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Blood Stained Tears

Blood Stained Tears (Chap. 1)

[color=darkred][i]Everyone has screwed up right? No big deal, you just deal with it and move on...Or so you'd think. But then...There are those times you screw up...And you can't do a damn thing about it..

Especially...When that screw-up wasn't even your damn fault. Your so called friends get into a huge fight with another group of people, And drag you into it. Then some kid ends up being put into a coma, And they dump the blame on you.

Then no one believes you when you said you were only try to defend yourself, So your 'parents' send you off to boarding school for your own 'safety'....Ha yeah right .

Confused? Well...Sorry.You'll figure it out soon enough, My Name is Tsukiko Kurosaki (This isn't my real last name, But deal with it.) I have long blue hair and blood-red eyes (Why My eyes are like this no one ever knew.) I have a lip piercing and several tattoo's, I'm Pretty normal I guess...I wear basically all black though and hate the color pink...I love to write and draw though.

I'm being forced to some boarding school, god knows where. Nothing strange...Or at least...That's what I thought. [/i][/color]

I let out a deep sigh as I leaned my head on the window of the car. Completely ignoring my parent's futile attempts to try and cheer me up, Saying 'It'd be good for me'. Yeah right! My mother touched my leg in order to get my attention since I was blasting music from my ipod so loud I wouldn't even hear a fucking bomb go off.

I let out an annoyed sighed as I pulled out one of the ear-phones to my Ipod and my eyes glanced over to my mother, (Who I looked nothing like I might add..) The black-haired women gave me a sympathy smile, "Honey, You know we love you. We just want to protect you" She spoke softly, Her voice hoarse from 'Crying' on the way here.

I let out a small scoff, We soon pulled up infront of the hell whole- Uh...School and I basically jumped out of the damned car. I heard her let out a defeated sigh and slowly her and dad got out of the car to help me get my bags.

My eyes wondered across the school and my new surroundings, Alot of kids were crying along with their parents saying their farewells- Ugh...

The sky was covered up by grey stormy clouds, The poor sun didn't have a chance. But I didn't mind...I wasn't a fan for the sun. There was even a small layer of mist hanging around in the air, Make some kids shiver in the cold air.

"Make sure to wear your jacket honey, Don't want you to catch a cold" My father spoke up as he handed me my duffel bag that had a misfits logo printed on it, As well as other bands stickers i placed on it, Such as Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence and Motley Crue.

I simply rolled my eyes at the statement, And gave the older man an edgy smile. They both gave me one last hug and kiss on the forehead and ushered a quick "Goodbye" and "Love you:, Mom wiped her eyes before getting back in the car with dad, And in a blink of an eye their car was driving off with many others.

I wiped my forehead where they had kissed me, And scoffed "Yeah...Sure" I mumbled bitterly. I pulled the strap of the bag higher on my shoulder so it wouldn't fall, Then I stood there looking at the school...It was huge...And...Old.

It almost looked haunted, Or like it had been used as a torture house or something. The front hand big stone pillars holding it up, with rose-vine designed engraved in them, With metal railing all through the walls and gates. Then had huge blocky steps leading up to the entrance.

There stood at the middle of the steps where three people, In the middle was an middle-aged man..Maybe 29 or 30. He had a small smile plastered on his tanned face, It didn't look fake though...

Then next to him stood a boy about my age maybe alittle older., He had messy shoulder-length black hair, and was sorta pale, He wore a simple black t-shirt and black jeans. My gaze fell over to the right of them, There stood a girl She had long curly brown hair, and was pretty sort compared to the other two.

I snapped out of my trance when I heard the man start to speak over to crowd of newbies.
"Hello! And welcome to Shadow Cross Academy!" He spoke with excitement to his voice...Seriously?

"I'm the head-master of this school, My name is Trent Winters. If you have any problems or questions please feel free to come to me or the staff" He said, Pausing for a moment to let out a rough cough, The cold weather was making his voice ragged.

"We'll be calling your names, When you do you'll get your schedule, and your dorm room number. Classes are from 7am to 3:30pm. All students must be in their dorms by 7:30pm unless told otherwise." Mr.winters paused again to let out a low cough, before continuing.

" The teachers will go over other rules of the school and class, but one thing that is most of all against the rules of this school, NO student or staff member is allowed near the south wing of the school, If your even caught going into that direction you will be punished." He warned, Before his cheesy smile returning to his face.

I rolled my eyes. I just wanted to get to my damn room and get away from this large crowd. Soon I heard my name being called by the Brown-haired girl, I quickly grabbed my things and made my way over to he honey-brown eyes girl. She smiled at me while handing my the piece of paper "Tsukiko Kurosaki..." She muttered while reading her paper to see where my room was "Oh! Were roommates!" She giggled happily, "Our dorm room number is D-18. We also have another roommate, Her name is Sandra" She smiled, I just nodded.

Before I left though, the boy I saw earlier spoke, "Like your Tattoo's" He smiled alittle, I nodded "Thanks...Uh I'm Tsukiko" I muttered, He smiled "Name's Matt" He was done with his work so he offered to help carry my things, I simply nodded. "So, Your rooming with Sandra and my Sister?" I blinked "Your sister?" He nodded "Her name is Alice Winters" My jaw almost dropped "Your...Related to the headmaster?" I asked, He shrugged "I'm only adopted but yeah. I still use my real last name though, Matt Good"

I only nodded as we made it to my new dorm, I walked in to see a girl with dark sunglasses laying on her bed reading something. She looked up and smirked at us "Hey Matt, And I'm guessing your the new roomie?" She asked, Getting up and walking over to me. She had tanned skin, Dark messy hair and also had some Tattoo's and Piercings...But she was just really short...Also problem was I was just really tall, I'm 6 foot 3.

