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Blood Stained Tears

Blood Stained Tears (Chap. 7)

The room had gone deathly silent, The air felt thick and tense...Very tense....

What was this Fuckery!? I was related to...Jinxx? Well...Wait no, NO. That's impossible, I might be different from my parents but..I know I'm their kid...Right?

So many thoughts were racking through my brain, Trying to decide on whether or not to believe these people, Or call men in white suits to come pick them up...Though I have to admit, So far...Everything they've told me has been proven...I should believe them right?

"Either this information has broken her mind, Or she's trying her best not to believe that what you said is true Doll, Andy's right we should have waited" I heard Ashley hiss from the other side of the room, Again WHY did he hate me so much?

"Shut it Purdy! When we first found her you know that you-" The red-and-black haired girl started to protest until Ashley cut her off "Keep talking and I'll fucking kill you" Ash spat. This time Jinxx "BOTH of you stop Fighting amongst ourselves won't solve anything." he shot back, His voice strained and weary.

I had forgotten until now that Andy had his arm around my waist this whole time, His grip on my frail body only getting tighter within each moment as the we watched the three bicker between themselves. "Enough" Andy suddenly spoke, His deep voice strong yet calm. All at once everyone shut up, Even CC and Jake had their gazes locked on the piercing-blue eyed boy.

Was he in charge?

"Tsukiko....I'm sorry, I shouldn't have let them said something like this...So soon" He whispered, as he leaned down nuzzling his head in the crook of my neck. I frowned as I bit on my lip-ring. Not knowing how to respond to this. "I..." I started to speak, My red orbs locking gazes with Jinxx and Sammi, My eyes scanning for any hint of lie or hidden agenda.

I found nothing.

Honestly I felt...relief slowly filling my body, That perhaps I wasn't related to the people I thought I was...I've never fit in with my family before...So if they weren't actually my family then..I'd prefer it that way.

I let a deep sigh rack though my body "I don't feel like you’re lying..." I muttered, watching as a gleam of hope ran through the light-blue eyed girl that was holding onto Jinxx just as tightly as Andy was to me. "But I honestly don't remember...Any of you...But everything you've been saying has been shown to be the truth..." I trailed off, My gaze dropping to the hard wooden floor boards.

"I'm sorry" I muttered softly, Not knowing anything else to say at this point. Even though I had no idea who these people really were, My heart ached and I felt like I had let them down...Again. If that even made any sense.

Again the room was silent, I felt like it was choking me. Until I heard a voice speak up "Well that's something, Atleast she's not dismissing the thought...We've still got time Andy. We just have to offer her more...Aid is all" Jake spoke gently, Before sending a small smile my way. I returned the smile.

"Yes..." Andy muttered, leaning down, his warm lips pecking my forehead. "That's true, I won't lose my hope in you, My precious Tsukiko" He muttered while pecking my head again. "Maybe we should get her back now, If she keeps missing classes like this for this long, It'll cause problems" CC quickly threw the thought in, Which to people's surprise must of been unusually serious for him.

"Right, You guys start cleaning up and make sure no one heard or saw anything I'll-" Andy started to say until the pale girl cut him off. "Andy, You stay here with them and help out, I'll take Tsukiko back myself" Sammi stated, smiling towards me.

Andy gave her a warning look "Doll...You say anything else-" Again he was cut off by the older woman waving him off, Her long fingers wrapping around my wrist and pulling me away from Andy's tight embrace, causing him to let out a low growl. And I felt strangely cold again, Yet being with Sammi also felt...Normal.

With that I muttered quick goodbyes but I was surrounded with black mist, Soon standing in the middle of my dorm room with Sammi. She let go of my wrist and smiled "As far as classes don't worry, You only missed the rest of Art and Your in your lunch period now" She stated, How she knew my schedule...I wasn't sure but I knew better then to be surprised by anything anymore.

I slowly nodded, "Um...I'm sorry" I suddenly blurted out,Catching the older woman in surprise. "Sorry about what honey?" She asked, running her fingers through my silky hair. "About not remembering...Any of you, or about myself." I muttered. She smiled sympathetically at my small form, bringing me into a tight embrace "Honey don't worry, None of this is your fault. Don't listen to Ashley he's just...Grumpy. and Jinxx holds none of this against you." She whispered, pulling away far enough just to lock gazes with me.

"Anyway, You should meet up with those kids right? Before they worry about you anymore" She smirked, before kissing the top of my head- something like a mother or older sibling would do- and disappeared into the same thick black mist.

I stood there for a moment, Before letting out a soft sigh. I glanced over to see my stuff at been brought to my room like Ashley had promised, I didn't understand why he was so cold towards me, But I'd find out soon enough. I slung the bag over my shoulder before quickly rushing out the door and locking it behind me.

I slipped in and out of crowds of students who were eating their lunches or gossiping about some shit. Although most of the students had been talking about how the south entrance had been broken into...great...and apparently the head-master was going to have an assembly during 6th period to talk about it...Which was right after my lunch, great.

My thoughts had been consuming me, So I had no fucking idea where I was walking, I felt by body ram into something that felt like a brick wall and was thrown into the air, only to crash into the cold pavement underneath me, My body ached into pain, "What the hell" I hissed.

"Watch were you’re going you emo whore!!" The voice hissed...I remembered that voice..Slowly my gaze looked up to the fuming jock, Glaring down at me. His nose still clearly busted from a few days ago. I had learned his name was Griffion or something... "Why don't you make me, fucking asswipe" I shot back, not in the mood to fuck with idiots.

He growled, His arm reaching out to grab me. Hell I was ready for a fucking fight! I was so over-whelmed and pissed off.


