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Blood Stained Tears

Blood Stained Tears (Chap. 10)


After I had finally blurted out those words, The room went deathly silent and the air was so thick with tension, you could cut it with a fucking knife.

Andy's eyes held mixed emotions- Still the intensity of them made a shiver run up my spine. He was probably the only person to ever intimidate me when he was angry or this intense....And it takes alot to scare Ashley fucking Purdy!

My honey-brown eyes scanned the room for a moment,The others had avoided eye-contact. Not wanting to be the one to speak up, A long sigh left my lips. Since no one else had the balls to say anything, I guess I'd have to do it.

My gaze fell back towards my younger 'brother',With a some-what shaky breath I spoke once again "Andy...What do you think?....You and I -as well as everyone in this room- both know Tsukiko never had any siblings, especially not a twin ...Could this just be Cam trying to mess with us?" I asked, My voice barely above a whisper, Trying not to cause the long-haired boy any reason to rip my head off.


That's all I got, Was more fucking silence....Good god, I knew this wasn't going to turn out good...Especially with no signs of Tsukiko waking up any time soon.

[Back to Kurie,Cam and the others.]

My gaze locked with -what I recently found out- Matt's intense yet some-what distant stare. I couldn't help the smirk that spread through my lips, This human seemed quite interesting.

"Is there something on my face? Or do you just see something you like?" I asked, Teasing the now flustered boy.

"N-no, Sorry I was just thinking about something is all..." Matt muttered, his gaze quickly falling to the floor. muttering something inaudible under his breath.

Kurie sent me a side-ways glance and smirk before her gaze returned to the humans "So...This Tsukiko girl...I look like her huh?" She asked, I sent her a warning glare not to go to far-

We didn't need unwanted attention or suspicion.

The sun-glassed girl answered this time "Yeah, expect she has a lip piercing and tattoos, that's like the only difference" She answered, a small laugh passing her lips.

'So...It seems our dear Tsukiko has taken a rebel style once again...eh Kurie?' my thoughts drifted directly the pale girl, making her smirk widen, Nodding in response.

Our little....conversation...was interrupted by the cranky stiff that was yelling that the hu- I mean...other students just a moment ago.

"Alright, That's enough for now...You will be getting more information on the changes I will be making tomorrow. All students will return to their dorms now and are expected to STAY there." Mr.Winters raspy voice crackled though the cheap microphone, as he dismissed the moping students to their dorm rooms.

"Ah, Cam, Kurie I'm glad you've meet these three- Since Kurie will be rooming with Sandra,Alice and Tsukiko- speaking of which, Where is miss Kurosaki?" Mr.winters paused, as his eyes scanned the small group of students.

'my thoughts exactly, I don't want to waste my time with these losers' I thought to myself bitterly.

"S-she wasn't feeling good, So she went back to the dorm before us,dad" Alice the curly brown-haired girl cut in- clearly lying but her father was oblivious to it all.

"Ah,I see. Well anyway as for Cam you'll be with Matt. you'll have your schedule's in the morning. you all have a good night- and like I've clearly stated to the other students stay AWAY from the South side of the school" His voice got more stern towards the end, before he smiled briefly before disappearing out the door.

"Well...It was a pleasure to meet you, Sandra and Alice. I guess i'll be heading off with Matt here now" My eyes scanned over the to girls as I spoke, Causing Alice to blush. I smirked lightly leaning in closer, taking her hand in mine pecking it lightly. "I'll leave Kurie in your care then"

"O-of course!" the girl squeaked out. Kurie rolled her eyes but then smiled briefly "See you later then..."

Before we departed our gazes locked, we knew what we'd be doing tonight...

As soon as these idiots were asleep...We'd be having a little...reunion with our dear Tsukiko and the other 5 Fallen Vampire freaks.


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Thank you so much for the comment...it has been a while..but I am actually planning on returning to this story, i will be posting new chapters soon! :)