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Justice and Jubilee sat at the register at the KKR. They were minding their own business when a man came to the counter, little did she know that that man and his best friend would forever change the way Justice and Jubilee thought about love and happiness.


Andrew "Andy" Biersack

Andrew "Andy" Biersack

19 years of age; Black hair; Blue eyes; 6’2; Lover of Justice

Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson

Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson

23 years of age; Black hair; 5’12; Lover of Jubilee

Jubilacious Lee "Jubilee" Lewis

Jubilacious Lee "Jubilee" Lewis

17 years of age; Purple/blue hair; About 5’9; Sister’s name is Katie; Lives with her best friend, Justice Botkin; Soon to be lover of Jinxx; Works at Kool Kids Records (Record Store) as cashier

Justice Botkin

Justice Botkin

16 years of age; Red hair; About 5’6; Two younger sister’s, Alexis and Trish; Lives with Jubilee’ Soon to be lover of Andy; Works at KKR as cashier


  1. Chapter 1: I Never Knew How Much My Life Sucked Until Today

    Jubilee's POV

  2. Chapter 2: Couldn't Leave Her Behind

    Justice's POV

  3. Chapter 3: Evil Dead

    Jubilee's POV

  4. Chapter 4: Childhood Memories

    Justice's POV; Happening While Jinxx And Jubilee Are On Their 'Date'

  5. Chapter 5: I Don't Care If You're Not Famous

    Jubilee's POV; Continuing On Chapter 3

  6. Chapter 6: I Could Write You A Song And Hope That You'll Sing Along

    Starts At Jinxx's POV Then Switches To Andy's POV

  7. Chapter 7: Text Talking

    Starts At Jubilee's POV Then Jinxx's Then Back To Jubilee

  8. Chapter 8: Coffee, Cake And A Visit From Death

    Jubilee's POV






i got locked out of my account for not using it for so long. If you guys are still active, I can still try to finish this!

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omg update

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Please update
Y you no update?!?!? Pwease??? >.<<br>
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Update soon please