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Blood Stained Tears

Blood Stained Tears (Chap. 3)

"Who the hell are you?Why are you doing this to me? and why the HELL do you keep kissing me!?" I whispered loudly.

Again the stranger put his hand to my mouth, Hushing me up. I wish I could see who it was, The room was so dark, I was only able to see his piercing-blue eyes. I tried to reach for my phone for light but the stranger stopped me.

"I'm...Someone very important to you,You'll learn soon enough...Finally...Welcome back" The voice said, It was deep yet smooth and put me in a trance, From this I was able to figure out whoever this was, It was a boy.

Just as he said that, He ran his hand across my cheek gently and ran his fingers though my long,Silky blue hair. His lips connecting with mine once again. I let out a gasp and smacked his hand away, As well as pushing him away from my lips.

"Get the hell out of my bed!" I yelled out by mistake.

I heard the voice let out a small chuckle and soon disappeared once again. I quickly sat up in my bunk, Hitting my head on the top of it-Curse me for being tall- I opened my phone and looked around the room with the small light emitting from it.

My blood-red orbs suddenly shot open,My breathing hitched. Searching through the dark and quiet room quickly, Once I found nothing I eased back into my bed,My head hitting the pillow with a soft 'thump'.

My breathing slowly and steadily starting to relax. I let out inaudible sigh as I ran my pale fingers through my damp hair. "It...Was just a dream...of last night" I muttered, I grabbed my phone, looking at the time, It read in red blocky letters '5:30am'

A frown tugged at the corners of my lips. Classes would be starting in like...and hour? I was to sleep deprived to figure it out at the moment. I sat half-way up in my bunk -so that I wouldn't hit my head like last time- I scanned the room again,

Alice and Sandra were still asleep...Lucky bastards...I wanted to try to get some more sleep but..Something kept nagging at the back of my thoughts. Like I had to be somewhere, Now with what felt like no control over my own body-

I slowly got up from my bed,Making sure to be as quiet as possible so I wouldn't wake up the sun-glassed girl or the curly-haired girl who was currently drooling over her teddy bear...seriously?

I grabbed my clothes and headed into the bathroom. There I stripped down and climbed into the shower, Turning the hot water on. Usually I liked colder showers, But something about what happened last night made me feel like something was missing, and strangely cold about it.

"What is wrong with this place" I whispered softly as I grabbed the shampoo bottle and squirted some into my hair, I looked at the bottle as I rubbed the rose-smelling shampoo through my hair. "Roses eh...Eh my hair could smell worse" I muttered.

After a few more minutes of just standing in the warm water, I rinsed out my hair and turned the faucet off. Carefully I stepped out of the shower. Wrapping a towel around my body.

I walked up to the mirror, Wiping the fog away from it. I just stared at my image. My blood-red eyes, My natural blue hair. My way to pale skin, the tattoo's that lingered through my body and the scar that rested right across the middle of my stomach.

How I got this..I wasn't sure...I've just always had this...I shrugged that thought off for now as I dried my self off and started to get dressed. I slipped on a cut-up long sleeved black shirt, And slipped on a skull-designed black jacket, Also with a pair of ripped up black skinnie jeans, and my Knee-high combat boots.

Then I got started on my hair. Simply teasing it until I was satisfied, and making sure part of the band fell right over my right eye. Lastly I added the red mascara to my right eye, then applied the black mascara around my left,with a shadow cover in the background.

I stared at myself in the mirror again..Eh this would work. I turned off the light tot he bathroom as I quietly tip-toed out. I grabbed my phone,checking the time once more. It was now 6am.

I let a small sigh escape my lips as I grabbed the keys to my dorm-Who knew when i'd be back- And headed out. Closing the door quietly as I did so. I walked down the dark and deserted hallways making sure not to run into any guards if there were any.

A feeling racked through my body suddenly, I felt as if all the air had been knocked out of my lungs. I was able not to fall over, But I had to clutch onto the the railings in the hall.

With what felt like no control over my body I started walking again, Feeling numb I made my way towards the South wing of the school...Wait...Why did I want to go there? It was off limits...It didn't matter though, It felt like I had to go there.

As soon as I reached the entrance to the South wing I once again saw that it was chained up with heavy metal chains and bulky locks every which way it was possible. I cursed under my breath as my fingers traced one of the locks.

Still I had that feeling, I had to go in there. Leaving this time wasn't an option I seemed to have. "How am I supposed to get inside?" I muttered. Before I could even think of an way to get inside, I felt my stomach start to burn. I let out a gasp of pain as I let go of the lock.

I pulled up my shirt to see were the pain was coming from. It was the tattoo on the side of my stomach...To be honest I didn't remember ever getting that tattoo though...Anyway the tattoo was a heart with wings like an angel, but both the wings and heart where chained up, as if there was no escape.

