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Chapter 5: I Don't Care If You're Not Famous

Jeremy smiled at me and I looked at my phone embarrassed… He nudged me, “Go ahead and answer it, this is the boring part of the movie anyways.” He chuckled and watched it.
I opened my message from Justice, which read: ‘HE’S IN BLACK VEIL BRIDES! THEY BOTH ARE! REMEMBER THE KID I LOVED WHEN I WAS LITTLE! IT WAS ANDY THE WHOLE TIME! OMG JUBILEE!!! I hope your date is going well though. J Mine is FAB!
I looked up at Jeremy as he sat there, staring at the movie and I looked sad. ‘He’s famous and I’m not. Even if I wanted something to happen, it wouldn’t… He’s probably got a girlfriend anyways…’
“Um JuJuBean? Are you okay?” Jeremy looked at me, a worried look on his face.
I glanced at him and smiled, “It was just Justice, wanting to see if I was doing okay. I guess she’s having a great time with Andy.”
“Andy never shuts up about her. He is really happy to have met her.” Jeremy sighed a little while he said the last sentence and I wanted to just hold onto him and tell him everything would be okay but I thought it may be too soon for that.
I looked at him and blurted out of impulse, “So you’re famous? I never knew.” I looked down, feeling horrible for what I said.
“Well yeah.. but you know, it’s nice to be around someone… Not famous.. ya know?” Jeremy held his drink in his hands and shook it slowly.
I looked over, the movie ending and I turned on the light, “ What do you mean?” I sat back down beside him and looked up a little at him.
“Well like I don’t care if you’re famous… I am usually around celebrities twenty-four seven and it’s nice to get away from it for a while. It’s nice just being here… With you.” His face turned a semi-dark shade of pink.
I smiled as I heard him speak. He actually wanted to be around me. “Well I’m happy to be your escape.”
“So what should we do now?” Jeremy asked me as he pulled me into his arms.
I hugged him back and slowly pulled away, “You decide. You are the guest in my house.”
“That’s true. Well tell me how you came to have the name ‘Jubilee’?” He asked, smiling and chuckling at what I said.
I said on the couch and looked at him, “Well you’ll think it’s silly but my dad was obsessed with comic books. He still is. He named me after the X-Men character, Jubilacious Lee but to keep it from confusing people, he had my nickname Jubilee.”
“Isn’t that the girl who shoots fireworks out of her fingers?” Jeremy laughed and blushed, “It’s beautiful.”
I laughed too. He made me think it was the greatest thing in the world. Then I blushed, “Thank you so much. I really like your name too. AND your nickname.”
I wonder when Justice is coming home… I mean, I don’t mind spending time with Jeremy but I just feel exhausted and I don’t want to fall asleep on Jeremy… Maybe I should text her…
“Come cuddle on the couch with me.” Jeremy pulled me into his arms and I laid my head on his chest.
He started humming The Mortician’s Daughter and before I knew it, my eyes were closing and I started snoring, holding onto Jeremy tight. I didn’t want him to let go…






i got locked out of my account for not using it for so long. If you guys are still active, I can still try to finish this!

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