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Blood Stained Tears

Blood Stained Tears (Chap. 8)

Hello~ It's me again, That anonymous speaking voice! Alright down to business...Let's review what happened shall we?

1. Tsukiko found out she's related to Jinxx, and Sammi is her sister-in-law

2. During school assembly she has a vision, only to find out her 'special' power are visions,They range, from past present...and future,She's also able to use her visions and look into the person's past if she wanted,and what their future...might hold, Or if she comes into contact with certain people, She can see their past. Of course, She's only just found this out. She's also found out about Jinxx's,Sammi's,Ashley's, and Jake's powers as well.

3. She's starting to have a breakdown.

Now...Back to the situation at hand..

I felt my body trembling, This time I didn't bother to hide it though. I had found out so much about myself in such little time. I wasn't fucking human, The people who I thought was my family wasn't (Which...wasn't that bad) But I didn't know who my family actually was, but apparently Jinxx was my cousin. and NOW, My powers suddenly start back up?

I was such a freak!

My eyes pleaded into Andy's as he watched me with sympathy, His long arms wrapped around my small trembling frame as I finally felt the fresh salty tears spill from my eyes. Again, I didn't bother to hide the fact I was crying. My vision went blurry as I felt a searing pain in my eyes.

My body jolted away from the piercing-blue eyed boy's embrace, My hands shot to my eyes and started tor rub them relentlessly. They burned, Ached, It felt like my eyes were are fire. That's when I felt a warm liquid mix with my tears, and run down my face. I heard a few gasps escape from the three boys that watched. Without being able to see properly, I was still able to see that it was blood...

Blood stained tears.

I panicked "A-Andy..." I whimpered "W-what's wrong with me? What am I really?" It took all I had not to raise my voice, Again he pulled me back into his chest, Wiping away the bloody tears with his thumb, He leaned down pecking my lips softly "I'm sorry...So sorry..." He muttered softly, His face buried in my hair. Slowly one arm reached down pulling up my shirt to reveal my heart-with-chained-wings tattoo. He kissed my cheek, causing blood to stain his lips, before his bit his own lip then once again leaned down biting into the tattoo.

I knew what was coming next, I felt warmth spread throughout my entire body, As if i'd burst into flames. My voice was so hoarse and strained I wasn't even sure if I screamed or not, All I knew was the next moment everything had gone black, I was plunged into complete and utter darkness.

[Jake POV]

After Tsukiko had passed out from the pain, I watched as Andy caught her in his arms before picking her up bridal-style. I heard a small sigh escape his lips and Ashley mumbled something under his breath.

I couldn't help but let a soft sigh escape my lips either, I felt bad watching Andy go through this, He was my little brother after all! And even though Ashley was being and asswipe sometimes...I knew why.

After an awkward silence passed by for what seemed like hours, I finally spoke up. My brighter-brown eyes staring at the younger-yet-taller boy as well as the other honey-brown eyed boy. "We should probably get back to the room? It's risky to keep time frozen for to long" I muttered, biting my lip. Not to mention it was so damn tiring!

Andy wordlessly stood up before nodding and disappearing into the thick black mist once more. Ashley sighed "Make sure your not seen" He muttered icy before also following within the thick black mist.

I rolled my eyes, I knew how to work my damn powers. I quickly ran down the steps of the bleachers before running towards the double-joined doors of the stuffy gym, I placed one hand on the handle while I turned my attention towards the frozen sea of students and teachers, I closed my eyes for a moment before muttering something under my breath and snapping my fingers.

Suddenly loud volumes of sounds came rushing into my ears, Almost making them bleed. I heard the principle-or what I assumed was him- yell through the old tapped-up speakers making his voice crackle, And students muttering amongst themselves.

No one even noticed me.

My eyes trailed towards the far end of the bleachers, Were Tsukiko and those kids she knew had been sitting, They had also continued on with their conversation. Although I knew they'd notice her absence soon...Sighing I shook my head before quietly fleeing from the crowded gym and back to meet up with the others.

Although...I couldn't help but feel some sort of...Jealously spread through me, The thought that those humans could be with Tsukiko so freely, And myself...Andy...Ashley...Her actual friends...Basically family couldn't.

Shit...Now I sorta knew why Ashley was getting so...Bitter...

[Andy POV]

Within and matter of moments myself, The pale and now sleeping girl I carried in my arms, and Ashley had made it back to the room. CC, Jinxx, and Sammi were there already waiting for us.

Not to much later Jake had appeared through the door, Rubbing his ears complaining about how loud those students were in the gym. I was distracted through, My dear Tsukiko...Before passing out she had a look of such pain both mentally and physically...I felt like my heart was slowly being torn up into tiny pieces watching my precious maiden suffer.

I carefully placed the girl on the, Before climbing in next to her, Wrapping my long arms around her small-and somewhat fragile- looking frame. "So, Did you bring them or what Sammi?" I heard Ashley ask bluntly after a few minutes of silence passed the group.

I sent a small warning glare towards the older boy, He was getting more and more bitter it seemed as more time passed. I understood why, But it gave him no reason to be a fucking dick-head.

Sammi hissed at the jack-drinking boy before answering "Yes Mr.Asswipe, I did. Shoushi and Takai are here" She muttered, Both of the wolves that had been in Tsukiko's vision...They were hers...And still are. I couldn't tell her this now though,It'd be to much.

Both mismatched wolves walked into the room,Their eyes immediately landing on the blue-haired that laid in my arms. Completely ignoring anyone else in the room the two wolves rushed to their master's side-still careful not to wake her up-They snuggled as close as possible towards her sleeping body.

The poor things, It'd been so long since they had been able to be near their master...I could see the pain in their eyes as well,They knew as much as we did one fact still remained, Yes we got to her first, We have her but...

She doesn't remember anything still..

"So...What are we going to do now Andy?" Jinxx asked quietly, While wrapping his arms around Sammi, Resting his head in the crook of her neck.

I slowly ran my pale fingers through Tsukiko's silky blue hair, Her strands of hair falling into what seemed perfect place as it fell from my fingers. "We wait...And we make sure nothing gets to her while she's out cold. I have a feeling something or someone is coming. Whether it friend or foe...I'm not sure yet" I muttered, not removing my gaze from my precious maiden even for one second. My thumb rubbing off dried blood from her cheeks and eyes.

Although...There was so much tension in the room, It felt like I was going to drown. Even Ashley was to tense to drink or make some kind of remark...

Not good...

[Unknown POV]

Soft thuds could be heard as I made my way up the ice and snow covered stairs of the Academy, The sun covered by thick grey clouds that made it look like more rain or snow could fall at any moment.

I could hear the annoying sounds and loud-and angry-rant coming from what I guessed was the headmaster...How annoying humans could be.

I knew they were here...that She was here...Now I had to put up with this little game to find out where though. "How annoying.." I muttered, my voice clearly annoyed as I pulled up the straps to my bag.

I stopped right as I reached the entrance of the school, A small smirk appeared on my pale face, My stunningly-and somewhat inhuman-Green eyed piercing through as I gazed at the old building...One I once knew quite well..

"It's be awhile...But guess I've finally come home"


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Thank you so much for the comment...it has been a while..but I am actually planning on returning to this story, i will be posting new chapters soon! :)