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Blood Stained Tears

Blood Stained Tears (Chap. 2)

Only my first morning in this hell whole...And I got into a fight...Nice...NOT.

I don't even remember walking into the nurses office, I was so far lost in my thoughts. I couldn't stop replying that scene from the lake in my head. Those eyes...were so damn haunting!

I was pulled out of my dazed thoughts when I heard a females voice gasp. "What happened?" A young women (about mid 20's maybe?) Walked into the room, Her green orbs scanning the three of us.

Matt and Sandra were trembling violently from being in the cold ass weather in soaked clothing for so long. Alice was still in shock from the whole mishap and her curly hair was wild around her face.

Don't even get started on myself, I was sitting on the bed that was in the pure white office, holding the back of my head trying to stop the bleeding. When did I even get to the bed anyway? Damn it, I was losing my mind!

The nurse passed both Matt and Sandra towels so they could dry off the best they could, Then rushed over to my side with the first aid kit. She brushed my hand away from my wound and placed a gauze on it instead. Suddenly the headmaster himself walked in, Mixed emotions all over his face.

"Did they tell you what happened Nurse Addie?" He asked, She shook her head. Obviously distracted with treating my head injury.

Alice spoke up, Her voice shaky as hell though. "D-dad, Don't be mad with Any of them. T-these boys were harassing me... and they came to rescue. Tsukiko she's the one that got them away from me...B-but one of the boy's had attacked her from behind after she hit the other on in the nose, They hit her head with a rock dad! Then pushed her into the freezing lake, Matt and Sandra dived in to save her..." The honey-brown eyed girl spoke before bursting out into tears.

Mr.Winters sighed as he held the sobbing girl tightly. His gaze then fell on me, And my now bandaged head. "Is this true?" He asked, Being at a loss for words I simply nodded, then pointed to my head in case he needed anymore damn proof.

The older man simply sighed as he took a look at his daughter and step-son, Then myself and the shortie next to me-Sandra.

"Alright....Considering the circumstance, I'll let the four of you off the hook, Especially since your new Miss Kurosaki-" Then man paused for a brief moment to clear his throat. "But don't let this happen again. Now all of you get cleaned up and hurry to class. The bell has already rung" And with that he was gone in a flash.


Within 10 minutes the four of us had rushed to our dorm rooms and got re-dressed, and presentable again. "At least we didn't get blamed" Sandra bitterly muttered, Putting his thick black sunglasses back on.

I sighed as I re-teased my hair. "Yeah well..." I trailed off not finishing the sentence. Damn it...Again I felt like someone was watching me! Just to make sure I glanced over my shoulder to see if anyone was behind me, No one. Sandra was in the bathroom and Alice was looking for something in her bunk.

I started messing with my lip-ring again. And forced myself to push those thoughts away...For now...

After the three of us had fixed ourselves up, We rushed down the hall and met up with Matt. Our shoes making loud thuds in the quiet hallway.

On the way to our first class we were passing the entrance to the South wing of the school, I slowed down my pace until I had completely stopped in front of the entrance. I felt...Frozen there. Like someone - or thing- Was calling for me...Wanting me to go there...Not that I could if I wanted to..The entrance was sealed every which way with chains and locks...

Wow...they Really didn't want us in this part of the wing huh?

'Finally...Welcome back...' I heard a voice whisper through the wind. I let out a small gasp as I stumbled back away from the entrance, Bumping into the wall as I did so.

"What...Was that? No...It's just my imagination...it has to be" I whispered to myself. I felt someone's hand grab my grab my by my long black-sleeved shirt. it took all I had not let out a surprised gasp or scream.

My head snapped towards the culprit, It was Matt. "Dude, Are you alright? When we got to the classroom...You weren't with us. Is it your head injury?" He asked, Gently rubbing the back of my blue-haired head. I forced myself not to let out a pained whimper as he did so.

I shook my head, regaining my composer. "It's...Nothing really. Just feeling out of it today I guess...Hey Matt, Your Mr.winters step-son. Have you ever been In the south wing?" I asked suddenly, Pointing to the chained-up door.

Matt looked taken back by the sudden curiosity I had for the mystery-stricken South Wing. He slowly let go of my arm, Shaking his head in disappointment. "No, No one's been in there. Not even dad...Or grandpa" He shrugged as we slowly continued are way to the classroom. "Why do you ask?" He wondered Raising his eyebrow.

My gaze darted to the floor, I simply shrugged. "Nothing much, just curious I guess...I am new after all" I mumbled. Thankfully he bought it, And dropped the subject.

