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Spin the Bottle


BVB is in high school, Ashley is the new kid. There's a back to school party at someone's house, in which a small group starts a game of spin the bottle. Whoever the bottle tip points to, the spinner must make out with for 15 seconds, regardless of orientation and relationship status. Andley.



@Xayconitex Silver
Thanks! If you want, I can make you a co-author and you can continue it and take it anywhere you want to. Idk no one's messaged me yet about taking the story yet so it's still up for grabs lol

Well, you could just continue their lives, but I can see why you're stopping. It's sad, but alright.
I love da story tho!

if you lost your account to google go on mibba and create an account with your gmail you will get every thing back (it worked for me)

Lol I know the feeling for the homework thing, it's just been half term here in England, and I've had an essay to hand in during the week break lol, even had an essay due on new years eve till they realised their mistake and changed it lol

I love this story soooo much!

Mrs. Coma Mrs. Coma