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Chapter 2: Couldn't Leave Her Behind

‘Oh god! Andy will be here any second!’ I thought to myself as I tugged nervously at my Drop Dead shirt.
I looked over to Jubilee, who was just standing there. She sighed and looked at me, “Are you sure I can come? I really don’t wanna get in the way…”
“I NEED YOU! I can’t leave you behind! Besides, you can help me find things to talk about while we wait for the pizza.” I gave her my biggest smile. I really needed Jubilee to come with me. I was super scared.
Just as Jubilee was about to speak, the doorbell rang and she answered. Andy stood there smiling and looked at me, “You girls ready?”
“Y-Yes..” I said quietly, my cheeks red. I grabbed Jubilee by the wrist and pulled her down the sidewalk.
Andy held the doors open for us and I let Jubilee in first then I slid into the front seat by Andy. He closed the doors then got over to the driver’s side and started the car, backing out of the driveway then advancing down the way.
At first, the whole car was quiet until Jubilee spoke, “So Andy, what do you do?”
I smiled and mouthed a thank you to Jubilee, who in return, nodded.
“I actually am in a band and whenever I’m not with them, I am writing new songs and auditioning for commercials. What do you girls do? Besides you, angel.” He flashed a smile at me and I felt my whole body get light.
I giggled, “A band?! We’d love to hear sometime! And if you couldn’t tell, we work in a music store. Jubilee and I are still in school so we are very busy with that sometimes.”
“That’s pretty cool.” Andy laughed softly and pulled up to the pizza place. His laugh was the most adorable thing ever. I loved it. I wished it wouldn’t stop.
Jubilee got out of the car the second it stopped and I looked at her, sighing.
Andy lightly squeezed my hand and smiled, “I’ll bring a friend next time, sweetie.” He got out of the car and ran to my side and opened my door. I blushed and stepped out.
We walked into the building and took a seat in a booth. Andy wrapped his arm around me and I couldn’t help but snuggle into him. He was so warm and soft.
“Tell me about you, beautiful.” Andy smiled, lightly and I felt my heart melt. Something about his soft, manly voice made me smile and made me happy.
Jubilee got up to go order some food and I looked down shyly, “Well I have two little sisters. My parents live in Virginia with my sisters too. I’m sixteen and I really love music. It makes me happy. There’s not much else to say about me.” I smiled nervously.
“Well how long have you been friends with Jubilee?” Andy asked, resting his hand lightly on mine.
My face turned purple from all the redness and I smiled, “Since we were about six years old. She’s a great girl. With a broken past.”
“Like I said, I’ll bring a friend next time I come see you.” Andy replied.
‘Next time?!’ I thought to myself. ‘There’s going to actually be a next time!’
Minutes later, Jubilee came back with the pizza and we began eating. I ate more slowly than the other two because I was so nervous about just being here but I’m so glad Jubilee came with. I don’t know what I’d do without her. I watched Andy gulp down his pizza while he made funny faces at me on purpose and I giggled, throwing paper at him playfully.
I glanced up and saw Jubilee just sitting there, eating. I could tell she was out of place and I looked at Andy for help.
“Jubilee? I have a friend that can come by tomorrow and hang out with us. Well with you, I was going to take Justice out to the park. Will that be okay?” Andy looked at her and smiled faintly.
Jubilee nodded and sighed, “I’ll be in the car.” She stood up and walked to the car and sat there.
“Thank you so much.” I kissed Andy’s cheek and smiled and finished eating.
Andy smiled, his face turning light pink and nods, “Anything for you.” He paid for the pizza and walked me to the car and helped me in and before we knew it, we were back on our front door.
“I’m sorry for the way I acted, Andy. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Jubilee said and waved at him, walking to her room and closing the door.
Andy smiled and waved, “Anytime, dude.” He held onto my hand and talked softer, “Did you have a good time?”
“I did. I have a great time. Did you?” I blushed lightly and held his hand back softly.
Andy laughed softly, “I loved it. I can’t wait to see you again tomorrow.” He leaned in and lightly kissed my cheek.”
“Good night, Andy.” I smiled wide when I felt his lips on my cheek and I kissed his cheek in return.
He waved and walked to his car and drove off, I watched him disappear into the night then wandered to Jubilee’s door and heard her crying. I knocked on the door and Jubilee replied, “Please just let me sleep..”
I could tell she was still in pain… after all these years… I hope this guy Andy brings is a sweet guy… Unlike the last one…






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