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Chapter 6: I Could Write You A Song And Hope That You'll Sing Along

“Isn’t that the girl who shoots fireworks out of her fingers?” I laughed and blushed, “It’s beautiful.”
She laughed with me. God, she was so beautiful. “Thank you so much. I really like your name too. AND your nickname.”
I felt my face burning from the blushing. I looked down. ‘Come on, Jinxx! Think!’ I calmly thought to myself. I then sat on the couch, “Come cuddle with me. I won’t bite.”
She climbed into my arms and I wrapped my arms around her and began humming. At first, I felt her have a tight grip on me, almost like she was scared but then the grip slowly faded and when I looked down, she was sleeping.
I smiled and lightly pressed my lips onto the top of her head. Jubilee was all that mattered right now. I started to think of everything about her. I wonder what her family is like. I need to know. I have to…
I turned on the TV, flipped on Across The Universe, and sang to every song with a big, goofy smile on my face.

Andy’s Point Of View

I opened the passenger door for Justice and smiled, “After you, Miss Lola.”
“Thank you, Panda.” She giggled and kissed my cheek as she climbed in and I closed the door.
I slide across the hood, hearing her giggle and watching then climbed into the driver’s side and smiles, panting softly, “That… took a lot of work.”
“I can tell. But it was awesome!” I looked over at her while she said this and looked into her beautiful brown eyes.
She was perfect.
She caught me staring at her and her face turned deep red. As she tried to look down, I cupped her chin, leaned over, and lightly pushed my lips against hers and at first, she hesitated but then she kissed me back. Something about this kiss made us both smile at the same time. Maybe it was because we were both finally with someone who made us happy.
I pulled away slowly, started the car, and began driving down the block. I felt her hand against mine and I held it lightly, massaging the back of her hand with my thumb, “Did you have a good time tonight?”
“Yes. I had an amazing time, sweetie.” Her grip lightly tightened around mine and she smiled.
I looked over and smiled, “I did too and I can’t wait to see you again. Speaking of which, when can I see you again?”
“I’m not sure yet, honey. Let me check with Jubilee then I will let you know.” She smiled and laid her head on my shoulder.
I pulled up to her house and slowly got out. I didn’t want this night to end. I couldn’t. I was almost to Justice’s door but she already got out and looked towards the house. I pulled her to me and she giggled but I kissed her cheek, “Don’t go yet. Please..”
“But the lights in the house aren’t on… I’m worried…”
I could sense the concern in her voice and I looked at her, “Alright babygirl. Let’s go.”
We both walked to the door and Justice unlocked it then walked in slowly, I followed and the first thing I noticed was Jinxx sitting on the couch with Jubilee in his arms. He was singing and she was sleeping. He looked up at us and whispered, “Hey guys. How was your day?”
“You know… it was great.” I smiled and kissed Justice.
Justice kissed me back then slowly helped Jinxx move Jubilee so he could get up. “How was your night with Jubilee?”
Jinxx looked up and then back at her, “It was amazing.”
I smiled. I could tell Jinxx liked Jubilee. He was being all weird. I nudged him, “Well we better get going so you girls can get some sleep.”
Justice climbed into my arms and kissed me softly and looked at me, “I’ll call you tomorrow, baby.”
I nodded and whispered, “You better.”
I was about to leave but Jinxx stood there and looked at Justice, writing his number down, “Please give her my number when she wakes up and tell her I had a great time tonight and would like the chance to see her again.”
Justice smiled and nodded, “I will. Have a good night, Jinxx”
Jinxx started walking out, “You too.”
He climbed into the car and I got in the driver’s seat and started driving home, “So what did you guys do the whole time?”
“We watched Evil Dead and talked about her name and stuff then she cuddled into me and fell asleep.”
I smiled and kept driving, “Looks like we have girlfriends. We won’t lose them ever. This will be perfect.”
“We better not. I think my whole life would fall apart without Jubilee.”
I smiled and patted his shoulder, “Same here, bro. Same here… But with Justice.”
We both sat the rest of the night in silence… With stupid grins across our faces… The smile of love…


Sorry for the late updates. Trying to spend time with my mom. Will try to do Chapter 7 later <3 Let me know what you think so far c:






i got locked out of my account for not using it for so long. If you guys are still active, I can still try to finish this!

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