I looked at the time on my phone, It looked like we only had 20 minutes left of our first class. I let out a soft sigh as I followed Matt into the classroom. The teacher looked up, He was about middle-aged, He had shaggy brown hair and 5'o clock shadow. "You must be Tsukiko. just call me Steven." He then pointed to my seat, which was in the back and by the window.

I nodded my head in response and quickly headed to my seat. Sitting infront of my was a boy with Shaggy blondish hair and blue eyes. "You Tsukiko?" The boy suddenly asked, Puzzled I nodded. He smiled "I'm Craig Owens. Matt's roommate, And that guy over there-" Craig pointed to two other boys, One had blond hair again, short cut though, And the boy next to him had alot of tattoo's and piercings. "Is Chance and Chris, our Roommates as well" He stated.

Not really paying attention I nodded and muttered a quick "Nice to meet you" Before Craig went back to his lesson.

Do to the fact of my head injury, and just a bad habit of day dreaming- I couldn't focus on my thoughts. Instead I stared blankly out the window, Watching the soft fluffy-looking snowflakes fall to the ground.

My Blood-red eyes slowly trailed their way down to the lake- That I was thrown into just earlier today- But I saw a someone sitting there, Whether it was a boy or girl..I couldn't tell..It almost just hazy like an illusion.

Though, As if the figure knew I was looking at it, It started to turn it's gaze to me. My eyes widened as I quickly tore my gaze away from the window and down at my text book. I didn't want to get caught staring at some stranger after all!

I let out a small inaudible sigh as I dared to look back up at the window only seconds after looking away. To my surprise- Or rather horror- The figure was...Gone...Just gone. My eyes glanced around quickly searching for any sign outside if that thing was still there.

To my bad luck. There wasn't.

Are you fucking with me? My first day and I was seeing ghost...Or shadows or whatever the HELL it was. I bit down into my lip, clutching my head tightly as I felt a headache forming....

[FF afters classes]

I slowly trudged to my dorm room, Feeling drained of any energy I had, had this morning. Most of the classes was a blur, And even during our lunch break I barely talked to Matt,Sandra or Alice. They asked if I was alright- I could only nod.

I felt like I was insane, Maybe I was...Damn.

I opened the door to my dorm- To my pleasure it was unlocked. To fine Sandra Matt and Alice laughing about something. Although that all stopped when they saw me, Then things seemed...Tense?

I collapsed onto my bunk letting out quiet but deep sigh. "Hey, Are you alright? You've been acting strange all day. And your pale...Well more so then usual I guess" Sandra shrugged at the last part.

"you know you can tell us anything Tsukiko" Alice said, Giving me a warm and soft smile.

'Trust them? I just met them yesterday...If I can't even trust my own damn parents what makes them think i'd trust them?' I bitterly thought. But maybe...I could this once?

I swung my legs over the bung and pulled myself into order to sit up in it. I faced the three eager faces, Wow they must have been either really worried, Or just really damned bored.

I sighed,Breaking from them staring so intently at me. "I...I think theres something wrong with this place...Like haunted almost" I said bluntly. They just stared at me, Probably thinking I needed to go to the nut house.

"Of course it is" Sandra laughed, shaking her head in amusement- She thought I was joking?!

I sighed, Showing I was clearly annoyed- Honestly I haven't shown so much emotion in one day before- Then eyes the three teens infront of me.

"I'm serious" I muttered, Pausing briefly "When I was pushed into the lake, I felt someone warm their arms around my waist, and pull me against them. Not out of the water just to them, They felt...Warm then I even felt a pair of lips on mine within moments of it..And most of all I saw these piercing blue eyes...There nothing I've seen before..." I sighed and continued,

"Then in English class today, I looked out the window and saw someone-or thing- dressed in black sitting by the basically frozen lake- The same lake I was thrown into. I looked away for like...A second and when I looked back they were gone."

Alice almost shivered, I took it she got scared easily.

"Then, When I stopped behind on the way to English and Matt had to come and get me, I heard a voice through the winds, It said 'Finally...Welcome back', I'm fucking new here, I've never been her before" I almost shouted.

Then my phone vibrated, Who would be sending me a text? maybe it was mom or dad....Oh boy was I wrong. I couldn't help but flinch as I read the text. Obviously worried, Matt got up from his seat on the floor and snatched my phone.

The text read:

"Finally...Welcome Back...

That was it...There wasn't even a fucking number! Matt bit his lip as he handed me back my phone. "Dudes...Maybe she's right?" He asked, Trying to shake it off as a joke.

Alice stood up and put her hands up, shaking her head violently, Her curls of hair flying around everywhere. "Nope,Nope NUH-UH! there are no such things as ghost, or paranormal! Don't even get me started, I won't be able to sleep!" Her voice cracked with fear, Shivering just at the thought of it.

