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The Oswald family has been riddled with abandonment, incarceration, and heartbreak. Mina figured that if she worked hard enough she could leave that name behind her, when she discovers a new name: Nathan. Now, Mina finds herself struggling to balance the connections her heart is making, between the strong cord with her little brother, the torn and frayed connection to her dad, and the new one tying her to a boy she knows she shouldn't be falling for. Will these heart strings bond and strengthen, or will they eventually tear her apart?


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  5. Five

    This is graphic, dark, and has mentions of multiple forms of child abuse. This is your warning.

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Awesome update! Don't get discouraged, keep up the super sick work! :D Love it!

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah

You butthole! You know I love your stuff! I'm WAY WAY WAY behind on reading anyone else's shit since starting my new job, though. It only gives me time to write 1-2 times a week, if that. I have to give that priority as I've gotten pretty cranky from not being able to write as often as I want to. But I wouldn't take getting no comments personally. Even when I was updating my shit 5 times a week, I'd get maybe 1 comment every 6-8 weeks from someone that wasn't a personal friend I've known for years, across 3 different platforms.

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah

omg, stfu grandma! mina can't resist the androo!

he digs what essentially amounts to her baggage, so hit it, mina, hit it! do it for all of us! :OD

anathema anathema

I love it so far!!!

TheSadOutcast TheSadOutcast

'anthem,' eh? anthem for a generation of dying, rotting, nekkid zombies!

my arch-rival is right- i also get almost no comments on anything i write, so don't let it get to you. it's also pretty classic to have so few votes early on, that one a-hole sinks your rating a lot. shit, i have a story that's over 300 pages long, and it still only has, i dunno, less than 40 ratings, i think.

p.s. andy is a dreamy kinda guy! :O)

anathema anathema