The tattoo was glowing, My body felt like it was on fire. soon the pain became numb...everything was numb, And my hands reached up to the chained up door, Black mist started to to form around my hands, and wrap it's self around the chains and locks, Only for the mist to burst into just as black flames.

Feeling returned to my body once again, And the tattoo stopped glowing. I gasped The chains in locks had not only burst into the black flames but as soon as it started to melt away and hit the ground, It simply turned into the black mist again, Disappearing as if it was never there in the first place.

"What the hell.." I muttered, Feeling scared almost. Without a second thought I stumbled into the the once blocked entrance. I walked down the abandoned hallways, I found myself walking up the winding stairs that reached to the top of the school, I got off just before I reached the roof.

I wasn't sure where I was really going...But I just let the feeling I had guide me. My pale hand reached up to grab one of the door knobs, As soon as I opened the creaky door I was lead into a classroom, I closed the door behind me As I walked the floorboards underneath me creaked. The classroom was covered in dust, And most of the desks and chairs had been stacked away.

I shivered,Feeling that I wasn't alone anymore...I snapped my head towards the long window that was by the front of the classroom. There stood two dark figures, One was by the window while the other was leaning on the balcony. I frowned, But did move or make a sound.

"Finally...You've come back" The deep voice spoke again. I heard the second figure scoff "This would have been sooner if you brought her here right away", The first figure stepped out into the light, He was...beautiful..wait what?

He had long black hair that was also teased, Pale skin and those piercing blue eyes.He was...perfect. Within a moment he had appeared infront of me, I flinched, Not expecting him to do that. "Come" He spoke softly, His deep voice melted my heart, He held his arms open, I simply stepped into them, Unable to say no. He wrapped his arms around my waist, Holding me tightly.

"I've missed you.." He muttered, Leaning down so that his lips connected with mine once more. I felt a spark go through my body, suddenly feeling numb against his warm body. He broke off the kiss and his lips reached down to my neck, nipping softly at my soft spot.

The way he kissed me, Or nipped at my neck..It felt like he knew were my spots were. Only when I felt his hand gently rub the inside of my thigh did I break out of his trance, And push him away.

"I..Whoever your looking for it's not me...You've got the wrong person, So stop...let me go" I almost begged, Mixed emotions swelling inside of me. He didn't listen though, He simply ran his hand over my stomach, Over that tattoo, And when he did I felt my body go limb, While trying to get out of his grip I had stumbled over causing both of us to fall onto the floors.

He chuckled softly, While kissing my head again "Have you calmed down now?" He asked, Moving by bang out of my face and behind my ear. "I..." I trailed off unable to answer him, His lips brushed against mine again, his hand tracing the outline of my stomach and breast. I tried to force back a moan but I failed, A small moan escaping my lips.

I heard a cough behind us, Then I remebered someone else had been here as well. "Sorry to...interrupt but can take advantage of her some other time...and not in this creepy old classroom, Andy?" The voice spoke...So...this guy who was currently ontop of me...was named Andy?

Andy growled alittle as he got off of me, Pulling me up to stand along with him. "Thanks, Do you know how long it's been? Yet you still ruined the mood Ashley" He barked back. The second figure now stepped out of the shadows, A slight smirk playing on his tanned skin. He had honey-brown eyes and long black hair like Andy's but his was styled differently.

"You know you love me anyway" He stated, Andy rolled his eyes. I finally found my voice again and spoke up "Uh...Who are you guys? How do you know me...and I've asked this before but...Why the HELL do you keep kissing me!?" I directed the last question towards Andy.

Ashley sighed, "Told you her memory is still gone" He muttered, almost sounding...sad? Andy let out a small sigh, Then faced me, I gave him a puzzled look "Sorry" He muttered before kneeling down and lifting my shirt high enough to show my tattoo, He bit his own lip making it bleed before his kissed my stomach were the tattoo was.

"What-" I couldn't finish my sentence as I let out a huge gasp of pain, He had bitten down on my stomach, Causing his blood and mine to mix. I cried out in pain as I fell to the floor, His arms catching me before I hit the ground.

"What did you do!?" I cried out, Ashley walked over to us, Kneeling down next to me, Holding my head up. "Dude, Shes gonna pass out" He muttered, My body felt like it was on fire, My tattoo was glowing again.

Without hesitation I had gripped onto Andy's arms, Crying out in pure pain, His eyes held sorrow as he watched me, "Shhh, It's almost over" They both whispered to me, as if on cue the pain had started to subside, My eyelids started to drop, My vision becoming fuzzy...Honestly what have I gotten myself into?

"It's alright....Sleep my precious" I heard Andy whisper one last time before I completely blacked out...




The picture at the end of this chapter is what the tattoo that reacted looks like by the way :x



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Thank you so much for the comment...it has been a while..but I am actually planning on returning to this story, i will be posting new chapters soon! :)