Matt and Sandra just let out a small chuckle. I rolled my eyes and dropped back onto my bed. Putting my phone away. "It is creepy...But let's just drop it. It's probably a prank call" Sandra finally said, While grabbing her drummer's magazine and climbing back onto her top bunk.

Matt also pulled his shoes back on and stretched his legs, Which were cramped from sitting on the floor so long. "Well...I better get back to my dorm, It's in the end of the north wing" He whined, He gave Alice a quick hug, Waved to Sandra and ruffled my hair-ugh- "Don't worry alright?" He simply smiled before walking out.


I tossed and turned in my bunk. It was about midnight at the moment. My roommates, Sandra and Alice were fast asleep. Alice even drooling alittle on her stuffed bear. Honestly why the hell was this girl here!?

And Sandra...Who even slept with her sunglasses on...Wtf?

Me on the other hand hasn't been able to sleep whats-so-ever ALL night. What is this fuckery?? I rang my pale fingers though my mess of a blue-hair before once again turning to my side in my bed,

Only to lock gazes with those piercing blue eyes again...Wait...There was a stranger in my bed!? I was about to scream at it, Hit it, something, But my attempt failed, Because their soft,warm and rosy-plump lips connected to my paler-lips. I stared back at the mystery blue-eyed figure in Pure shock.

It was the same like in the lake...Only this time I wasn't freezing to death. When their lips connected with mine this time, I felt like my body was about to burst into fire. My body felt numb, My eyes started to flutter closed Until I heard the bathroom door open and a light turn off. I blinked just as fast the figure's eyes-and lips- were gone. I felt strangely cold without them.

Sandra stopped at my bunk on the way back. "Sorry, Did I wake you? Have you been able to fall asleep yet?" She asked, Half awake herself. The sunglassed girl fighting back a yawn-She failed.

I shook my head, "No, You didn't I'm fine...Get some sleep short-shit" I muttered quietly, She smirked and flipped me off before climbing back to her bunk.

Soon I heard a soft snore and let out a quiet sigh of relief that she had fallen asleep so fast again. I closed my eyes for a brief moment, And when I opened them those piercing blue eyes were staring back at my blood-red ones. I jolted back further into my bunk, Hitting my already wounded head on the wall.

I let out a small whimper in pain, Rubbing my head. The wound was already starting to heal by the time I had reached the nurse this morning, She was shocked. But it still hurt like hell right now.

"Shhh" The voice spoke softly, Putting a finger to my lips "I won't hurt you, Calm down..." it spoke, I smacked his hand away "Who the hell are you? Why are you doing this to me? and why the HELL do you keep kissing me!?" I whispered loudly.

Again the stranger put his hand to my mouth, Hushing me up. I wish I could see who it was, The room was so dark, I was only able to see his piercing-blue eyes. I tried to reach for my phone for light but the stranger stopped me.

"I'm...Someone very important to you,You'll learn soon enough...Finally...Welcome back" The voice said, It was deep yet smooth and put me in a trance, From this I was able to figure out whoever this was, It was a boy.

Just as he said that, He ran his hand across my cheek gently and ran his fingers though my long,Silky blue hair. His lips connecting with mine once again. I let out a gasp and smacked his hand away, As well as pushing him away from my lips. "Get the hell out of my bed!" I yelled out by mistake.

I heard the voice let out a small chuckle and soon disappeared once again. I quickly sat up in my bunk, Hitting my head on the top of it-Curse me for being tall- I opened my phone and looked around the room with the small light emitting from it.

No one else other then the Sleeping Sandra and Alice was there...My god what was happening to me?

I threw my phone back onto the night stand next to my bunk and slowly climbed under the blankets on my bed. I pulled the covers over my head, Stuffing my face in my pillow. I refused to cry though even though I wanted desperately to do so.

I traced my lips with a feather-like touch with my pale long fingers. "What the hell..." I mumbled, Suddenly feeling very sleep deprived. My blood-red orbs fluttered closed and somehow, I was finally able to fall into a deep but dreamless sleep for the night.

[Unknown POV]

"When are we going to properly confront her?" A voice asked, It wasn't as deep as the first voice but it still would melt you heart. The second figure looked towards four other figures, He let out a soft chuckle.

"The time will be soon...Finally...Finally my beloved is back..." The deep voice whispered, As he looked down from where he was, Able to see his blue-haired maiden had finally fallen asleep for the night...



Again brought this over from Mibba, Hope you enjoy. Feel free to let me know what you think of it.. :)



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Thank you so much for the comment...it has been a while..but I am actually planning on returning to this story, i will be posting new chapters soon! :)