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Chapter 4: Childhood Memories

Once we got to the park, Andy helped me out and walked me to the playground. I breathed in the quiet, soft air. I remember this park. This is the park I met Jubilee at years ago. So many memories…
“Are you okay, sweetheart?” Andy questioned while he pulled me down beside him under a tall oak tree.
I blushed and nodded, “Just trying to remember all the things that happened to me in this park. My life revolves around it.”
“I went here everyday of my life as a child. Tell me about those things. I’d love to hear.” Andy smiled and held my hand lightly.
I have to admit, I never shared personal things with boys after knowing them three days but Andy makes me feel special so I want to tell him, “Well I met Jubilee here. We were in line at the slide and she let me go in front of her. Been friends ever since. When I was nine, my mom was in the hospital giving birth to my youngest sister, Trish and I came here to sit on the swing set. But this boy with short black hair was there. But once he saw me, he gave me the swing and even pushed me. He made me laugh a lot. We talked about space and Batman.”
Something happened to Andy because when I looked at him, his face was bright and smiling, he squeezed my hand, “THAT WAS YOU!!! I remember you!!! That’s why I looked so familiar to you in the store!! I finally found you!”
“NO WAY! PANDA!!!!!” I hugged him tight and called him the name he told me to back then and I laughed loud.
He kissed my head and looked into my eyes, “At last, I found you, Lola. Tell me more about your life. I haven’t seen you in so long…”
“Well my parents are still together and they finally worked out their issues. I moved in with Jubilee when her parents died two years ago…”I looked down and sighed. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything to him…
Andy tilted my chin up slowly and looked at me, speaking in a low, soft tone, “Hey now… it’s okay… I’m here and I’m never going to let you go.”
“Let’s talk about you. What’s life been like for you?” I held my head into the crook in his neck and breathed him in. I loved and missed his scent.
Andy smiled and pulled me onto his lap, holding me close, “Well once I turned sixteen, I started a band and now we have two albums out now and hopefully a third on the way.”
“Really? What’s the name of the band? Maybe we sell your CD’s.”
Andy nodded and rubbed his chin, “You do actually. We’re in Black Veil Brides.”
“Black… V-V-Veil… Brid-d-d-des…?” I stuttered. They were mine and Jubilee’s favorite bands. I don’t know why we never knew what they looked liked…
Andy laughed and poked your cheek, “Well yeah! Why?”
“We have your albums and I can’t believe I didn’t notice sooner…” I kind of felt embarrassed… But I need to tell Jubilee… NOW!


Gonna power nap and think of the next chapter. Exhausted from school. Hopefully will have 3-4 new chapters up at some point tonight. Enjoy :)






i got locked out of my account for not using it for so long. If you guys are still active, I can still try to finish this!

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