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Chapter 8: Coffee, Cake And A Visit From Death

I walked into the café, wearing my black jeans and Toms with a light green t-shirt and summer hat. I felt like looking ridiculous today.
I looked around and spotted Jeremy sitting in the chair at the booth by the window. He was wearing something other than black, which made me chuckle. He was wearing blue jeans, his black studded boots with a turquoise Nirvana shirt.
I walked over slowly, making an entrance. When I sat down, he smiled and I returned a smile, “Hey Jeremy.”
“Hey Jubilee. You look beautiful today.” He blushed.
I sat myself in the chair and looked at him, taking my hat off, “It’s lovely to see you in something other than black.” I couldn’t help but giggle at that.
“Well… I didn’t completely wear all not black but I did wear my boots. I love these things.” He laughed too and rubbed the studs on his shoes.
I watched him and then looked up into his eyes, “They are really cool. Where did you get them from?”
“Andy actually gave them to me two years ago for my birthday.”
I smiled, “You and Andy are great friends. How long have you been in the band?”
“Probably four years now. The guys are great. You’d like them.” He sipped his coffee and smiled.
Guys? He must mean everyone else in Black Veil Brides, “Tell me about them.”
“Well you already know Andy. Hmm… Ashley is our bassist and he’s a party type guy and can get any woman that he wants to in his bed. CC is a party guy too and he’s dating Lauren. She’s a sweetheart. He’s the drummer. Then you have Jake and he’s the other guitarist. He’s pretty mellow and is super scared of roller coasters.”
We both laughed. Everyone in the band is silly. But it’s silly cute.
I pushed my hair out of my face, “They seem fantastic. So tell me more about you. I’m curious.”
“Well I grew up as an only child. I have always liked classical music.”
I smiled softly, looking at the sparkles I saw in his eyes, “Like Bach?”
“Yes. Like Beethoven and Bach. I grew up listening to them and I have been playing guitar since before I could remember. I help Andy write some songs every now and again. I have insomnia, it’s very hard for me to sleep most nights so I stay up and play guitar. My parents lives back in New York. I write to them from time to time. I love when we go on tour because I get to play music and make people happy, “ He’s perfect, I thought to myself as he continued speaking, “I like to read and I enjoy looking into your beautiful hazel eyes.”
My face turned burning hot red and he reached up to touch my cheek lightly. I smiled and looked at him, “You sound very creative. I wish I could say the same thing about me…”
“What do you mean, Jub?”
My smile slowly faded as a man walked into a café right as I was about to speak. Peter.
Jinxx noticed I was looking at him and looked back at me, “Do you know him?”
“Yeah… I need to go. I am so sorry.” I quickly kissed his cheek and ran off before Peter could see me. I ran down the street and safely around the corner.
I peeked back to see Jeremy looking around for me, tears began streaming down my face as I dialed Justice.
Justice answered on the fourth ring, “Hey Jubilee. Are you okay?”
“Can you… get me…” My voice was shaking and she could tell I was crying.
“I’m on my way… What’s going on?” I heard her car door shut.
I kept sobbing uncontrollably and looked to see if Jeremy was still standing by the café and he was gone, “Peter…. I’m a block from the café.. please hurry..”
I heard Justice’s breathe cease then she said very panic like, “I’m coming Jubilee. Whatever you do, don’t let him see you, okay?”
I hung up and waited, crying harder and harder. I didn’t want to see him… Jeremy must be hurt… I need to call him… I looked down at my phone and sent Jeremy a message, apologizing and he responded, ‘From Jeremy: It’s okay. Call me later.’
I saw Justice pull up and she ran out to hug me as I fell to my knees, screaming and crying… This can’t be happening again…






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