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Blood Stained Tears

Blood Stained Tears (Chap. 12)

[Sammi POV]

As soon as I had pecked Jinxx on the lips for a brief moment, I had quickly left whisking Jake along with me. We had no time to spare after all. Though the situation was dire and without a doubt no laughing matter- I had to admit, whenever it came to making 'potions' It always got my blood to boil in experiment.

Much to the brown-eyed boy's despair. He had seen what my work could do at first-hand experience after all. I stepped through the large amount of thick black mist, pulling the slightly tanner boy along with me, Only to drag him up a flight of the decaying old staircase, -one that I remembered quite fondly, from what seemed like such a far and distant memory...almost a dream...

This was no time to get depressed though,

Once we reached the top of the stairs, I immediately turned to the first door on the right, swinging the rusty old door open- and almost off it's hinges, heh.- I shoved Jake against a discarded chair as I made my way towards the back of the room, my eyes roaming the shelves and the ingredients it held.

"Well Jakey boy, Just sit tight...and I'll have this potion done in no time~" I hummed as I light a fire underneath the steel pot that hung over the pile of wood. Jake's eyes noticeably widened as he saw my excitement- and somewhat sadistic side- start to pour out from within.

"Oh Hell..." Jake cursed under his breath, Though he knew he couldn't complain about the situation, Deep within he had wished Someone else -perhaps CC- had been assigned to go with Sammi, Instead of himself.

Jake sadly knew the red-and-black haired woman was capable of almost anything, and you better hope to hell that you weren't her target. This was going to be a long ass night.



Why did that asswipe -Oh hush, you know I love my little bro still- leave ME in charge to stay with her

With, Tsukiko.

Honestly, Why couldn't I have switched with Jake- Erm....Scratch that...Who knew what that crazy woman was doing to him right now...Just thinking about it made a shiver crawl up my spine. A quite dramatic sigh managed to escape my lips, My gaze had landed back on her sleeping form...again...

This had seemed to be a recurring pattern for that past 45 minutes now... Before my brain had any control, My body had decided to move on it's own, I soon found myself right by her bedside, Hovering over her almost.

Slowly I put the now empty bottle of Jack Daniels onto the desk that stood idle behind the bed post, Before turning my attention back to the blue-haired teen. I stood there for a moment, No thoughts even stirred in my mind. Everything was [color=darkred]blank[/color].

A thin line pressed against my slightly-but not really- somewhat tan (atleast, tanner then Andy's) lips as I crouched down so I was sitting on my feet. My tattooed arm reached out towards her, With hesitation I let my fingers glide there way through her blue strands of silky blue hair. Everything was quiet...So quiet...

All that could be heard was our breathing. Her wolves paid no attention towards me, As I ran my fingers through her hair aimlessly. After a few more minutes of silence I only muttered out one word, Barely above a whisper. For fear if I did. You'd be able to tell how shaky my voice had become.


Like I said...I really hated emotions...

[Tsukiko POV -dreamstate-]
Nothing made sense anymore....I wish I was back at home...Even if I didn't consider those people as my parents, At least things were 'normal'...I was just a teenager that listened to music, got piercings and tattoo's and sometimes got into trouble for it...

But this...THIS... was just as suicide wish...Within a week of being in this hell hole, I found out I wasn't who I thought I was...Hell I wasn't even really human!..

Fallen Vampire...WHAT.THE.FUCK!?

Not only that, but this wasn't my original time period? and apparently my actual parents were dead...and that Jinxx guy was my cousin...and he was married to that beautiful woman...

Then the fact that I was being targeted, and wanted dead...Lovely.

Then there was Ashley who for some fucking reason hated me...I don't blame him though...

Andy...I don't even know what to think about him...I know I should be more skeptical of what he says...But whenever he speaks...It makes my head spin as if I were high, and at the moment, I don't think twice about his words...

My mind, Nor my body...and so far...everything he's said has been proven to be true, expect...I still can't remember anything other then that one 'vision', and I have yet to see any fangs or wings I might add...

'I'm such a freak'

these are the words that kept echoing through my ever-wandering mind. Part of me wanted to wake up, Have Andy hold me in his arms and tell me it was going to be alright.

Another part though, wanted me to never wake up, consider this as a dream and be realistic... Ha...I think it was far to late for anything to be 'realistic' or 'logical' at this point... 'idiot' The word suddenly flooded my mind...But...

I hadn't thought of it...Whoever had said it, Had a deeper voice- A male voice...yet it was still soft... 'Ashley?' I wondered, The numbness had started to fade, and I could feel the light pull of my hair, before it fell to my side once again...someone was playing with it..

That's when I knew, I was sadly waking up from my dreamless state.

Slowly, My eyes fluttered open. The room was boarded up so I didn't have to worry about any light attacking my eye-sight. Once my vision was clear, My gaze fell all over the room.

At first I thought I was alone, Until I felt something shift and move closer to my body, Protectively I might add. My blood-red eyes shifted down, and I saw two fluff balls...They were wolves... To be more exact, They were the exact same wolves I had seen in my 'vision'...

I know I should be freaked out that there were wolves in bed with me, But it actually made me feel...calm, at peace. Again I felt something lightly pull at my hair before letting it drop back down,

It was Ashley, who was aimlessly playing with my hair. His gaze distant as he did so. Again I just heard him mutter "Idiot" He was was barely a whisper, But you could tell it was weighed done by heavy emotion, Laced with irritation, sadness, and something else probably.

Maybe it had something to do with that empty bottle of Jack...

After a moment of building up courage to speak, I could barely stutter out his name "A-Ashley...."

I felt his hand stop, causing the hair that his fingers once held to fall back to my side, His hand tensed up before quickly pulling away and staying stiffly at his side. his honey-brown eyes trailed down until it locked gazes with my blood-red ones. Both of us said nothing, Just an intense stare down that I felt I was loosing, A lump rose to my throat,

Trying to figure out anything to say but it came up blank... I didn't know how the outlaw tattooed boy was going to react, I just hope he didn't want to rip out my throat just yet, Because I was in no condition to get into any sort of fight,

Especially not one able to read minds.

Emotions, You gotta hate them.


A/N- Ugh, To early in the morning to be writing :x but wanted to get something out there for Mibba...So I'm also posting it on here as well..


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Thank you so much for the comment...it has been a while..but I am actually planning on returning to this story, i will be posting new chapters soon! :)