I never felt his grasp though, Confused I looked up. Shock filling me eyes for a moment as I saw the said jock being tripped by rose vines that had come up from behind, wrapping tightly around his bulky ankles. "What the fuck!?" He screamed, un-tangling himself from the vines "This isn't over freak" He spit before running off, probably to his jock and prep friends.

I laid there on the ground for a moment, wondering what on fucking earth just happened. Then I saw from the corner of my eye a figure disappearing into thick black mist...It was Jinxx...I couldn't help but let a small smile cover my pale face.

With that I staggered to my feet and quickly ran off to meet up with Alice, Matt and Sandra. "Oh! Tsukiko there you are, What happened?" Sandra asked, raising in eyebrow. I stopped to catch my breath before answering "I was in the nurses, Sorry I didn't let you know before I left class Matt" I apologized. The green-blue eyed boy shrugged it off, smiling "No problem. You alright?" He asked,

Hah...Not really...But I nodded anyway, I couldn't tell them about this..

"So uh...What's this about an assembly next period?" Changing the subject. Alice's head shot up "You didn't hear? Well...Like I said Dad's really..really mad. So everyone has to assemble in the gym, I'm not sure what he's going to do exactly though..." The curly-haired girls shivered slightly, Apparently he was a fearsome man when angry...

"You hungry?" Sandra asked, offering me some of her food. Honestly, Eating was the last thing on my mind. I simple shook my head "No thanks" I muttered. she shrugged and shoved the rest of the food into her mouth. Just then we heard a fuming voice through the old speakers, making his voice crackle.

"Attention students and faculty, Make your way to the gym now. The assembly will be starting in a few minutes. No exceptions everyone must attend, The nurse will accompany any students who are hurt or sick." He said curtly before the speakers turned off.

loud groans and irritated sighs filled the hallways as students poured out of their classes and stumbled ontop of each other to the Gym, While other students quickly finished their lunches and cleaned up before joining the sea of kids. complaining about everything from how damn cold it was outside to how old and stuffy the gym was.

Myself,Alice,Sandra and Matt waited until most of the groaning and moaning students had piled into the gym, finding a place to seat on either of the four bleachers that had been set up for the assembly, The teachers clearly annoyed by this as well, Trying to hush up loud students, or talking quietly to other faculty saying this was a 'waste' of time.

I quietly followed the other three teens infront of me as we climbed up the bleachers, in the corner where none of the other students had decided to sit. Thank god, We had it to ourselves.

Stood in the middle of the gym was Mr. Winters holding a tapped up old microphone in his calloused hands, The speakers making his voice crackle again. As well as two of the school's security guards standing on either side of him. "I'm sure you know why I've called you all here today...I know i've stated in the first day for new students as well as time over and over again that the south entrance of the school was OFF limits..." The older man paused, eyes scanning through the sea of students and teachers.

"Not ONLY to students but as well as the faculty!" His voice raised, causing some of the kids to flinch including Alice. Matt just rolled his eyes, but put his arm around the trembling girl anyway. "This is such bull" Sandra hissed into my ear clearly not wanting to be here, I slouched lower into the seat of the bleacher, Since...Well it was my fault they were here....Not that they knew anyway..Ahem..

My head started to spin, I felt my blood-red eyes strain themselves trying to keep my vision from going blurry. My whole body felt flushed and weak, I bit into my lip ring cursing quietly under my breath 'W-What's going on?" I whispered to myself. Before everything around me faded away, I was surrounded in pure darkness, That is until Images started rushing into my vision.

It was night...The moon was high in the sky but the air was far from quiet. I heard loud howls through the cold night's air. And voices...They were muffled though, I saw two wolves standing over a small hill that over looked the school, Their eyes glowing in the night. One had navy blue fur, with piercing eyes, the right eye was golden-yellow while his other eyes was an emerald green. The second wolf looked a bit younger, He had thick grey fur and black paws, He also had mismatched eyes, One was and icy blue while the other was an lavender purple.

They were beautiful....But they were staring at something...That's when I saw a yellow-orange haze in the background, I could feel thick ashes flow into my lungs, Causing me to gag and try to gasp for air. That when I saw what they were looking at...It was the school, But it looked...different...I couldn't tell what changed though, All I did know Is I saw it engulfed into thick smoke and orange flames, I tried calling out but my voice was gone...Honestly...What was this!?.....it scared me almost. like a nightmare.

My eyes had been shut tight, Everything seemed to be standing still. Wait...It was...My eyes quickly scanned the area, Everyone and thing had been frozen in time, I was the only one moving.

"What was that...What's going on?" I trembled sightly, Trying not to raise my voice.

"You had a vision" I jumped out of my seat before turning to see it was only Andy, Along with Jake and Ashley. "What do you mean A vision? it didn't look like the present..and how did this happen!?" I snapped, pointing at my motionless friends and other students.

"That would be me, I can warp time. including freezing it for a period of time if needed" Jake spoke up, giving me a sheepish smile. "Thought now would be a good time...Since you were having a vision..." He muttered.

"And yes, That's the special Power I was talking about, Like I said we all have a special power no one else in the group has." Ashley cut in. "Jake can warp time, Jinxx can control all elements, I can read minds." the slightly tanned boy paused for a moment "You'll have to find out CC's and Andy's later...And you Tsukiko..You have visions. They range, from past present...and future,Your also able to use your visions and look into the person's past if you wanted,and what their future...might hold." Ashley stated, his voice had mixed emotions in it.

I blinked at them, To stunned to even speak, My gaze turned towards Andy who was giving me an "I'm sorry" kind of look, My eyes pleaded into his. I was so confused, I felt like a freak! "Andy..." I muttered softly, Feeling the tear finally start to fall "What am I? What's wrong with me?" My voice was breaking, I was finally starting to crumble...


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