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Blood Stained Tears

Blood Stained Tears (Chap. 4)

"Sleep...My precious..."
These three words burned deep within my unconscious mind...Really...Who were those two guys? What did they do to me? Part of me never wanted to wake up to find out..

But of course that didn't happen,Because I felt my eyelids start to flutter open.I had to blink my eyes a few times until my vision wasn't blurry,But when I did I was confused,Very confused.

I wasn't in that creepy old classroom anymore,I was on somebody's bed...Who's room was this? It wasn't My dorm...Or Matt's. (I had been in there a few times..It was really messy to..)

My body felt stiff and sore as I slowly forced myself to sit up in the bed. My blood-red orbs sifted and scanned the empty room, The walls were black, And the bed has blood-red blankets and black pillows. A curtain tucked neatly behind the poles of the bed.

"Your awake" A deep voice interrupted my thoughts...Uh I mean it was Andy. My body flinched as I snapped my head to the side,To see the blue-eyed boy sitting in a chair beside my bed. "Could you stop doing that?" I almost hissed, I only got a chuckle in response.

Andy stood up from the chair,Causing it to scrape across the floorboards in the process,Only to end up sitting right beside me int he bed. "Where are we?" I muttered stiffly, as he wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Mine and Ashley's room my precious" He muttered,Nuzzling his head in the crook of my neck. I pushed him away as I spoke "What,Did you rape me or something? And what the hell did you do to me back in that classroom?" I asked,using all my strength not to raise my voice.

Andy tilted his head to the side,An innocent look plastered on his face. "I'd never do that to you...And I'm sorry back there. It was the only way to start the process again" He muttered,His tone honestly sorry, His pale fingers trailing the top of my shirt, were my tattoo would be.

"What process-" I began to ask but was cut off when I felt something scrape my neck, It was Andy..Biting my neck...wait what? "Hey!" I hissed,Pushing the boy away once again. "What?" He asked simply, I glared at him "What exactly are you?" I asked.

"Fallen Vampire" He shrugged, I look at him as if he'd grown three heads "What?" He let out a soft sigh, As he reach up to run his fingers through my hair "Fallen Vampire, I'm not a full vampire or a fallen angel...A mixture of both so they just call us fallen vampires, we're even more of outcasts then fallen angels...But thing is there's only 6 of us in existence.."He trailed off, as if wondering whether or not to keep going.

"And your one of them" He muttered,Leaning his head on my shoulder. I felt as if a ton of bricks had smashed into my head a thousand times over..I WHAT? "W-what?" I stuttered, Starting to show my panic. "If this is some joke-"

"It's not a joke" I heard a voice speak, I looked up to see Ashley coming though the wall. Making his way towards me and Andy. "You might not remember,But it's true. There's a whole lot you can't remember though..." The slightly tanner boy muttered...He sounded bitter though. Did I do something?

I felt Andy's hands on either side of my face,Making me face him only for his lips to connect with mine...AGAIN. It took awhile but I pushed him away "Hey, Would you stop doing that?!"

He blinked those piercing-blue eyes of his, Giving me a look as if he was a child who had been scolded for something. "You always let me do that,And let me drink your blood" He stated...Ugh my head hurts.

Before anything else could happen the door swung open,To reveal three other guys dressed in full black. "Oh she's awake! Finally,Does she remember anything yet?" one of they guys in black asked.

I scanned the three strangers,One was pale with deep-brown eyes,Another one was slightly tan and tall, he also had brown eyes but had a lighter shade. Then the third was the shortest of all of them, He was pale and had icy-pale blue eyes...They where beautiful but nowhere near so as Andy's...Ugh there I go again!

"Who...Exactly are you?" I asked bluntly after a moment. All three of the boy's face dropped alittle.

"Does that answer your question,Jake?" Ashley asked the boy who asked the question-As I now knew as 'Jake'.

"No need to be an asswipe Ash..." Jake pouted while hoping on the dresser by the back wall and cross his legs.

"I thought you used that to get her to remember?" The other boy with brown eyes asked,Andy let out a small sigh,His hands brushing against my pale cheeks. "I did, But it's not working...I'm guessing it's going to take more time" The pale boy muttered sadly.

There was an awkward silence filling the air for a moment, I felt my throat tighten. Honestly I liked it being quite...But this was ridiculous. I heard someone clear their throat,It was the boy with icy-blue eyes.

"Well, Since you can't remember yet..Might as well introduce myself?" The boy asked more then made a statement before continuing. "I'm Jinxx" Jinxx said, Giving me a weak smile. Did I know this person as well?

