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Blood Stained Tears

Blood Stained Tears (Chap. 9)

[Unknown POV]

I stopped right as I reached the entrance of the school, A small smirk appeared on my pale face, My stunningly-and somewhat inhuman-Green eyes piercing through as I gazed at the old building...One I once knew quite well..

"It's be awhile...But guess I've finally come home" I muttered, After a few moments I started making my way up the old steps that lead me closer towards the school grounds, Though I came to a halt as Felt a pair of hands being placed over my eyes.

My smirk returned as I let a small chuckle escape my lips "Oh...It's you...What took so long?..." I asked, as I removed the pair of hands from my face, only to see the girl standing before me, A smile formed on her pale face.

She had Blood Red eyes, and Midnight blue hair. Se wore black knee-high combat boots along with purple-and black stockings. Se wore a black gothic-style ruffle dress that stopped just by her thighs and a dark purple jacket.

She smiled "Oh...Just looking around, It's been so long since we've been here after all..Cam" She muttered, I only smirked in response, At least she seemed to be in a good mood...Despite her appearance I knew she could tear me down easily with her words.

"Well...Let's get going then" I muttered as we both wordlessly made our way into the school, and towards the gym where the school was gathered listening to a ranting headmaster.

I pushed open the doors to the gym, As soon as this happened all went silent, All eyes landing on myself and the familiar-looking girl that stood by my side. The man that stood by the crackle-sounding speakers stared at us for a moment.

"Are the both of you the new students?" The older man asked, is anger disappearing for a moment. I simply nodded, He smiled briefly "Alright, Go find somewhere to sit, I'll talk to you about schedule's after" He stated, I shrugged and nodded.

Myself and the blue-haired girl behind me went towards the abandoned side of the bleachers, where only a small group of students sat, as we did so the man started his rant again, his voice cracking in the cheap microphone, something about the south part of the school, and it being off limits.

"Ne, Cam...Those kids are staring at us" I heard her voice whisper, somewhat amused. My piercing green eyes traveled over to a small group of students that sat near us, Two girls and a guy, More so they were looking at her rather then myself.

[Matt POV]

Myself, Sandra and Alice hadn't been paying attention to my step-father's annoying rant, Our thoughts had been pulled away, Since again like thin air our blue-haired friend Tsukiko had disappeared...Honestly what was up with that girl?

Though, shortly our attention was pulled back when two people had entered the gym, Apparently they were new students.

One was a guy, He has pure black hair and pale skin, He wore a simple v-neck black T-shirt and black skinnie jeans with two criss-cross belts. I could also see a black sunburst tattoo that he had on his neck, and he had Piercing green eyes.

Though...It was the girl that got the three of us stunned. She had midnight blue hair, and blood red eyes and just as pale skin...She looked like... "Tsukiko? Is that you?" Alice asked, confusion evident in her voice.

The girl turned to look at us, a spark seemed to light her eyes for a moment. Before she let a small laugh escape her lips "Who?...I think you must have me confused for someone else...My name is Kurie" She responded, That's when I noticed the difference

Unlike Tsukiko, This girl didn't have a Lip-piercing or Tattoo's (none that I could see anyway) not only that, But her eyes were a bit larger...And not as sharp looking...they had more...Emotion then Tsukiko's plus she was wearing a gothic-style dress, and something I've learned about Tsukiko within the first few days, She hated dresses.

Alice gasped softly, a soft blush appearing on her cheeks "O-oh! I'm so sorry, You just really looked like someone we know...It's like your her twin or something" Alice gave a small embarrassed laugh.

The girl smiled "It's fine...Like I said I'm Kurie, And this emo-looking guy is Cam" She said, pointing towards the boy sitting next to her, He glared at her before nodding towards us "Nice to meet you" He said, giving a charming smile.

Sandra smiled "Nice to meet you, I'm Sandra and this mess over here is Matt"

Usually I would have retorted for that, But I was lost in my own thoughts. I couldn't put my finger on it, But something was...Odd about these two...I know It's wrong to 'judge a book by it's cover' but...I felt a weird vibe from them...And that Kurie girl...Something about her...

[Andy POV]

My precious Tsukiko was still unconscious, All of her vital were normal though so I wasn't to worried,But I was starting to worry about her mental health...This was alot for her to handle after all.

I watched as Shoushi and Takai snuggled closer to the sleeping girl, Resting against her back and stomach perfectly, I smiled sadly at them, Understanding the pain they felt. I only hoped that when Tsukiko wakes up, She'll accept them.

"Andy..." I heard Ashely mutter, Causing me to snap out of my never-ending thoughts. "What is it Ash?" I asked, Noticing the serious look on his face, As he stared out towards the distance.

"That guy...He's back, he's in the gym with those mortals, I heard his thoughts" He muttered darkly, Clearly his mood was worsening. This caused me to get slightly alarmed though "Him? You mean Cam? Why is he back here?" I asked, trying to keep calm.

"I don't fucking know!" Ashely hissed, I glared but before I could say anything Jake cut in "Alright, Don't go biting off everyone's head Ash, It was just a question. Do you know if he's here with anyone?"

Ashley glared before closing his eyes, in order to focus in on Cam's thoughts. After a moment his eyes shot open, Shock was clear in his honey-brown eyes. This caused everyone in the room to feel more tense "Ash? What's wrong, What did you hear?" Sammi asked, Fear evident in his voice.

Ashley's gaze landed on Tsukiko before looking at everyone in the room. "There's a girl he brought with him...She's....But that's impossible...there's no fucking way" The older-teen muttered to himself.

"Ashley..." I muttered, using his full name "What is it, Tell us...Now" I demanded, My arms tightening around the lip-pierced girl that slept quietly in my arms.

"Yeah man, Tell us. Is he planning something? is he still with-" CC began, but was Cut off by Ashley.

"Alright, all of you shut the fuck up, I'll tell you!...I don't know why he returned, or If he's still the traitor he was last time, But we have a bigger problem at the moment..." The black-haired boy paused for a moment, mixed emotions within his expression.

"There's a girl with him...Named Kurie..." He trailed off, His gaze traveling to everyone in the room, But what he said next made my heart stop.

"This Kurie girl....She's....She's Tsukiko's twin...."


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Thank you so much for the comment...it has been a while..but I am actually planning on returning to this story, i will be posting new chapters soon! :)