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Chapter 7: Text Talking

I woke up, holding my head. I glanced up and Justice was making coffee in the kitchen. “Ugh! I am so tired. What time is it?”
“It’s almost 11:30. You’ve been sleeping like a slug.” Justice sipped on her coffee and smiled, “Oh and Jinxx left something for you.”
JINXX! I smiled at his nickname but sat up and tried to look civilized, “What did Jeremy say?”
“He gave me his number to give to you and said he had an amazing time last night!” She started jumping in the air happily.
I got up, walked to her, took the slip of paper, and smiled, “I had a great time too. Should I call him?”
“I would text him. Andy told me this morning that they had rehearsal’s today.”
I walked into my room and picked my phone up off the dresser, I typed in his number and saved it then started typing a message then quickly deleted it, not satisfied with what I wrote. I thought for a few minutes then typed a new message and hit send and laid my phone beside me, waiting for his reply, which came back almost immediately.
‘From Jeremy: Hey beautiful! I am very glad you had fun last night! Maybe we can do it again sometime?’
I smiled and replied to him and waited patiently for the reply.
After twenty minutes of waiting, the phone went off, ‘From Jeremy: No, I’m not busy that day. Why?’
I smiled wide, sending a message and quickly sends it then runs to take a shower to pass time for the next reply. I really hope this goes the way I want it to…

Jinxx’s Point Of View

I quickly shot up as I heard my phone blare I Love Rock N’ Roll and quickly opened the message, seeing Jubilee’s name brought a smile on my face, ‘From Jubilee: Because I wanted to know if you maybe wanted to be my prom date…’
I smiled wide, my face turning from a light normal pink to a deep red.
“Jinxx! Pay attention, bro!” I heard Ashley call over my shoulder.
I groaned and looked back at him and CC, trying to hide my blush.
“What’s her name? You and Andy have been acting weird all day.” CC asked as he tried to grab my phone.
I put my phone in my pocket quickly, “Her name is Jubilee and she’s perfect.”
Ashley looked at himself in the mirror and then shot a glance at me, “Does she like you?”
“I’m not sure yet. I just met her last night but I hope that in time, she does. It’d be nice to be loved,” I smiled and looked at the text again and started to reply.
CC patted my shoulder and smiled, “Don’t worry, bro. She’ll love you. Just make sure you don’t show off too much.”
“I won’t bro. Don’t worry.” I replied to her text and smiled then put the phone back in my pocket and picked my guitar back up and started shredding.

Jubilee’s Point Of View

The phone vibrated and I picked it up, nearly dropping my phone when I read the response from Jeremy, ‘From Jeremy: I would love nothing more than to go to prom with you, beautiful! That just made my day right there. Let’s meet up for drinks later at the café. I’ll be there at 7. J’
I screamed and Justice ran in, “WHAT’S WRONG?!”
“Look…” I couldn’t talk but the smile on my face was huge.
Justice looked at the text, screamed happily, and jumped around in the air with me, “WE’RE GOING TO PROM!”
I smiled and blushed, pulling my hair into a ponytail. I need to get ready for my date in a few hours. I am super nervous…


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