Jake gave the icy-blue eyed boy a sympathy look, Was there something between me and Jinxx? We're we close? Some many things I didn't know...Why was I even listening to these people? Not doubting them like I know I should...

"And by know you know I'm Jake" The boy simply gave me a small smile and nod.

"And last but not least-" The tall boy stood by the bed, (not as tall as Andy though..) started speaking, A grin on his face "Christian Coma- But everyone, and you always call me 'CC'...Which I prefer" The boy rambled on alittle before Ashley shut him up by whacking his head.

I slowly nodded, Taking in more of the new information I just got..Wait...Andy said there were Six 'Fallen Vampires'...Were these people..

"To answer your question..." Ashley started His honey-brown eyes locking gazes with mine "Yes, Myself, Jake,Jinxx and CC are the other four of the fallen vampires" He stated before, turning his head to stare at the window...Okay...Can he read minds?

"Ash..." Andy warned, What the warning was about I didn't know. The tanner boy just sighed and said something under his breath.

"Can...He read minds?" I asked out loud. Jinxx let out a small chuckle "Something like that, You see us six are fallen vampires, But we also possess a special ability, That no one else int he group would have" He explained, Despite the fact I was completely lost in his words.

"Well..You'll remember soon enough." he finished, rubbing the back of his big fluffy hair. My body felt so numb at this point I couldn't answer, I just nodded...I think.

I felt Andy take my hand into his,Pulling me out of my numb-trance. "Eh?" Was all I could get out. The piercing-blue eyed boy smiled softly at me, "I think that's enough for today...It's alot to handle. Plus it's late. Your roommates will be worried" He stated,Pointing to the window.

My red orbs widened in shock, The sky was already blanketed in darkness, The only light was the pale moon and stars the hung across it. "see you later then,Tsukiko" CC said, giving me a small wave, the other three muttering a 'goodbye' or 'night'.

Andy wrapped his arms around my slim waist, And before I knew it the two of us stood infront of my dorm room, I blinked "That's kinda useful" I muttered, Earning a small chuckle from the tall-pale boy.

"I'll see you tomorrow my precious,Be careful until then?" He asked, His thumb rubbing the side of my cheek. "But...I still don't understand what's going on..." I started to protest, Only to have a long-pale finger brush against my pale,Plumb lips.

"Don't stress over it for now, In time things will make sense. You have us now,Don't worry" He reassured me, Leaning down his lips pecking mine for a brief moment before he disappeared into the night again.

A small sigh escaped my lips, Before I dug out my key from my small pocket and shoved it into the doorknob, Slowly opening the creaky door. Just in case Sandra or Alice were already sleep...Boy was I wrong though.

the sun-glassed girl,along with Alice and the messy-brown haired boy Matt sat in in the middle of the floor. All eyes placed on me within a moment.Oh joy, Let the questioning begin..

[Jinxx POV]
As soon as Andy got back he let out a small sigh, I felt bad for the younger boy, He was like a brother to me after all..

"Don't worry, She'll remember, We just gotta offer alittle more...Aid is all" Jake said Trying to give Andy a pep talk.

"She shouldn't have lost her memories in the first place, She shouldn't have disappeared in the first place, We still don't what the fuck happened" Ashley barked, Chugging down his bottle of jack.

"Ashley don't start, You know this isn't her fault" I defended trying not to start this argument -one we've had many times in the past about this-about it. "Hey,Hey guys stop fighting, Atleast we got to her first..Instead of them" CC reminded us. Andy only nodded in agreement. "We need to keep an eye on her, And the school, for all we know their already in the school" Andy muttered.

"Andy,Nothing's gonna happen to her..I know you won't let anything happen to her..But neither will I,Ashley, Jake or CC...You know that" I stated, Mixed emotions burning in my icy-blue eyes.

Andy sighed, Collapsing onto the bed, His long black hair tangled in a mess all over the pillow. "I know..." He muttered "I know.."

A small sigh escaped my lips "Let's just rest for now, Alright guys?" I said, Taking charge since no one else seemed to at the moment. The three dressed in black boys only nodded as they got up to go their beds, except Ashley, Who distantly stared at the sky.

I sighed "Ash..." I started, He held up a hand "Jinxx...Don't start. Not right now" He muttered, I sighed in defeat, To tired to argue. Damn it, Tomorrow was going to be a long ass day...



Again, Enjoy. I'll be posting more chapters soon... :)



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Thank you so much for the comment...it has been a while..but I am actually planning on returning to this story, i will be posting new chapters soon! :)