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Survival or Struggle?


Black Veil Brides are on tour. And everything was going well. Until their fans, out of nowhere, started eating each other. Now they have to survive something they never thought possible. But as survival seems almost impossible, it seems it's more of a struggle to stay alive.


Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack

Lead Singer of Black Veil Brides

Ashley Purdy

Ashley Purdy

Bass guitarist and co-vocalist of Black Veil Brides

Christian Coma (CC)

Christian Coma (CC)

Drummer of Black Veil Brides

Jake Pitts

Jake Pitts

Guitarist of Black Veil Brides

Jeremy Ferguson(Jinxx)

Jeremy Ferguson(Jinxx)

Guitarist/Violinist of Black Veil Brides


  1. So It Begins

    Arriving at their current venue was normal enough, but zombies was never a part of this...

  2. Danger All Around

    The band has split up and they now are on their own. They need to get through this to find each other. But will they do it is the question?

  3. Together We Stand

    CC and Ashley have found each other. Now they had to fight to find the other remaining three members. It won't be easy..

  4. Author's Note

    Give Me Your Ideas. :)

  5. Night Watch

    Jinxx, Jake, and CC take watch over the bar they've barricaded themselves in. With Ashley unconscious, they don't know what to do. They can't move, and they have no idea where Andy is. So they'll just have to sit back and wait. Too bad the zombies aren't into waiting...

  6. The Band's All Here

    Andy is back with the others. But that doesn't make anything easier...

  7. To Plan and To Take Action

    Andy, CC, Jake, and Jinxx need to get Ashley medical attention. It won't be easy, and the plan may be desperate. But what are they to do? Ashley needs them, and nothing; not even zombies, will get in the way of helping their friend.

  8. To Hell and Highwater

    Ashley is now awake, but still out of it. And they're not out of the woods just yet. They still need to search for a hospital and Jake and Jinxx still need to get back to the group. How they will they do it? Well, read to find out...

  9. There Ain't No Rest for the Wicked(Or Weary)

    All the guys are together, but that doesn't mean everything is okay. With the undead outside, Ashley and now Jake injured, they find themselves in questionable safety. They know they don't have much time, so they must figure out a way to combat their injuries and think up another escape plan.

  10. Blood, Sweat, And Tears

    With CC captured, the others have to find a way to him, as well as keep the monsters inside at bay. The zombies from the outside will soon mingle with the ones inside. Their time is running out. Where is CC and what did the doctor want to do to him?

  11. Friend In Need

    Andy, Jake, Jinxx and Ashley are on the floor that CC was taken to. Doesn't mean it's going to be easy to get to their friend. With the doctor's experiments and the zombies roaming around as well, they have their hands full.

  12. Rinse and Repeat

    Once the others had CC back with them, they thought they would get out easily enough. But CC may not be the man he once was. And the doctor wasn't done either. All in all, the whole band just wanted to be out of hellhole...

  13. I Have An Idea

    Not a chapter, but an idea. But I may need your guy's help. :)

  14. Rats In a Maze

    Everyone was with each other again, despite how different CC was. They wanted out of the hospital, but it was easier said than done...

  15. Clock's A-Ticking

    Andy, Ashley. Jake, and Jinxx manage to get themselves and an unconscious CC to the safety to a suburban home. But it isn't going to be safe for very long. And with one unconscious member, they're going to have to either leave their safe spot, or fight for it...

  16. From One Threat to Another

    CC having claws is horrifying enough. But their battle with the zombies in the barricaded house is even more so. Escaping the house seems hard enough, but what will they do when they find the suburbs are worse than the actual town? Only one way to find out...

  17. Roadkill Hell

    Getting out into the suburbs was one thing. Getting into a car with zombies around was another. Now circumstances have them walking in and out of danger. They hear from a radio broadcast that there are 'safe zones' to be able to rest, relax, and recuperate. So, with that as a plan, they trudge on.

  18. Safety In Numbers

    The safe zone is a hard to reach place in an apocalypse. But the group made it and end up meeting some other survivors who know a lot more about what is going on than they do. They also know of the doctor, and what he's rumored to have done to his victims.

  19. Ashley's Fight

    Ashley had been fighting zombies one minute and then the next; lights out. Where he wakes up isn't the place he thought he was. And a certain doctor has a sinister role for Ashley to play....

  20. Reunited(And It Feels So Good)

    Ashley makes his way towards where he thinks the guys are. Zombies and chaos are still around. Injured and in pain, he makes he way around the town, trying to piece together and guess where his friends have gone.

  21. Relaxation and Realizations

    Ashley is now safe and sound in a safe zone with the others. CC, is abnormally quiet, and the others seem to be more worried about him than he's used to. What was going on before he woke up?

  22. A Story For the Ages

    CC tells all, or as much as he's willing to tell. He even knows what happened to Ashley. The guys are in for a big shock, to say the least.

  23. Ring Around the Rosie

    Another day, another fight. Same old thing, sadly enough. With another fight under their hands, there are dangers around every corner. Even the ones you already looked behind...

  24. The Devil's in the Details

    Pondering their victory, people seem to becoming wise that their safe haven isn't safe anymore. So the safety measures start and a few other things start to develop....

  25. Ready, Set, Danger!

    Andy, along with his friends and another group, split up to look for supplies to help build a fence to protect their only safe place. and seeing as the freaking zombie apocalypse is upon them, it won't be easy...

  26. Travel to the Weapon's Depot and...Walmart?

    After getting the lumber and the hardware store for supplies, getting more weapons seems a good idea. An idea strikes one of them that they need other supplies to live. So a trip to the nearest super store is in order. As always, it won't be an easy trip...

  27. One, Two, Zombies Are Coming For You...

    Fire, smoke, blood, gore...zombies! As if the day hadn't turned bad enough already! Zombies should be the norm by this point. But it doesn't make sense when one mutated creature/zombie takes a special interest in one of them...

  28. Three, Four, Barricade the Doors

    After getting out of yet another hairy situation, the guys get back to the complex. With Jake down and the fence needing to be built, things get complicated quickly...

  29. Five, Six, Splat and Splish

    After the battle for their 'safe zone' and their lives. They pick up the pieces. Knowing this will become a pattern, regular outings for supplies occur. After one stay too many, CC gets antsy to get out. Ashley sets about going with him while the others stay behind. Anything can and will happen...

  30. Seven, Eight, Clowns Await

    CC and Ashley are on their way to get the supplies that were asked for. As per usual, something comes out of the woodwork. And it's something that both guys hate. As they fight to get the supplies, it becomes clear someone is following them. But who? And for what?

  31. Nine, Ten, Anxiety Peaks Again

    Draven Graves has Ashley and CC cornered. It becomes clear that Draven has had revenge on his mind since Ashley's escape. The revenge will be bloody and vengeful. But karma has a nifty way of dealing with issues. But which one will karma sort out?

  32. Frayed Ends

    After getting back to the complex with the supplies, Ashley and CC thought things couldn't get any worse for them. They should have known better....



@Whiny Emo Batman
Awww, thank you. :)
I've been having a long bout of writer's block.
Currently because of real life stuff that has gotten me down.
But I intend to get back to this story. I will NOT abandon this. :)

blackstar_111 blackstar_111

I really like this story! I will wait patiently and as long as necessary, for updates... :)

Awwwww, I feel so loved. <3 <3

Thank you and I'll continue to thank you and everyone else for your continued patience. :)

blackstar_111 blackstar_111


When it comes to your writing, we will wait for however long it takes :3