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Blood Stained Tears

Blood Stained Tears (Chap. 5)

A deep sigh escaped my lips as I rested my head on the wooden desk I sat at. Clearly not caring about the history lesson in process. It had been like this all day, I couldn't focus on any of my classes. We were currently in fourth period and I felt like death, Maybe things would go better in art?

Then again, Sandra, Alice and Matt didn't help with grilling me with questions for a straight hour last night when I had finally gotten back...

A small sigh escaped my lips, Before I dug out my key from my small pocket and shoved it into the doorknob, Slowly opening the creaky door. Just in case Sandra or Alice were already sleep...Boy was I wrong though.

the sun-glassed girl,along with Alice and the messy-brown haired boy Matt sat in in the middle of the floor. All eyes placed on me within a moment.Oh joy, Let the questioning begin..

"Tsukiko!' Alice cried out, The short girl running up throwing me into a tight- very tight-hug. "I was worried! You never came to any of classes today...Not even during breaks and you weren't in the nurses office.." The curly-haired girl started to ramble before I placed my pale hand over her mouth,Shutting her up.

She quickly took the hint and retreated back to her seat on her bunk, As I trudged towards my own. Letting a deep sigh escape as Sandra started. "So..Where were you? It's only your third day and your blowing classes?" The drummer asked, her eyebrows raised.

"I..." I trailed off, trying to think of something for a believable excuse...I couldn't just say-

'oh you know..Those figures I thought were ghost weren't...Just Fallen Vampires I've known my life...and oh it turns out i'm also a fallen vampire...Who wants to go get something to it??'

Nope...Couldn't say that. "I left early in the morning to walk in the woods by the school for alittle bit...I got side tracked when and started drawing the scene around it...and well I ended up missing classes" I lied bluntly, Secretly hoping they'd believe me.

The three teens eyed me for a moment, Mixed emotions across their faces. Until Matt spoke up "Ah, you artist types are weird then" He laughed it off, Causing Alice to giggle softly. Sandra on the other hand...Well I couldn't tell what she was thinking because those damned sunglasses covering her eyes.

Within a moment though she let out a small chuckle, agreeing with Matt. I let out a small sigh of relief, Not wanting to even think about what would have happened if they didn't believe the lie I just told them....

I was abruptly taken from my thoughts when I felt someone shaking me violently, "What?" I hissed, clearly annoyed. I looked up from my seat to see the messy-haired teen standing infront of my desk. His book-bag hung over his shoulder "I've been trying to get your attention" Matt paused, "Class is over..you coming or what?" He asked, pointing towards the door.

I scanned the room, to see students spilling out of the door and hurriedly scurry off towards their next class, or if they were lucky this was their break period. quickly I shoved all of my junk into my bag and lept up from my seat, following Matt out of the dim-lit classroom.

Though, on the way towards the art-room, A huge crowd of kids had been huddled into a group as they watched with curious eyes the headmaster- Mr.Winters- talking to a group of the guards that worked in the school, He was clearly in a rage about something...I had an uneasy feeling about it though..

"Wow..Haven't seen 'dad' like that before" Matt muttered under his breath just as we saw Alice emerge from the sea of students, Her gaze landed on us before she rushed to our side, Out of breath. "D-did you guys hear?" she asked, gasping for air.

Matt reached into his book-bag, bringing out a bottled water before handing it towards his step-sister. "Did we hear about what?" He asked, his curiosity peaked. The panting girl downed the water with ease before finishing what she was trying to in the first place "Me and Sandra was listening to dad talking to the guards, Apparently last night someone broke into the south wing of the school.." She trailed off, her expression clearly one in deep thought.

I felt the palms of my hands start to sweat despite the fact it was like...minus zero outside. "And what's really weird is not even the broken chains are there...No evidence...nothing, It's like it disappeared into mist or something" She finished, looking up at Matt and myself.

Matt let out a small chuckle "Whoever manged to do that has balls i'll give them that...But if I were them..I wouldn't want to be caught..Dad's probably gonna go all ape-shit now about it, something will happen just you wait" Matt said while rolling his green-blue eyes.

My throat started to tighten as the two step-siblings kept talking. I licked my lips before opening my mouth to speak "Yeah well..Let them handle it..We're going to be late for class.." I muttered. Alice's face dropped for a moment "Oh! you're right...I'll see you and Matt at lunch! I have to catch up with sandra" The small girl stumbled over her words as she dashed back into the sea of teens in search of the drummer-girl in order to go to there class.

I shook my head while I turned on my heels and made my way towards art, Matt close on my trail. We had barely made it to class and the teacher gave us a 'stern' look before writing something on the blackboard. I ignored her though. not in the mood to play her games.

"Alright class today you'll..." The teacher began explaining about the project we'd be working on. We had to draw a landscape, somewhere around the school. Most kids groaned in protest, complaining that it was to cold to go outside, but the teacher hushed them up and ushered us out side. Telling us we had the the rest of the period to start on it.

Thankfully Matt had gone off with Craig and his other roommate, Leaving me alone to my thoughts. I wondered around the campus until I stumbled upon the lake that I had been thrown into the first day. I shrugged it off and plopped down onto the snow-frozen ground.

My eyes scanned the scene before my, The half-frozen lake and snow covered grass surrounding it,The sky just as grey as it was when I first got here,just a huge blanket of grey, and foggy air. I could remember this scene with ease, so I decided not to draw right now..I just couldn't focus I kept thinking about the people I met last night, About Andy...The way I felt when he kissed me...

My fingers brushed against my lips, My skin feeling hot as I thought about him. But all to soon I was blown out of my thoughts as a voice spoke behind me, Causing me to jump slightly, Before glaring up to see who the culprit was...

