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Chapter 3: Evil Dead

“Oh come on! Do I really need to wear all this? It’s just some guy.” I rolled my eyes, looking down at my knee length sundress. I don’t like getting all dressed up.
Justice smiled while he parted my hair, “Don’t be so negative! From what Andy told me, Jeremy is a great guy!”
Just then the door rang and Justice ran to answer, she kissed Andy on the cheek and stepped aside so a man can come in. He was about 5’12 with long black hair. He was wearing studded boots and a nice eyebrow ring. He looked nice. He smiled at Justice and me.
“This is Jeremy but we call him Jinxx.” Andy said, pushing him towards me. I couldn’t help but giggle at Andy’s gesture.
He took my hand and kissed it softly, blushing, “Hi miss Jubilee. I’m Jinxx.”
“You aren’t bad luck, are you?” I giggled, my face a light pink.
Andy and Justice smiled and waved before shutting us inside and leaving. Jinxx turned to me and smiled, “I’m okay luck. You don’t have to call me that unless you want to.”
“Well I like it. It makes you seem dangerous.” I smiled and looked around nervously.
Jeremy pulled a DVD out from behind his back, “Wanna watch this?”
I looked at the DVD, which read Evil Dead. I smiled as wide as possible and nodded quickly, “It’s my favorite actually.”
He handed me the DVD and I put it into the DVD player, I ran to the kitchen while it was loading and grabbed some Pepsi’s, popcorn and boxes of candy. I ran back and Jeremy was already properly seated on the couch.
“Ready yet, Jub?” He smiled softly. Oh god, I love that smile. Snap out of it, Jubilee, you’re letting it happen again already.
I smiled slightly and sat all the snacks on the table in front of us and smiled, pushing play on the movie. I sat down on the opposite side of the couch as Jeremy and started to watch the movie.
After thirty minutes passed in the movie, I glanced over at Jeremy, who was very into watching his movie.
“Ash is a great character. He’s my favorite.” Jeremy said, picking up some popcorn and slowly eating it.
I nodded and looked over at him, “Bruce Campbell is a great actor. He makes this movie funnier than it should be.”
“That’s true. Have you seen the other movies in the franchise?”
I smiled and picked up my soda and got a drink before I answered, “I’ve seen them all. I have them on DVD, except for this one.”
“You can have this one, if you want. I can buy another one easy.” Jeremy smiled, I had to hurry and look down so he wouldn’t notice my blush.
I shivered slightly, patricianly because I really was cold and the other part because I kind of wanted him to hold me… it’s been so long since I’ve been held… “Well okay. I’d love that. Thank you.”
“Anytime. Are you cold? You can move closer, you know? I won’t bite you.” He looked back at the movie, chuckling softly to himself.
I couldn’t help but laugh too and I moved really close to him and continued to stare at the movie.
Jeremy yawned and stretched. He wrapped an arm around me and smiled. I laid my head on his shoulder and continued to watch Ash kill the demons. I wonder how well Justice’s date is going…. I also can’t help but wonder if Jeremy is like the last one… Just then a text came in on my phone.






i got locked out of my account for not using it for so long. If you guys are still active, I can still try to finish this!

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