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Save me from myself


Riley misses her cousin dearly he was really ever her only
Friend....until one day he picks he up after school and she goes on tour with her cousin's band 'Black Veil Brides'. She is so happy, but she still struggles with depression, anxiety, and self harm. Can a certain lead singer save her from herself before its too late...

Ages are altered in this story

Ashley purdy-25
Andy biersack-22
Jake pitts-24
Riley Turner-18


Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack

Riley has a severe crush on Andy but does Andy feel the same way? he is a very caring individual, always helping people, helps Riley in her time of need.

Ashley Purdy

Ashley Purdy

Riley's cousin is very close with Riley. Very protective over Riley. Kind of a ladies man, but a very caring person.

Christian Coma (CC)

Christian Coma (CC)

Riley's friend. Life of the party, always wanting to make everyone happy.

Jake Pitts

Jake Pitts

Very close with Riley. Very quiet, unless you know him. Very kind to people.

Jinxx (Jeremey Ferguson)

Jinxx (Jeremey Ferguson)

Very quiet, but very kind. Helps Riley when she needs him. Becomes one of Riley's best friends.

Riley Turner

Riley Turner

Riley struggles with depression, axiety, and self harm...she feels sad constantly her only friend is her cousin Ashley Purdy...



omg i love ur story plz update

Sierra Griffin Sierra Griffin

I haven't been on this for a month and there's only one chapter I mean I'm not trying to be pushy can you guys please try and update more. If you can't I'm a really good writer too if you feel comfortable with adding me on to this I haven't written fan fiction but I've written just about everything else and I know everybody else really needs us updated because they're probably hanging on the edge of their seat

Kat Woman Kat Woman

Plz update. It's a great story!

Bvb lover39 Bvb lover39

Updated soon please

skullkid skullkid

Good . Update soon please

skullkid skullkid