It was Ashley...Didn't expect him...

[Ashley's POV]

I stood behind the blue-haired girl waiting for her to notice me, But she was so far gone by her own thoughts she was oblivious to the fact I was here...Ugh

I sighed before speaking "Tsukiko" I said quite loudly, Causing her to jump slightly before glaring up towards me, But her face quickly turned into a puzzled one to why i was here. "Oh..Ashley...Uh what are you doing here?" She asked, motioning me to sit down with her.

Wordlessly I moved toward her, my boots making crunching noises against the show as I plopped down next to her. Shivering as I cam into contact with the icy snow. How did this not bother her?

"Andy asked me to watch you for awhile while Him and the others went to deal with something.." I simply stated...Although I knew that I wanted to be with her myself also.

Her blood-red eyes locked with my honey-brown ones, As if searching for something. Then she simply shrugged before leaning down to grab her sketch book to start on whatever the hell it was.

"Um..." I heard her soft voice after a few minutes of silence, I turned my gaze towards her as she spoke, She was biting on her lip ring, as if not knowing whether to continue or not. "Is it true?.." She paused "About what you said..I'm..a.." She trailed off not finishing her sentence.

I sighed, Part of my was annoyed she was even doubting what we said, angry that this was even happening...She forgot...about herself, about Andy..us...and myself..her best friend...But I didn't want to tell her everything, It'd be to much for her. "Yes it's true, Whether you want to believe it or not..It is. And we need to get as much of your memory as possible before things start up again" I said, My voice icy..Which I didn't mean it to be.

She frowned, while her gaze dropping back down to her sketch book. "Oh.." Was all she muttered, drowning in her thoughts once more. I sighed, "Look, It's just that...There's a group of people that doesn't want us to remember...oh atleast not to be in our group. They want you for themselves...for power and the leader...Well.." I trailed off, thinking maybe Andy should finish that part.

Tsukiko looked at me with curious eyes "The leader what? Who is this other group anyway? Just what is going on?" She asked, trying to keep her voice steady.

"Why am I even believing in what you people say? How do I know your who you say you are?" She accused, Which stung. I knew that would have killed Andy.

[Tsukiko POV]

I stopped talking when I saw the flash of hurt run through Ashley's face. I sighed in defeat not wanting to get into a argument with this person..It frustrated me that they knew more about myself then I did...Ugh..

Despite that...I couldn't help but believe what the others and Andy had told me..Because I felt I knew them somehow when I looked at them...Or when Andy kissed me, or ran his pale fingers through my silky hair..It felt.. right.

And whenever he's left so far..I felt..Lonely and like something was missing. "Exactly" I heard Ashley mutter, before giving me a side-way glance "You know there's something between you Andy and the others...So just deal with it for now" The honey-eyed boy spoke, a bit harshly...Something made him edgy around me I just wished I knew what.

Suddenly I heard a phone buzz...Although it wasn't mine. It was Ashely's...Didn't know they had phones...Ashley ignored me while He slipped his phone out of his pocket and his eyes scanned the screen as he read the message.

The slightly tan- but still pale boy let out an annoyed groan before standing to his feet, While grabbing me by my arm pulling me to stand with him. His grip was tight on me as he started to walk in a certain direction, I pulled back though from his grip rubbing my arm glaring at him.

"What are you doing?" I asked, I didn't like people dragging me around. The older boy rolled his eyes before staring back at me. "We have to get back to the room, It's dangerous out here right now...So let's go" He said, running out of patience.

"What about me stuff-" I asked looking back only to see it being held in the mouths of two fluff balls, I stared in confusion..Again something about them...

"The one with black fur is Killer, the one with white is Tokyo, they'll take care of it so let's go, we have to meet with the others" Ashley snapped grabbing my wrist again and pulled me along as he walked alittle faster this time.

[Ashley POV]

It might seem like I was being an ass towards her, But I couldn't help it. I couldn't get over the fact she forgot us, even if it wasn't her fault..Not only that but I had gotten a text from Andy, Telling me to get her back to the room,

Apparently some of the enemies lower members had already snuck into the school, CC, Jake and Jinxx had tracked three of them,forcing them into the south wing of the school so no students would get involved...Andy was meeting them so I had to get my ass over there to.

"Aw...Look at this, the little emo whore has found herself a little faggot boyfriend" I heard a few jock-looking guys call from the edge of a hallway, I heard Tsukiko mumble something under her breath and flip them off..So those were the jocks that threw her into the lake...I'll make a note of that for later.

Just as we got away from students and to the south wing I heard Jake's frantic voice call out behind us "Ashley, Look out!" He called, My head snapped towards the direction of his voice, Flying towards us was a chunk of the damned wall.

I Cursed as I grabbed Tsukiko without hesitation holding her body close to mine, I closed my eyes as my fangs grew slightly and suddenly wings ripped open from my back, The out lining of them was a shiny sliver while the rest was a pale grey, but black towards the bottom.

I hissed in pain as I felt the piece of the wall that had collided with us, My took most of the impact which hurt like hell, but myself and the blue-haired girl I was holding on for dear life was hurtled across the room into staircase, of course without thinking I had turned so that It'd be my body crashing into the staircase and not Tsukiko's

God damn it...I was beyond pissed now...Shit was going done, If Andy,Jinxx,Jake or CC didn't destroy them quickly, I would.

These groups...The Elders and 'Shadow'...

If you thought it's bad when Andy is pissed...You haven't even seen what Ashley-fucking-Purdy can do.



Enjoy :x


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