he acted I knew he wanted to get as far from me as possible...Why he felt this way...I still didn't know...

3. I get dragged away from art class by Ashley, Only to be attacked once we got there, And to see wing ripping out of Ashley's back- WINGS....Well..Maybe these people weren't lying? ...Hmmm...Well anyway back to the situation at hand...

As soon as Ashley and myself stepped into the halls of the south wing, We heard Jake's frantic voice behind us, Ashley snapped his gaze in the direction. His honey-brown eyes twitched slightly, I looked at what he saw, A huge chunk of the wall was heading towards us....US

I froze in my spot, To many thoughts running wildly in my head to think, But apparently Ashley didn't have the same problem. I felt his hand grab me roughly, One arm wrapped around my waist while the other held onto the top of shoulders, I would have protested but it all happened so fast...

Everything seemed to go in slow motion for a moment, As I saw fangs grow in Ashley's mouth, And big..Beautiful wings rip out in a hurry from his back. Even though I could reach out to touch them, They looked velvet and soft..The outlining of the wings was sliver, while the rest of his wings was a pale- yet beautiful and sad-grey, except near the bottom, it was shadowy black.

I snapped out of my trance when I heard the older boy grunt in pain, Realizing that his wings had taken the impact of the chunk of wall that had been aimed at us, We were still hurtled through the air like a paper ball, His grip only tighten on my body and he spun through the air, so that it was his body that hit the railing of the staircase, He didn't cry out in pain, But I felt his body shudder, Knowing it had damaged him and his wings.

Thing grew quiet for a moment, I hadn't realized it but I had clamped my eyes shut and my slim-pale hand has latched themselves onto his vest. I felt his grip loosen on me, His arms dropping to his sides, Before I heard a soft sigh. "Are you alright?" He asked, His voice soft and gentle instead of cold and icy.

I let go of him, My gaze locking with his. I only nodded then I felt someone's arms wrap around me, Pulling me to my feet. "Are the two of you alright?" A deep voice asked. It was Andy. He spun me around, His eyes scanning for any sign of wounds, When he found none he smiled in relief.

But he frowned when he looked at Ashley, His wings were battered from the impact "Ashley are you alright?" He asked, clearly concerned for his older 'brother'. Ashley let out a scoff "I will be once I fucking rip of those bastards heads" He growled before standing up and running past us to join in the current battle.

[Ashley POV]

I ignored Andy's warnings, that I should rest and not fight. Screw that, I didn't care if the current enemies that were sent was only the low-ranking weaklings.


I was easily able to read their minds, So it was no problem knowing what moves they were planning. I tackled one to the ground, She hissed at me, clawing at my face. "Oh please, The Elders and Shadow sent you knowing full well you'd be killed, Your pathetic" I hissed, before grabbing the girl's head, and twisting it a full 360, tearing it clean off only for her body to turn into dust.

I heard a thought enter my mind, My eyes widened as I snapped my head back "Jinxx, CC Look out!"

I was too late.

[Jinxx POV]
Myself and CC were fighting off two of the low-ranking members, They weren't a problem, But annoying as hell. And I was pissed off that they had tried to hurt Tsukiko, and had gotten Ashley hurt.

I was so consumed by my thoughts, Which is a huge 'no no' in battle. I heard Ashley's voice call towards myself and CC 'looks out!" but it was already to late

I had been smashed with a huge blast of flames, Not giving myself enough time to counteract that with my rose-vines barrier or something. I grunted in pain as I was blast through the wall, Feeling my skin burn in the flame as well as other cuts and wounds forming.

"Jinxx!" I heard CC call frantically only for himself to be attacked by a wave of daggers, His wings spread out just as they attacked him with it, The outlining of his wings was snow-white, while the rest of his wings was a burnt white, Why it looked burned though was another story.

CC blocked most of the daggers, but about four got past him, stabbing him in the leg,stomach, arm and his left wing. He let out a soft cry in pain before crumbling to the ground, I was useless at this point, "Damn it.." I muttered before passing out.

[Andy's POV]

I held Tsukiko close to my body, She watched in confusion and some-what horror as she watched CC and Jinxx get taken down, At times like this I wish she hadn't forgotten, That she still had their powers.

But no, Her memories and powers were locked away. Honestly these low-ranking members weren't worth us using our 'special' powers , But they were still sneaky.

Jake had come up behind one of them, His nails turning in claws as he stabbed it though his chest. The 'shadow' member cried out in pain as he was ripped apart turning into nothing more but dust afterwards.