"My bunk is the left top one, Alice's is under mine. So any of the other two you can have" She said pointing to two empty bunks. I simply threw my stuff on the bottom one, Not wanting to always have to climb up and down from the top bunk. Soon Alice walked in smiling "I see you all meet each other! This is going to be so fun" She smiled.

I mentally groaned. This Alice girl wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for her father. This was going to be a long night..


"So..." Sandra started, as she looked down at me from her bed. It was about 8pm at night. Matt had left awhile ago, But me and him got along pretty fast.

"How'd you end up here?" She asked, Alice also looked at me with curious eyes. I stopped unpacking for a moment, And sighed sitting on my bed "My so called friends got into this fight with another group of kids. One kid almost got killed, He's alive but in a coma. I got dragged into it against my will but they put the blame on me, And so my parents put me in this place for my own 'protection'." I almost hissed.

Sandra shook her head "Sorry to hear it kid" She said, Sympathy in her voice. Alice hugged me, (Which made me flinch...I don't do hugs.) "I'm sorry dear" She said. "How old are you anyway Sandra?" I asked since she called me 'kid'. "I'm turning 20 in a few months" She shrugged. I only nodded. "And you?" Alice asked "18" I simple answered, She smiled "I'm turning 18 in a few weeks!" She giggled.

I rubbed my head. This was defiantly going to take some time to get used to...

The next morning I had woken up early then I thought, It was about 5:30am. Alice was already awake and gone from the dorm room, Probably getting something to eat?

I took a quick shower and when I was done I put on a ripped up black shirt and black skinnies, With knee high boots. I added mascara to my left eye, And to my right I added red mascara. It'd weird but i've always done that/ Sandra walked in when I was teasing my hair, She still had her sunglasses on.

"You always wear those?" I asked facing her. She smirked "Maybe". Then pulled on her shoes and made he way to the door "Come on, Matt's waiting for us. Lets go get some damn food" She huffed while walking out. I sighed and nodded.

I stopped when i got to the door though, I felt as is someone was watching me. But I shrugged it off...Damn school already getting to me.

Me, Sandra and Matt were slowly making are way across the lightly snow-covered grass when we heard a scream, "Leave me alone!" The voice begged. My eyes widened, It sounded like Alice.

Matt and Sandra also caught on and darted off towards the scream, I was following close behind. We saw her backed up against the wall, Three guys around her. I usually didn't get involved in fights...But something came over me.

"Hey!" I hissed, Catching the attentions. "Leave her alone, Before I fucking rip your dick off!" I snapped, Clearly in a bad mood. The boy in the middle smirked, Walking up to me "Is that so? I dare you Emo whore" He teased, I growled and punched him right in the nose.

He stumbled back, Clearly in shock. He held his now bleeding and broken nose. "You little bitch!" He screamed, One of this little jock friends came up from behind hitting my head with big rock, I hissed in pain as I fell backwards, Clutching my head.

He laughed as the one with the broken nose kicked me in the stomach, And threw me into the lake behind us. "That's what you get emo whore" I heard his say before I was plunged into the deep, freezing water. My vision started to go fuzzy, Probably from the wound on my head.

Suddenly though, I felt arms wrap around my waist, And warmth flow through my almost frozen body. Then I felt a pair of soft and strangely warm lips press onto mine. My eyes shot open to be greeted with Piercing blue eyes staring back at me.

I didn't push away though, I was in a trance almost, The kiss had a metal taste to it though...Like blood.

I merely blinked and the piercing blue eyes were gone, As well as the warmth I had just gotten.But just as quickly I four arms grab me by my arms and waist, Pulling me out of the water and into the just as cold air.

I let out uneven ragged breaths, It was so cold I saw my own breath. Usually I liked the cold, But right now I just wrapped my arms around my shivering body, Trying to get as much air i could into my almost frozen lungs.

"A-are you alright Tsukiko!?" Alice asked frantically, My gaze looked up to see a worried Alice hovering over me, And Matt as well as Sandra soaking wet from pulling me out of the water. Even her sunglasses had fallen off.

"Yeah...I'm fine..Thanks Matt..Sandra...And are you alright Alice?" I asked trying to get the blue eyes out of my head. Alive nodded "Thank you for helping me" She smiled weakly. Matt and Sandra just nodded and me and muttered a quick "No problem" To me question and simply smiled at Alice.

I started to zone out again, My thoughts trailing back to the piercing blue eyes I had seen in the water. My gaze trailed over Alice, Matt, and Sandra. None of them had those eyes...None...And there was no one else in sight...

I bit on my lip ring, Starting to feel anxious about it. I felt someone gently shake me, Bringing me out of my daze. "Tsukiko?" Alice asked, The honey-brown eyes girl clearly worried. "Come on...We should get you to the nurse, Your head got hit pretty hard. And everyone else needs to warm up" Matt said as he pulled me to my feet, Since i felt strangely numb.

I simply nodded my head, Still soaking wet and freezing. "Yeah...Sure" I whispered distantly. as I followed behind the three. Was I just imagination what was in the water?

I started getting the feeling that maybe there really was something going on with this school, Or even far worse then it being haunted...

Little did I know I was completely obliviously to the fact that a figure stood watching us, His deep voice spoke softly "Finally...Welcome Back" It muttered before disappearing.

...[i][color=darkred]Great....Just great[/i][/color]....


This is the first chapter of this story, I' brining it over fro Mibba...Anyway, I hope you enjoy it :x



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Thank you so much for the comment...it has been a while..but I am actually planning on returning to this story, i will be posting new chapters soon! :)