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I'm In Love With You, Again


Madison and Andy were best friends since diapers, they had always been there for each other and Maddie had always supported Andy, she was even there for him when he decided he wanted to be in a band…
When they finally get signed, Andy has to leave and he didn’t even say goodbye leaving a heart broken Madison behind. After months of crying and being under depression she decided it’s time to move on…but what happens when Destiny decides it’s time for them to meet again? Will she take him in? Will they be able to find their friendship again? Will Maddie confess him what she had been holding all those years?


Andrew Dennis Biersack

Andrew Dennis Biersack

24| Lead vocals for Black Veil Brides| In love with Madison (his former best friend)| Tries to get Juliet away from Maddie and gets jealous when the guys start to spend a lot of time with her

Ashley Purdy

Ashley Purdy

31| Bassist for Black Veil Brides| Believes Andy is the luckiest man on Earth for having someone like Maddie by his side and also gets in a fight with him when he finds out about what he did to her| Treats Maddie as his little sister and he’s always there for her whenever she needs him

Christian Coma

Christian Coma

30| Drummer for Black Veil Brides| Funny, creative, a party animal and Maddie’s partner in crime| Helps Andy to win her heart even though it seems she’s not interested

Jake Pitts

Jake Pitts

30| Guitarist for Black Veil Brides| Along with CC helps Andy to win Maddie’s heart back| He loves her and looks at her as his little sister (or sister-in-law)…considers Andy is a very immature person and doesn’t deserves to be with Maddie after everything that happened. Tries to protect her from Juliet

Jinxx Ferguson

Jinxx Ferguson

29| Rhythm guitarist for Black Veil Brides| The group’s father and most mature person as well| Finds out about Andy’s history with Maddie and assures him she’ll forgive him| Tries to give the best advice to Maddie when she starts to get confused

Madison Charlotte Wright

Madison Charlotte Wright

22| Alternative Press editor in chief| Andy’s once best friend| Loves her work and the fact that she gets to meet lots of bands, except for BVB who she avoids at all coast| Creative, in love with music and drawing, plays piano and guitar and at the same time she’s a great cook| Becomes Juliet’s biggest rival in love and also the guys’ biggest admiration



Thank you so much!
I thought no one was reading this story so I decided to stop writing it but I'll be updating it soon.

ShayBiersack2 ShayBiersack2

Well, I love it so far !

JennaRadley JennaRadley

Thank you :) ❤

ShayBiersack2 ShayBiersack2

This is amazing

BorderlineBarbie BorderlineBarbie

more plz