The third member of Shadow now had a look of horror in his eyes, He started to back up slowly "Fuck this..." He muttered, turning to run. I kissed Tsukiko's head before I let go of her and lunged towards the shadow male, My fingers wrapping around his throat before smashing him into the ground and keeping him there.

"Why have you attacked us? We have not broken the treaty or interfered" I stated glaring towards the frail boy. "The elders and shadow...They know you've found her...The chosen one...over there" The shadow choked out, motioning over towards Tsukiko , I growled at him "Touch her and die"

"W-We will get her...Before you can re-awake her..." He stated, before taking out an arrow with a dull tip, it was harmless to humans but I knew what it was so I quickly jumped off him. But instead of him attacking me with it, He simply dug it into his own chest, Bursting out into thick flames then turning into a pile of dust.

"He rather die then go back empty handed, They'd kill him anyway...Tch, that coward" I hear Ashley mumble under his breath. I side before standing up and returning to my precious blue-haired maiden's side. "Are you alright love?" I asked, Nuzzling my face in the crook of her neck.

[Tsukiko POV]

I stood there for a moment In shock as I looked at the scene before me, I just saw three shadow looking things get destroyed before my blood-red eyes. Not only that but I saw Ashley and CC release their wings, before CC got taken down along with the icy-blue eyed boy Jinxx.

This was one hell of a morning...

"I'm fine..But what about them?" I asked pointing to Jinxx and CC, who had taken the most damage. "Don't worry love, They'll be fine" Andy reassured me, "She's here" Was all he said, before a women in a black dress and long trench coat along with Knee-length boots appeared from a thick blat mist. She had black and blood-red hair, and pale blue eyes.

She spared me and Andy a small glance before she looked over at Jinxx and ran over to his side, Kneeling down next to him. "Geez...What have you done now Jinxxy?" She muttered, running her finger across her blood-red lips, a purplish light emitting from them, Before she leaned down, pressing her lips against Jinxx's. After a moment his body jolted, He looked like he was in pain for a moment before I saw that his burn and other wounds were being healed.

His arms wrapped around the girl's waist, Pulling her close to him. Somehow watching this made me...uncomfortable...So I looked away from the 'love' scene, Only to get a small chuckle from the pale-boy that stood next to me, His arm never letting go of my waist.

"Can you two continue this sugary moment later? CC still needs his wounds healed" The deep-voiced teen stated. With hesitation the two lovers separated before the women quickly went to CC's side, Leaning him against the wall, the purpleish light once again appeared, but this time around her teeth, she grabbed his wrist before biting down onto the tan boy's flesh.

The older boy's eyes shot open, Before his wings spread out pushing away from the women and into the air hovering in just enough space between him and the ceiling. "Gah! Damn it Sammi, Isn't there a different way to that!? damn it woman might as well be a vampire!" He cursed.

The girl know known as 'Sammi' only rolled her eyes "Don't be such a baby" He joked before returning to Jinxx's side. CC huffed before landing back on the ground, his wings retracting into his back, I didn't even notice that Ashley had returned to normal.

"To answer your question, She's a Scorcher that uses her powers to heal people, She's only a half-breed vampire. Jinxx turned her into one the night they got married" Ashley stated, His voice edgy again.

"They're married?" I asked, Looking at the couple. Andy nodded "Aye, they are" He said, He had a mixed emotion in his eyes, Was there something he wasn't telling me?

"She still doesn't remember Jinxx? " The pale girl asked. Jinxx frowned, shaking his head. Sammi sighed before leaving Jinxx's side and walking up in front of me. I felt nervous as the woman eyed me, I couldn't tell what she was thinking behind those eyes of hers.

I flinched when she hugged me "I've missed you so much honey...I know you can't remember, But-" She was cut off by Andy "Sammi, Not now she won't be able to handle it" He warned, His grip on my waist got tighter.

Sammi glared at the pale boy "She's gonna find out soon enough Andrew" She spat, The boy mumbled something, Hated being called his full name. "Better hope so" He said, his tone protective.

She sighed before Jinxx walked over Resting his arm across her shoulder. What came out of her mouth next sent me in complete and utter shock.

" I'm your Sister-in-law, Your Jinxx's cousin...Well Basically your his littler sister"




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Thank you so much for the comment...it has been a while..but I am actually planning on returning to this story, i will be posting new chapters soon! :)