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Chapter 1: I Never Knew How Much My Life Sucked Until Today

“Jubilee! Wake up! We’re at work!” Justice said softly as customers began wandering into Kool Kids Records, a record store on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

I opened my eyes slowly and sat up in my chair at the register where I worked my eight hours of the day. Yawning and stretching, I looked at the clock, which read ’2:15’ and growled, “. I wish we could go home already.”

Justice nodded in agreement and started helping the first customer in her line, “I wish that too but you know Ol’ Joe will freak if his two finest workers just up and left without punching out.”

“That’s true. Joe’s pretty anal about those kind of things.” I couldn’t help but laugh at my own words. I don’t think Justice could help it either and even the first couple of customers joined in at the joke.

This was pretty much my life everyday. I get up, I come to school, I learn, I go home, get ready for work then go until I have to come home and sleep. Of course, today is Saturday and I’m stuck working there until three. But it could be worse, couldn’t it?

“Jubilee, you’re doing it again.” Justice said in a sarcastic tone while she handed me a sticker that said ‘Dreamer’.

I blinked a few times then looked at the customer in front of me and began scanning her things, “I’m sorry. I was just… thinking.”

“You always think and that’s why we haven’t ended up on our asses yet.” She kept on doing what she does best.

I too, paid attention more as the minutes ticked on. I was so focused with working that a whole hour had passed before I realized that Justice and I could go home. I glanced up and Justice was just as busy as I was and I nudged her, “Hey. We can leave.”

She looked up, shocked and smiled, “Yay! I’m glad…”

Before she could even finish her sentence, she spotted a young man walk into the store. He was really tall, wearing black skinny jeans and a light blue shirt and had, at least, shoulder length black hair with the most gorgeous blue eyes. I, myself, couldn’t even help but stare at him. He was the definition of beautiful. I couldn’t help but stay at the register, wanting him to desperately come to mine.

The man looked around at the CD’s until he made his selection. I couldn’t help but smile because I knew he picked up a Motley Crue album which means he has great taste in music. After staring at the CD for ten minutes, he began advancing towards the counter. The big question is, would it be mine or Justice’s?

The man walked slowly up to Justice’s counter, which hurt me a little but I listened in on their conversation. If they decided to have one.

He smiled at Justice and handed her his CD he wanted to purchase and she dumbfounded spoke, “Will that be all, sir?”

“I’m no where near a sir.” The man laughed softly and pulled out his wallet, “But yes, that will be all for me today.”

Justice scanned the CD, “That’ll be $10.57 then. And do I know you? You look really familiar.” Justice smiled, having a light blush.

I felt a slight ping of jealousy, after all, I think I deserved to have someone as good looking as him.

“No, I don’t think we have. I’m Andy and who are you, beautiful?” Andy smiled, handing Justice a twenty dollar bill.

Justice took the money and stuttered, “J-J-J-J-Justice…” I couldn’t help but giggle at how red her face was. It was as red as a tomato!

“Well how about you come out to a movie with me sometime?” Andy asked, leaning against the counter, looking right into Justice’s eyes.

I don’t know what happened but I turned away before I could see anything. All I know is I heard Justice give Andy her phone number and his change and they said their goodbye’s and left.

After Andy left, we went to punch out and as Justice walked out the door, she kept giggling and smiling.
All I could help but think was ‘That’s just great…. She has a date and I have to stay home alone again…’

“I hope he likes me, Jubilee. I really do.” Justice said, hopping into the driver’s seat of her 2008 Mustang GT.

I climbed into the passenger side, sighing, “Don’t give your hopes up, Justice. He may not be what he seems…”


First ever Fanfiction. I will update often as much as possible. Give me feedback. :)






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